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“I want to be…” Project: How to determine the aim and not to turn off the halfway knows V.N. Kirichenko – the teacher of the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Scripochka

January 25, 2012, 18:30 4393 Author: Julia Akhtman, translated by Veronika Sheyko www.deti.zp.ua Within the framework of the project "I want to be ..." November 29 the pupils of Zaporozhye boarding school # 3 meet Vladimir Nikolaevich Kirichenko - the teacher of the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Scripochka

Within the framework of the project "I want to be ..." November 29, 2011 in the tourist club “Stalker” has been held the meeting of twenty five pupils of Zaporozhye boarding school # 3 with the head of Komarov young spaceman experimental group in 80-90s - Vladimir Nikolayevich Kirichenko. The purpose of the meeting was motivation and education of children as well as their further professional orientation.

The meeting was held in friendly and warm atmosphere. Vladimir Nikolaevich told the children about the solar system, and rockets flights in space. The children watched the documentary film "The lunar module of Apollo 11" and unique imagery from the space telescope "Hubble". The lecture attracted the children, but the most interesting things still lay ahead ...

Vladimir Nicolaevich - the optimist and space enthusiast - taught Oleg Skripochka in the Soviet era. Our neighbor and the Russian cosmonaut nowadays, comes to visit Kirichenko, sharing experience and new developments in the field. Sincerely glad and proud of his former pupil, Vladimir Nicolaevich told the guys about the first Scripichka`s undertakings giving a good example of how to believe in yourself, your dreams and goals.

"Once an unremarkable guy at that time together with the other guys he visited Zaporozhye experimental group of young astronauts. There Oleg with his mates studied astronomy, simulated missiles, took part in the space projects, and besides made parachute jumps ",- remembers Vladimir Nikolaevich.

At this stage, Skripochka`s passion for air spaces wasn`t finished. In order to study at the Bauman Higher Technical School, Oleg Ivanovich went to Moscow immediately after his graduation from the 28th Physics and Mathematics School. There future astronaut stayed to live and work. Walking the line from mechanic to engineer, in the 1997 he entered the cosmonaut corps, and in 1999 got the "cosmonaut-investigator" qualification. Even in his youth Skripochka set specific goals, in which he believed and acted with enthusiasm. This helped him to achieve the great results! Nowadays, Oleg Ivanovich has the honorary title of pilot-cosmonaut, from April 2011 - he was awarded the title of The Hero of the Russian Federation.

"The main thing – not to be lazy. You should always act! An important factor is to be able to dream. Oleg Skripochka believed in his dream and achieved it ... ",- accents Kirichenko V.N. the guys’ attention.

To improve the performance of the vestibular apparatus, Vladimir Nikolaevich showed a special exercise for children in which it`s necessary to scroll 30 times around the axis

Anton Bondarenko accents the guys’ attention on the tourist club scenery

Such a true story told us Vladimir Nikolaevich. The story of the famous astronaut perfectly illustrated the children how important is to believe in themselves and try at any cost to realize their cherished dreams. Indeed, the main rule of the people who have achieved success in life - is never give up and don`t turn away from the midway of the intended target! So, we wish our young generation the same!

To make the opportunity for children to spend their time after school, the graduates of the young cosmonauts experimental group have decided to reopen the club. All interested persons may contact the Travel Club "Stalker".

The employees of "Happy Child" express gratitude to:

Kirichenko Vladimir Nikolaevich and the director of the tourist club "Stalker" - Maxim Nikolayevich Popov.

Thanks to all the people who are about children! We wish you success in all your endeavors!

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