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An Example of Strength and Fortitude

January 24, 2012, 13:00 3107 Author: : Ljudmila Fomina, translated by Yaroslav Ostapets www.deti.zp.ua Single mother raising her six children in a dilapidated hostel

Visiting Natasha Tryapitsin’s family. The “Happy Child staff is in the role of Snow Maiden and Father Frost (Ukrainian Santa Claus and his granddaughter)

The family includes the mother and six children, ages 10 months to 14 years. The large family lives in a hostel on Wroclaw Street in Pavlo-Kichkas city district. Even though it’s very cramped, their neat room sharply contrasts with the general atmosphere of chaos and desolation that reigns in the hostel. The story of this family was recently shown on the Ukrainian ICTV channel and the whole country was horrified by the conditions these children have to live with. Their apartment is 16 square meters (13 feet x 13 feet). Unfortunately this sad fame has not brought any practical benefits. The prospect of a larger apartment is vague. City Council officials say they do not have an apartment that is big enough.

Communicating with these sweet and friendly children one can see that their mother somehow manages to create for them an island of family warmth and comfort. Thanks to her efforts the children don’t realize how small their tiny apartment is for a family of seven people. The family members get along very well with each other. The older children help their mother take care of the younger.

Natasha is a very modest woman. She doesn’t complain of her tough life. The only reason she asks for help is her daughter Dasha’s heart problems. Dasha inherited health problems from her mother. Although the family is deeply concerned about Dasha’s heart condition they have no money for medical examinations.

Now, during the winter time, the children have to stay at home. A Social Service gave the Tryapitsin family a New Year’s present – ONE ticket to the circus. The children were supposed to draw lots…

Natasha also grew up in a single parent family. Her mother and brother have died and her sister lives far away, so there are no any relatives that she can ask for help. In this situation the usual question of "Why so many children, what were you thinking about?” sounds particularly absurd. Looking at these wonderful, smiling, neatly dressed, and well behaved children a stranger would never think about their hard life (for instance, when there’s nothing to eat).

The only problem this family has is money and we really want to help them to solve it.

The most important needs of the Tryapitsin family are:

1) A medical examination by a cardiologist and treatment for the mother Natasha and her daughter Dasha. Medicine will be needed;

2) Food;

3) Some medicine and vitamins that would help the children strengthen their immune system. All children live in the same room and as soon as one child gets sick, he immediately infects others;

4) School supplies and books for family recreation;

5) Size 4 diapers and baby food for the youngest girl Katia;

6) Clothes – there are never enough, and at this moment Natasha doesn’t have winter jackets and shoes;

7) A refrigerator;

8) A computer - of course it is a huge dream of children.

The question about children’s hobbies and what they like is not relevant – they welcome any attention, any help and support.

Let's help this wonderful family: medical examination by a cardiologist for the mother and the daughter costs about 123 US dollars (ultrasound examination of the heart, blood tests and other). It goes without saying that they will need to buy some important medicine.

We will keep you up-to-date about the Tryapitsin Family. Together we can change this situation to the better.

The phone number of Tryapitsina Natasha: +38 096 382 02 60

The bank details for the donations in hryvnyas:


MFI: 305 299

OKPO: 14360570

p / s: 29244825509100

Purpose of payment: payments to the card number 6762 4620 5625 0480, Tryapitsina Natalia, INN 2843213145

You can help by using convenient ways of donation (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Webmoney, etc.)

For further information please contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

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