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Nick from California and Alyosha from Kalinovka – Life Without Limits

December 2, 2011, 17:30 10416 Author: Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Daria Sukach happychild.org.ua I’d like to tell you about my first working day at “The Happy Child” Foundation. That day I happened to visit the worst place I had ever seen in my life

Because of my occupation or perhaps because of my restless nature I used to travel to some hot spots and even witnessed people shooting each other. But, my first impression from the Kalinovka Orphanage was far more depressing. I remember my fingers felt as though they were paralyzed as I tried to press the button of my camera. Just imagine seeing a big group of children with missing limbs and who are totally isolated.

Fortunately, there are such truly incredible people like Nick Vujicic.

“Nick was the first child of his Serbian parents who moved to Australia. He was born with a rare physical disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. As a child he struggled mentally and emotionally because of his disability. He even attempted to commit a suicide. Eventually though he realized that his accomplishments could inspire people around. He learned to master the daily tasks of life that included the following: writing using the two toes on his left foot with a special grip that slid onto his big toe; typing on the computer using the "heel and toe" method; throwing tennis balls; playing the drum pedals; getting himself a glass of water; combing his hair; brushing his teeth; answering the phone; and shaving.

In grade seven he was elected captain of his school and worked with the student council on fund-raising events for local charities and disability campaigns. When he was seventeen he started to give talks at his prayer group and eventually started a non-profit organization called “Life Without Limbs”. In 2005 Vujicic was nominated for the "Young Australian of the Year" award. Vujicic currently lives in California. Subsequently he became a motivational speaker that allowed him to travel all over the world speaking about teen issues. He speaks to corporate audiences, congregations and schools He has spoken to over three million people in over 24 countries on five continents. Vujicic promotes his work through television shows and through his writing. His first book, “Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life" (Random House, 2010) was published in 2010”. (From Wikipedia).

And now let me share some of my own thoughts with you again. It’s a common thought, but it takes my breath away. One could hardly call Nick’s life a vegetable-like existence. This guy without legs and arms chose to be happy and live his life to the fullest. And just think how many emotionally disabled people without any physical disabilities we see every day?

I recommend that everyone watch the video clip of Nick Vujicic where he sings the song “Something More:

The idea of this young man is so powerful. Nick is admired by many people all around the world. My friend from Zaporizhzhya who lived in England for five years was amazed with this brave man and his spirit.

There is also a video of Alyosha M. from the Kalinovka Orphanage. You will see this little boy driving his electrical wheelchair he received as a gift from the USA. Perhaps such people like Nick and Alyosha help us believe in ourselves a bit more.

There’s another news report about a Ukrainian baby-boy without limbs who has been recently born in Ukraine. This baby was abandoned by his parents and now he’s destined to live his life in orphanages unless someone decides to welcome him into their family:

P.S. The Teacher Project in Kalinovka needs your financial support. Such projects are not so easy and are a bit more expensive than Christmas gifts but these kind of projects are of a great benefit to all. We call the projects like this “a smart charity”. You can learn more about this project here.

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