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Vlad Gudkov, 8 years old – needs a voice processor replacement

July 30, 2010, 15:30 4127 Author: Olga Kurlikova translated by Helen Zolotaryova www.deti.zp.ua At the moment Vlad does not need our help. Thank you for support!

Vlad was born in August, 20th 2002

News about Vlad's therapy

Diagnostic: Cochlear neuritis. Sensorineural deafness

Medical comment

Invoice for a voice processor replacement

Unfortunately, we don't turn the trick as soon as we've achieved our goals. Vlad was operated on cochlear implantation three years ago. It was found recently that he needs a voice processor replacement otherwise his hearing ability will not be in progress. The new V-generation voice processor Freedom (Cochlear) encodes sounds effectively and adapts it 30 times faster, that lets Vlad to be in progress.

The boy reacts on sounds, answers to his name, but he usually turns off the voice processor when the sound is too laud or law tonal (the processor doesn't analyze all sounds in the right way). But the new V-generation voice processor can do it.

Surdologist's recommendation

Cochlear implants specialist's recommendation

Vlad's mother's request:

"Dear Albert Anatol'evich,

My child, Vlad Gudkov (was born 2002) was made a diagnosis of Sensorineural deafness. My son was implanted by Nucleus implant (manufacture is Cochlear company). After that a hearing ability came to stay at adequate social level (25dB). I was more than happy about this fact. We started our rehabilitation way optimistically.

We've visited Audioverbal Rehabilitation Center in Kiev for the voice processor replacement since our first connection. My child's taken regular lessons with the deaf instructor in Odessa. We refused any studying at Children's home, and my Little has started his first grade at the school in Zaporizhzhya city.

We achieved some results and improvements in a speech education process. But because of increasing of information and child's growth the voice processor doesn’t provide necessary level of the sound perception. All loud sounds and speech disturb the child; he often turns off the processor, and prefers to use lip reading much more often than hearing perception of the speech.

I appreciate the state's help for providing so expensive surgery. But probably the last generation implant can not be installed according to the state's expenses.

That's why now, less than three years after the surgery was, we have to replace the III Generation voice processor Nucleus Ci24RST for V-generation processor Freedom (Cochlear) that will help the boy to get all speech abilities, and grew up successfully.

Our family consists of me and two kids. The older son is 20, he has just started to work. I've worked as a school teacher for 24 years, and my pock nooks are very limited. So it's almost impossible to pay for a new voice processor by myself. At the same time I can not discard even a thought that my boy can get back the possibility of speaking. I can not send my Little to a deaf children's home, and be quite the state will take care of him. I'll do my best for his future. I wonder what future will have smart but voiceless boy...?

Dear Albert Anatol'evich! I ask you to help this Little to grow up and do what you can to buy a new voice processor, don't let to lose despair of human charity and kindness of heart. We are in hope so much.

Elena Gudkova and my Little son, Vlad"

Elena Gudkova is enthusiastic and hopeful devoted mother which believes that her son'll be hearing. We apply to you: please do what you can financially to buy a new voice processor for Vlad.

Mother's phone number, her name is Elena Vital'evna: +38 (068) 862 07 50

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