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Makarenko Ksjusha – 5 years old – cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, spastic diplegia

July 28, 2010, 18:00 5103 Author: Irina Gavrisheva, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua Thanks to kind people who donated 9,000 hryvnyas and 20,000 Russian roubles Ksjusha can finally have her surgery and massage courses!

Ksjusha’s birthday is on the 18th of July 2005

Basic diagnosis - cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, spastic diplegia

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Makarenko Ksjusha’s up-to-date treatment news

When you look into clever Ksjusha’s eyes – you will hardly believe that due to her diagnose the girl is not able to walk on her own, as she was prematurely born with a low weight and a number of complications. But thanks to the constant care from her mom, treatment from doctors and rehabilitation the girl has managed to “struggle out” and, thus nowadays her phase of development is normal for girls her age. Ksjusha understands everything, can speak, as well as partially use her hands since the case of her cerebral spastic infantile paralysis is not really severe.

Ksjusha’s mom always takes care of her: the girl is regularly being observed by a neuropathologist and follows all the doctor’s recommendations.

Ksjusha enjoyed the treatment at the Odessa health resort for children with central nervous system diseases:

Spastic diplegia, historically known as Little’s Disease, is a form of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis that usually affects muscles of the lower and upper limbs, especially the lower extremities of the human body. Ksjusha’s case is an ordinary one – her left hand doesn’t function well, so she is not even able to pick things up with its help. However her right one is much better and the girl can pick up everything by using her right hand.

But the girl cannot stand on her feet and, thus she doesn't walk on her own. The increased muscular tone of her legs caused the joint contraction deformity. The child is growing up and it’s getting more and more difficult for her mom to carry her. But there is still a chance for Ksjusha to walk on her own.

Ksjusha’s doctor has told the girl’s mom about the Russian Institute of clinical rehabilitation of Tula that specializes in spastic muscle disorders. What’s more, doctors from this institute regularly visit Ukraine and perform surgeries on children in some Ukrainian clinics. It surely does make the task for parents of sick kids easier since they do not need to travel such a long way to the Russian city of Tula. The doctors of the Russian clinic are now using brand new surgical methods: they cut the scars on the paralyzed muscles what significantly increases general motion activities. In certain cases a child even starts to walk unaided in a couple of months after the surgery.

We’ve already had a positive experience with a little patient – totally paralyzed five year-old Vitalij Yavorskyj who six months later after the surgery learnt to sit and even to crawl and in the near future he will hopefully start walking on his own! Compared to Ksjusha, since her case is not as complicated as Vitalij’s, she has a great chance to walk on her own right away after the surgery.

Oksana Vasyljevna brings up her daughter alone. The only relative and helper is her mother. The surgery requires $544,87. The Russian doctors from Tula are planning to come to the city of Kryvyj Rih at the beginning of August. The surgery of Makarenko Ksenij is scheduled on the 6th of August.

The account of the Russian Institute of clinical rehabilitation of Tula

Notification letter from the Institute of clinical rehabilitation.

Besides $544,87 Oksana Vasyljevna will additionally need around $384,61: this sum of money will cover the travel expanses to Kryvyi Rih, the hospital service (all in all $44,87), as well as the travel expanses of the Russian experts from Tula to Kryvyi Rih.

Ksjusha’s mom has launched an appeal to the Happy Child Foundation. It’s a great challenge for Oksana Vasyljevna to collect $961,53 since the only income of the family is the disability welfare benefit. Oksana cannot apply for a job since she has nobody else who could always look after Ksjusha.

Ksjusha and her mom live in the village of Mala Bilozerka of Vasylevskij district.

The telephone number of Ksjusha’s mom – Oksana Vasyljevna: +38(098) 377 67 36

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