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Pashnev Andrej – 9 years old – Cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, congenital dysplasia of the hip joint

July 19, 2010, 18:30 4252 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Daria Sukach) Andrej has already undergone his surgery and has a good chance to walk one day!

Andrej was born in 2001

Andrej’s up-to-date treatment news

The diagnose - Cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, congenital dysplasia of the hip joint, spastic

The medical report Consulting report

Some days ago we received the help appeal from a young woman whose son needs some treatment. No one can probably tell about a child’s pains and sorrows than his\her mother. So, that’s why we’ve given the woman an opportunity to appeal to you, dear readers of our website.

“The reason of our help appeal is the sufferings of our son. In 2001 we adopted two month-old baby boy Andrej from the maternity hospital of the city of Berdyansk. Doctors convinced us that our little boy was totally healthy. But six months later after some medical checkups in the children’s clinical hospital of Berdyansk, the doctors diagnosed Andrej with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and congenital dysplasia of the hip joint. Thus, the child was supposed to be registered as a disabled person for five years.

All these nine years we’ve been doing everything possible and impossible to cure our boy. We tried our luck with folk healers and therapeutic massages.

The massage courses have made a magnificent progress – Andrej has begun to move with the help of rails and even stand on his feet. In 2008 our central clinical hospital offered us a voucher for the specialized children’s health resort “Iskra” in Evpatoria. But the sixth day of the health resort brought an end to the treatment. During the joint massage, the child got his ankle bone broken. So, we headed back home.

The health resort staff had no reaction upon this terrible situation and did not take any drastic measures against the negligent doctor.

After our coming back home, we wrote a letter to the Ministry of health care in Ukraine. Our letter was observed and, therefore there was called a committee to investigate this case. The health resort staff was imposed to provide a free treatment for the child and his mother the next year, but we refused to improve the child’s health in such awful conditions of doctor’s negligence.

There was opened a new department of the Medifast clinics in Berdyansk, but the clinic itself is situated in the city of Mariypol. According to the recommendations we’ve got, this clinic is a good one for our son to have a surgery in. The surgery costs 8 650 UA hryvnyas. This surgery will be performed by the doctors from the Institute of clinical rehabilitation of Tula (the Russian Federation) in the beginning of August this year.

I am Andrej’s mother since his birth. I don’t work since my son cannot move in another way but with the help of the wheelchair and so I have to take care of him a lot. My husband used to work as an agronomist, but now the organization broke up. Nowadays he is unofficially working as a tractor driver in a farm organization. The money my husband earns is only enough to pay utility bills (gas, electricity) and to buy some food.

This year the boy has completed his 1st grade of the Andreevskaja secondary school as a home pupil. The teachers consider Andrej to be a very bright and hard-working pupil, but his greatest challenge is that he cannot walk on his own.

The doctors assure us, that this surgery is a great chance for our son to walk unaided. We ask you to support us financially the way you can to make this surgery possible.

We ask you very much to help us, since we’ve been carrying Andrej in our arms for nine years.

The letter of the mother

The surgery requires $ 1100 to be collected The Medifast clinic account, the city of Mariypol

Let’s help Andrej to make his “life dream” of walking come true! He’s really looking forward to it!

The telephone of the mother Ljudmila Ivanovna: +38 (066) 149 67 93

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