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Child needs a family: Alexander M. was born in 1998

June 18, 2010, 14:00 3489 Author: Victoria Mochalova (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) www.deti.zp.ua Alexsander has recently moved to the family type orphanage

Alexsander has recently moved to the family type orphanage

Sasha didn’t happen to play with the meccano. He watches with enthusiasm how other children are doing it on TV. Most of all he likes meccano sets with fire-brigade. When I listen to Sasha’s story it is difficult to grasp that this child has never handles the meccano…

Sasha is upset because he has broken the phone and it cannot be repaired. He remembers his time spent in “Artek”, the camp “Morskoy”. Though it was in early spring, he had a lot of impressions. “We had fun there” – said the boy and smiled cunningly. He made a top by his hands and played with it but now it is lost…

Sasha is a clever boy. He does well at school, likes to do things with his hands and plays football. “He is naive and look younger than his coevals”, say the teachers. – He is amenable to kindness and is ready to take on the world to get it. You can’t help noticing that the boy lacks parents' love and care”.

Sasha seems to be a kind of boy who thrives on love and domestic surroundings. Unfortunately, the little boy is lonely. Please give him a chance!

To everybody who tends to adopt child please read Note to prospective adoptive parents, tutors and foster parents or contact us.

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If you are not ready to adopt a child for the time being, for example, you are a student and are not married, it is also possible to help boarders. You can donate money, arrange excursions or camping trips visit a foster child or help in purchasing toys, meccano, books and sports goods.

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