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Hero-city conquered by children

June 17, 2010, 18:00 4142 Author: Vera Karablina (translated into English by Anna Shmorgai) deti.zp.ua Foster-children from boarding-school #4 spent a wonderful day at Sevastopol city

Children at the boarding-school usually sleep at the time we me them, it was 11:30 p.m. already. The train goes at 00:28 a.m., but it was late half an hour, what made everybody tired. When the boarding was announced, we went to the platform in concert. The train was staying only for 5 minutes. We boarded fast, made our beds and went to sleep.

Morning. Guys plastered to the windows looking upon ships at the bay.

We left from carriage to meet our guide Maya Hodarova, who was waiting for us patiently under the rain. We wasn’t disappointed about the weather. Escort teachers Lesya Vasilievna and Maria Oleksandrovna have brought raincoats for such case. We took them on and went to Chersonese by bus, which was waiting for us.

The Taurida Chersonese was found by ancient Greek colonists more than two and a half thousand years ago. Word “chersonese” is usually translated from Greek as “semi island”. Another name of it is “Troy of Rus”. We’ve got the opportunity to become known with this ancient city’s area. We walked through it main street, wondered along bustling in past residential blocks and squares, looked over the antic theater ruins, white marble colons of ancient temples, barrier works remnants and just gathered stones and pottery chips by the sea.

Kids were looking over the bell with excitement, which almost two centuries ago was alerting sailors in fog, and was taking away later (after the first Sevastopol defense). It was found hovered at the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral and returned to Sevastopol in 1913.

We also visited St.Vladimir Cathedral. The temple was erected in honour of duke Vladimir’s baptizing.

If we would have a time, we would have sauntered more through this ancient town, but we had to move on. The terrific view was waiting for us – panorama portraying one of the heroic defense fights of Sevastopol.

Then children viewed fourth bastion with guns and after that we managed to ride the observation wheel and rollercoaster. Guys were shining with joy and happiness!

We left the Amusement Park to go for lunch.

Aquarium was next on the list. It is a wide range of inhabitant from Black Sea and other world seas and oceans. Children were watching fascinating subwater life with great interest.

Right next after that we enjoyed ride on a motor boat. We were told a story about Sevastopol founding. At the South Bay Ukrainian and Russian warships and submarines were staying.

While riding on the boat the rain began. Nevertheless we made a pictures near the sink ships monument and walked through Palatine quay and rushed to the station. Some of us got wet feet and all we were thinking about was dry socks and warm tea.

We said buy to our guide Maya (she was going farther), went out of the bus and shouted thanks to her and waved in farewell. My thought was that tanks to such self-giving people we can make boarding-school children a little-bit happier.

Seating at the train, wile drinking tea, kids gathered together close to each other and were talking. I asked to write a couple words about what they liked at that journey. Here what they wrote (I change nothing in it and still wondered by their grateful hearts):

Diana K: “I’m an orphan and this vacation seams to me lie a beautiful dream, as it was my first time visiting this fascinating city Sevastopol, its gorgeous there. I like the ancient Chersonese best of all; I’d like to search out and examine more of such towns. The panorama catch mine heart, it was so real and professional. I liked that, because I drawing well and want to study at the Artistic school. I’m very thankful to representative of “Happy Child” organization, Vera Vikentievna, for us being sated and having so much fun.”

P.S. I wish this organization a great future! Best wishes for You!!!

Stanislaw O.: “You know, nowadays people who give without waiting for taking back are rare. I’m lucky to met one of them. To be precise, the whole organization, “Happy Child” fund, that are helping children without possibility to broaden their perspective, learn the world, come to know history of the ancestors and just spend weekends in a joy. I’m very grateful to those people for their being and wish to meet more of them”.

Pavel O.: “I’m very grateful to “Happy Child” fund for their work, for those people doing so much for children development, for making different excursion for them, as they made this journey to Sevastopol for me. I enjoyed it. Thank a lot to Vera Vikentievna, who was with us. It’s very interesting person on whom we can count on. I liked it”.

Popach Lesya Vasikievna (geography teacher): “Dear Vera Vikentievna and the charity fund. You are doing a great job. Such people, who bring the good and seem such simple things as love, friendship, relationship, countenance and concern, are very rare to meet.

Journey to Sevastopol is a huge event for children from boarding-school #4 and they will remember it for a long. I’m very glad to meet such person as you. I wish prosperity for you. Let the good things you bring to children help them in future! I’m looking forward further cooperation with you. See you soon!”

Those words of gratitude dedicated to you – those, who donate assets, equipment, time and love!

Our acknowledgement to those, who cooperate with “Happy Child” charity fund – orphan children excursion and trip provider.

If you feel in you heart a will to help these children from boarding-school, you can support financially or by organizing excursions and trips, to visit child at boarding-school , help in buying developing toys, constructors, books, sport equipment.

But, surely, the main dream of those children is finding a family. If you would decide to take a child in your family, please read the jotting for potential adapters or contact found members.

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