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Family-type Children's Home of Svetlana Petrushenko

June 15, 2010, 13:30 6389 Author: Victoria Mochalova (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) www.deti.zp.ua The friendly family consisting of mother and six children wants to adopt two more orphans. It is necessary to enlarge accommodation for this purpose. Unfortunately, the mother doesn’t have any money

Vitalik, Svetlana, Svyatoslav, Agnia, Natasha (the friend), Misha

Svetlana Petrushenko is a plain woman from Orehov town. However, her life is far from ordinary.

Once upon a time there lived Svetlana and her son Vitalik in a big house. Each of them had a dream. The boy dreamt of brother and sister, the mother wished to have a friendly family. Thereafter they decided that it was time to make their dreams come true. In 2008 the mother firstly adopted Misha, Vitalik’s coeval. They started to go to school together, now they are in the second grade. Later on, elder brother and sister Svyatoslav and Agnia were adopted by Svetlana.


Vitalik and Misha

“It wasn’t so easy, says Svetlana. – And now all the days are not alike. The life seethes in our house”. In short, she didn’t calm down and overhauled the house all by herself to provide children with all necessary conveniences…And in 2009 she adopted two more kids: Sasha and Yura. The woman’s house turned into a family-type children's home built without any public relief. Sasha is in the first grade and the younger brother is of child preschool age. When Svetlana took Yura from the Baby House doctors dissuaded her from it because the boy had a very serious inherited disease – anomaly of optic nerve and could lose his sight. “The ill child also needs a family, love and care, doesn’t he?”, the woman was outraged and did in her own way.


First-former Sasha

You may think: “How is it possible to take care of 6 children who need special attention?” When I visited Svetlana, I was astonished. There is cosiness and order in the house, children are neatly dressed, and each child gets the mother’s attention and knows his duties. The mistress of the house is nice and well-groomed. You may think she stays at home all the time and hardly have time to cook, tidy, take care of children and help them do homework. Of course, she does it all! Moreover, she works. She plays handball as well! That’s true. When she was young, she was in earnest about sport, took part in competitions. Her team was strong. At present the women get together to play handball. When their coach retunes from abroad, they arrange competitions.

Once Svetlana wanted to become a teacher of physical training. She didn’t… However, she wishes her children to be fond of sport. She gives everything to her children. The most essential thing is love. She does it so easily that you can’t help admiring. Other people respect and help her. Most of foster parents can only dream of such understanding and support even from the side of close people.

Svetlana, Misha, Yura, Sasha

To give is natural for Svetlana. It is the sense of her life. For the time being, she plans to adopt two more children. Experience, efforts and love will be enough. She has great confidence. To adopt children she needs to enlarge accommodation because according to the law her house is small for two more children. The architect recommended not to build the second floor. That is why Svetlana decided to put the extension to the house: the yard is big and there is a possibility to leave playground and the garden. The estimated square of the extension to the house is 45 square meters. The building value is $ 26 400.

The building estimate for the extension to the house p. 1, p. 2, p. 3



The Petrushenkos need financial aid for purchasing building materials and building of the extension to the house. If you want to help two orphans find the family, you can transfer donations to the account of the fund “Happy Child” (please indicate ‘gratuitous charitable donation for ’Family-type Children's Home of Svetlana Petrushenko as target of payment)

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