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April 12, 2010, 16:00 10259 Author: Albert Pavlov; translated by Elena Puhovskaja www.deti.zp.ua This page is about our common efforts in the children's benefit

Dear Friends,

The site deti.zp.ua appeared on the internet in April 2004. At that time the creators of the site did not imagine that a hobby would grow into the project of a significant importance.

Within the first half-year of the site existence only two brave people believed us and sent monetary assistance; but in 2009 more than 600 people, as they were able, made donations for the needs of orphans and seriously ill children of Zaporozhye. Every year dozens of people, young and old, express their wish to help children as volunteers.

On this site you can find what has been done by the volunteers together with the donors and officers of charity foundation Happy Child from inception.

We publish this information not for the sake of renown. We just want to show how many important and helpful deeds in fact we can perform together. We believe sincerely that more and more people will follow the fundamental and universal precept to "Love your neighbour as yourself" not only by words but by actions.

Sick children, who finished treatment successfully with your help

Assistance rendered to the Home for Handicapped Children in Kalinovka village

Equipment purchased for children's hospitals

Sport equipment for boarding schools

Hikes and excursions organized for orphans and children of low-income families

Educational program for orphan children

Photo reports about implemented projects

Detail reports about the donations and spending of money

It is so easy to favor a child with happiness… Together let's be good to children!

Faithfully yours,

Albert Pavlov

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Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine, since 2004

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Humanitarian help: $12 977
To disabled children: $26 715
To children's village: $523
To orphans and poor children: $673
"Helpus" - help to adults: $7 340
Service expenses: $4 722
Total sum of expenses: $64 178

$6 789 620

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