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Save a Child: Dashen’ka Evdokimova: Will you help or just pass by?

April 6, 2010, 15:00 6930 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Kharnova-Pair) On the 18th of July in the Israeli clinic passed away our lovely Dashenka Evdokimova

Dasha Evdokimova, born October, 22nd, 2004

Diagnosis: acute megakaryoblastic leukemia.

News about Dasha

Medical assessment

News about Dashen’ka’s treatment

Dasha, Dashen’ka, Dashun’ka… The long-awaited and only child of her parents, she is their delight, joy and hope.

You smile mischievously, hugging you Mom’s neck and kissing her cheeks, salt with tears. You understand everything, yes, certainly, you do. You understand that your rainbow life is stuck to the small room at the white hospital ward, and you even accepted your disability preventing you from playing with other kids in the street, swinging or jumping over the puddles… Moreover, you had never thought that your future life would depend on someone significant and serious, like those doctors wearing the white smocks…

Yes, you have gotten used to them. You know it from your Dad’s stories about rescuing people’s lives, which he used to tell you, coming home in the evenings. You are sure that your Dad is the smartest, the most clever and he will definitely find the solution for your recovery, and then you will turn to be a cheerful girl again, as it had been before… You just need to be patient for a while…

Unfortunately, the illness can be very debilitating. Making its choice among people, it does not pay attention to their prosperity or personalities. It does not depend on the weather or your desire to live; it even neglects your parents’ medical degrees… And now I can imagine your beautiful eyes asking me ‘So, why?’ And I do not know what to tell you…

Art-therapy in the oncohaematological department of ZRCCH

«Mom, Dad, what happened? Why so long? Why this hospital? Why can I only see the street through the window? Why can’t I sleep in my lovely bed?». Mom and Dad are trying to hide the tears from you, they are encouraging and consoling you. But who will give them a helping hand? Your diagnosis, acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, sounds like a court sentence. But who will reverse this conviction?

For now your life depends on the sum of money – 180 000 EURO for unrelated transplantation of a marrow. How will your parents obtain such a big sum of money? It is your Dad’s salary for 40 years of hard work, without any outgoings like food and utility bills. It’s too long, you do not have this time…

Your parents cannot bear this heavy burden themselves. So, shall we pray to God, you and me: you will pray at the hospital ward, and I will do it in front of my PC. God will help – He will dispose kind hearts of people to help you. I am going to reveal to you a small secret: all things are possible for God! He will definitely give you support and send good and kind-hearted people to your aid!

And we will provide them a way to do that:

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