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The recesses for abandoned babies “The Windows of Life” will be opened in Kiev

April 2, 2010, 17:00 2812 Author: The newspaper "Leviy Bereg”, Kiev (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) http://www.lb.com.ua The special recesses “The Windows of Life” will have appeared in Kiev by the end of this year. The neglectful parents will be able to leave their babies there if they do not want to see them anymore.

“According to the statistics 25-30 foundlings are registered each year in Kiev”, said the deputy chief of central administrative board of public health service Vladimir Zavgorodniy. “The babies are left in the parks, in the supermarkets, in the porches, in the wheelie bins… We help such babies. Unfortunately, we cannot save all children as sometimes we cannot find them at time. There will be a heating system in the recesses «Windows of Life”. First, they will appear in children’s hospitals and probably in hospitals #6 and #10 of Solomenskiy Region”.

The plan of taking the foundling should work like this: when a new foundling appears in the recess, the sensor will snap into action, the signal is transferred to the remote control of the nurse of duty. The nurse will take the baby and calls the police to register a new intake. “There will be no shadowing”, said Zavgorodniy. However, according to the law the parents who gave up their baby are sentenced to two years in prison.

The specialists say that assuredly, such recesses are good for babies, though they can represent a danger. “When Mumsies see the comfortable recess and they have doubts to leave the child or not, they can decide to do it. Nevertheless, the babies have now more chances to survive and it is true, said the doctors. It will be impossible for the street beggars, for example, to kidnap a child because the doctors will take it right away.

Lvov. In Lvov there are two anonymous “receiving points” for the babies at the hospital on Washington Street and at the Sheptitskiy hospital. This is a joint project of the doctors from these hospitals and the deputy and the member of the Party of Regions Petr Pysarchuk who financed this project. One recess “Windows of Life” was opened for about a year ago, in December 2009. For that time only one boy was sent to the children’s house. Within two months after sending the baby to the children’s hospital the child cannot be adopted because it may happen that the parents will change their mind and take the child back. The only one foundling was adopted four months later after being sent to the children’s hospital. He was named Pavlik.

The information about “The Windows of Life” was spread in the universities, hostels and maternity welfare centers. However, people still find the babies on the dumps. The police agency says that it happens because the mothers are afraid of being caught and punished in spite of the anonymity of “The Window of Life” receiving points.

Last year 77 Ukrainian mothers gave up their babies, who were under one, said the deputy minister on Family and Youth Issues, Lydmila Volynets.

2 years of imprisonment for mothers who gave up their babies. Last year 77 Ukrainian mothers gave up their babies, who were under one, said the deputy minister on Family and Youth Issues, Lydmila Volynets.

In 2008 this number was approximately the same. If the mother who has given up her baby is caught, she can be sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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