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March 19, 2010, 19:45 4532 Author: Inna Grigoryeva, Albert Pavlov (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) www.deti.zp.ua The charity fund “Happy Child” is behind the eight-ball. They have run out of the funds for the payment of emergency needs for seriously ill children. The lack of cash resources for the vital medication can have grave consequences.

It’s no secret that nowadays the patients of Zaporozhye children’s hospitals are not provided with all necessary medication from the funds taken from state budget. Almost all other regions of Ukraine have the similar problem regarding the medication for children’s institutions. Besides, during the first months of the year when the budget hasn’t been approved yet, drug stock runs out as it was stated in the public sources. Anyway, the children need treatment. As a consequence the parents should purchase the medication out of their own pockets.

If the family has a regular income and cost of drugs is not high, the parents pay the treatment of their child themselves. However, what should the families with a very low income do? Or the single parent families? Or the families with many children? What about those families who spent a lot of money for sustained medication while the parents and the relatives cannot afford such big amounts for treatment. As a rule, the matter concerns the patients from the oncohematology, traumatology and surgery departments for whom the treatment can take from a few months to some years.

A lot of people are shameful to turn to others for aid, however, no matter how modest the parents are, the reality is so rough that the required expensive medication must be purchased urgently. And so the parents turn to some authorities and charity funds. And believe me, in the meantime of economic downturn when the banks stopped to lend and there are many unemployed it is extremely tough to raise 7 500 UAH for only 3 ampuls for maintenance chemotherapy needed, for example, for Vanya Vakulenko after the main treatment course of rhabdomyosarcoma (the child needs 3 ampuls per month within 6 months).

How to raise 11 000 UAH for powerful drug for Sveta Panasenko, from the family with many children where only the father works while the mother has been staying with Sveta in the hospital for almost half a yea.

How was it possible for the mother of Sasha Minyaylenko, who suffered from pneumonia to raise 5 000 UAH for the medication that was urgently needed during the intensive care?

Sometimes needy families from the villages of Zaporozhye oblast cannot afford the amount of even 1000 UAH for powerful drug to treat the children who are hospitalized to Regional Children’s Hospital.

Perhaps this little girl, who is currently under treatment in oncohematology department, of Zaporozhye hospital will become a doctor in the future?

We address to our esteemed friends, helpmates, contributors! The recourses of our children are posted on our website and each child regularly gets your help and donations. However, the child needs a large sum of money to purchase expensive medications or take magnetic resonance tomography examination (MRT), the parents cannot afford it and they ask for help again. In this case our charity fund pays for necessary medication and examination.

Unfortunately, our reserve is limited. Within two last months more than 40 000 UAH was paid from the account of our charity fund ”Happy Child“ for the medication of seriously ill children from Zaporozhye oblast whose parents do not have enough money. We barely need the donations to renew our reserves to help needy families to purchase the medication if they are absent in hospitals and pay the children’s MRT.

Thanks a lot for understanding, cooperation and support.

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