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Save a Child: Tsepkalova Sophia, 4 years – fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness

February 8, 2010, 15:15 4621 Author: Kurlikova Olga(translated into English by Tatiana Bychak) Happy Child fund Sonechka suffers from fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness, but she doesn’t loose the hope to be treated some day and be able to speak. We appeal for help to raise money for cochlear implantation.

Date of birth – July,20, 2006

Primary exclusion: fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness

Medical record

Advisory opinion from the Institute of Otolaryngology, Dnepropetrovsk

When Sophia was 2,4 years old, she went to a kindergarten. Medical examination gave no reason to concern. Since the third day she was so involved to the life of kindergarten that stayed there till the end of the day with pleasure. The only thing that disquieted parents was her reticence - however, all children develop differently, they thought.

Finally, parents examined Sophia in Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital, where a neurologist diagnosed delayed speech development and advised to check the ears. This advice was proceeded by serious examination for Sonia and a diagnosis: fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness

Information: Cochlear system is a communication device consisting of a cochlear implant (inner part) and an audio processor (outer part). The cochlear system gives the patient hearing perception and promotes the development of speech function.

The cochlear implant - an electronic device that performs the function of damaged or missing hair cells and produces electrical stimulation of intact nerve fibers. It provides a useful sound information by directly stimulating the intact auditory nerve fibers, thereby giving the patient the ability to perceive sounds.

Next 6 months resulted in some vague words and babbling. Parents addressed to Otolaryngologic Clinic of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital n.a. Mechnikov. They made another audiogram. A conclusion - fourth-degree ambilateral sensorineural deafness. A doctor brought in a verdict - even with the best two aerophones the hearing of the girl would remain "unsocial", in other words she could hear the sounds, useless in everyday life.

The only solution - an urgent surgery – a cochlear implantation. The cost of surgery is 20 700 Euros.

The invoice for the cochlear system

The biggest wish of Sonia's parents is to help their daughter. Sonia has the right to hear the voices of relatives, the crunch of snow underfoot, the sound of the sea and birds singing – the whole variety of sounds of our wonderful world.

Sonia with her mom and dad

The cost of Sonia’s surgery is 20 700 Euros. Certainly the sum is too big for a single family. Sonia’s relatives has already collected half the amount needed. We appeal to indifferent people to donate and grant Sonia the opportunity to hear.

Sonia’s family lives in Zaporozhye.

Contacts of Sonia’s mother

Nataliia V. Tsepkalova: +38 097 447 67 97, +38 061 287 01 40

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