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Save a Child: Sveta Prokaza, 9 years old - Ewing`s sarcoma

February 3, 2010, 15:15 7297 Author: Grigorjeva Inna(translated into English by Helena Puhovskaja) Happy Child fund The main course of treatment is over. Sveta has come back to Zaporozhye. We thank all the people who helped this sunny girl!

Sveta, born on 05.06.2000

In December it was still impossible to do the transplantation of stem sells to Sveta because the results of her analysis were very bad. Now Sveta's state became better, but more money is needed to buy medicines. Sveta only can hope for help of kindhearted people.

The autogenic transplantation of stem sell should be done to Sveta in December, 2009 at the National Institute of Cancer, however, after high dose of chemotherapythe results of child's analysis became critical and it was necessary to improve them by stimulants. But even after the stimulation the analysis didn't want to be improved, consequently, it was impossible to take her own stem sells for transplantation.

At the moment Sveta is staying at the Institute of Cancer in Kiev. The next course of chemotherapy is under beginning, and after it, God grant, the doctors will try again to sample her stem sells. But, as all money, which were received to the card of Sveta's mother in December last year, were spend by them for buying medicine to increase leucocytes quantity, now the family needs a financial support.

For preparation of stem sells transplantation Sveta needs to get 2 500 grivna for purchasing of all needed consumed materials. Separation of blood sells needed for transplantation costs near 1 000 grivna. Also, money for anaesthesia, bandages, plaster, fibers, gloves, drenage system is necessary (mother has the list of requied materials). Sveta's father ca not provide money for daugter's treatment because there are two children more in their family. Sveta and her mother can only hope for help of kindhearted people.

You may transfer your donation to the account of Sveta's mother

Bank account (USA dollars):

Beneficiary: Matsjutsja Violeta

account: 4405 8850 1290 3180

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Swift code:PBANUA2X


swift code: CHAS.US.33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 0011000080

Sveta's mother Violetta Nikolayevna, telephone number +38-098-218-63-77; +38-099-796-23-47

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