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Save a Child: Petrenko Sophia, 7 years old - acute lymphoblastic leukemia

January 27, 2010, 21:15 8212 Author: Grigorjeva Inna (translated into English by Tatiana Bychak) Happy Child fund In Medical Center of Hadassah, Israel, on November 24, 2010 Sonya died

Sonia, born on February,12 2002

Primary exclusion: acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Medical record 1

Medical record 2

Sonia – is a long-term resident of Hematology Department of Zaporozhsky Regional Children’s Hospital. During 2009 she took the full course of treatment and, finally, in November 2009 she was released home. A big family was flushed with joy and happiness. But two months later there was a thunderclap - a relapse of illness. The child was again admitted to the hospital in a grave condition, with 90% of blasts in her blood. It became obvious that the treatment in Ukraine was ineffective.

The child URGENTLY needs to be taken out for rehabilitation to a well-experienced specialized clinic treating blood diseases.

Belarusian Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology – is the most appropriate clinic with a high successful treatment ratio. Sonia’s mother has already contacted Belarusian Scientific Center – they have vacant places and are ready for urgent admittance of the child. BUT: as Sonia is not a citizen of Belarus, her treatment cannot be free and will cost thousands of dollars - we will receive an invoice in two days.

Here is a call for help of Sonia’s mother:

"I, Zagorodnyaya Svetlana, the mother of Petrenko Sophia Alexandrovna, appeal to good, indifferent people willing to save the life and health of my daughter. Over two years we struggle with the insidious oncological disease, acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Sonia grew up as a healthy, active, cheerful child. She attended a kindergarten and studied artistic gymnastics. On September 1, 2008 she became a first-grader. In December, her health has been slowly deteriorating, and on January 2, 2009 we have been diagnosed - acute lymphoblastic leukemia, L1, Common. Since that day we have started a struggle for her life: droppers, chemicals, punctures, all sorts of complications, severe pain. The whole family and friends strived to rescue the child, and ... succeeded - after 10 months of torments, Sonia was released home on a supporting therapy. Sonia finally could spend time with her beloved father, elder brother, her dog. She could spend time outdoors and make her studies at home, etc.

The happiness lasted only 2 months. In December, Sonia again started to get tired quickly, slept a lot, and had severe headaches… After unsuccessful neurological treatment course, we made a puncture and again heard an awful VERDICT: early neuroleukemia, 90% of blasts in the cerebrospinal fluid.

Now we again will take a long-term treatment: anti-relapsing course includes ten 6-day blocks of high-dose chemotherapy – this will be a real torture for a worn-out organism. To increase the chances of daughter's life, we want to continue her treatment in a specialized National Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology under the Ministry of Health of Belarus Republic.

The cost of treatment (excluding possible complications) makes up 50 thousand dollars. Our family is unable to find such a sum, thus I appeal each of you for help. Each hryvna increases the chances of our little girl."

Since the need of treatment in Belarus was admitted even by local doctors – we must urgently send Sonia to Minsk clinical center that is well-experienced in successful treatment of children with similar diagnosis. By mutual efforts we can collect the necessary sum of money, that is too huge for a single family, and give the child a chance to live.

Contacts of Sonia's mother

Svetlana Anatolyevna


Sonia’s family lives in Zaporozhye.

Bank account:

Beneficiary: Petrenko Alexandr Ivanovich

Account: 6762 4620 5009 8422

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Swift code:PBANUA2X


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