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Orthodox orphanage "Nadezhda" ("Hope")

May 13, 2009, 12:00 4276 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Inna Nigay www.deti.zp.ua 24 children of age 3 to 17 live there. Most of them are from Zaporozhye and Zaporozhskaya oblast

Articles and news about Orthodox orphanage "Nadezhda"

The needs of "Nadezhda" orphanage

Children study at usual state school. They also have some extracurricular activities (drawing, sculpting, knitting, sewing) and sports (basketball, volleyball, football). Sometimes they go on the fieldtrip and pilgrim trips.

This orphanage was opened on February 3, 2002 by the initiative of Archbishop of Zaporozhye and Melitopol named Vasiliy. Episcopate provides support and Archbishop Vasiliy visits children regularly. Church of Saint Nikolay provides support for the orphanage. Speech therapist and doctor work at the orphanage besides teachers.

This official information was taken from the site "Orthodoxy in Ukraine"

They learn to live by orthodox here …

Orphanage «Nadezhda» operates as structural division of Zaporozhye Episcopate of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was opened with efforts and prayers of Archbishop of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Vasiliy. The main objective of the school is social rehabilitation of children without guardianship. Over 200 children received help over the years of the orphanage existence.

Work of such institutions is absolutely needed. Child who does not have parental care has to go through medical and social adaptation, learn how to live in new environment. He has to get medical observation and treatment.

When the city orphan's home was closed due to lack of financing in 2001, the staff of school addressed their suggestions to Archbishop Vasiliy. Archbishop liked the idea and put a lot of efforts to open of the children's orthodox orphanage.

The building of former eparchial school was provided. Episcopate management paid all municipal expenses. A lot of people helped with repair, reconstruction, purchase of furniture and other necessary things by the request of Archbishop. And the orphanage was opened.

The main difference of «Nadezhda» is that it is non-state organization being operated by donations.

Orthodox education has a great meaning in the life of this orphanage. From the very young age children learn to cross oneself and pray before and after meal. Orthodox priests teach the children about principles of Christian ethics, kindness, mercy, chastity and love for their neighbors. These factors are very important for children who had to learn all dirtiness of world, misunderstanding and negligence from the very early years. These children absorb living environment like sponge so it it very important to take care of them at present time.

Professional teachers, assistants, guards, cooks, technical staff work at this orphan's home. Children come to the orphanage by recommendation of priests and representatives of other organizations but some of them come here by themselves. There are several groups of children in accordance with their age and each age group has its own schedule. Schoolchildren get up early, babies get up later. After the morning toilette they pray and have their breakfast. Teacher takes schoolchildren to school and the little ones go for a walk or draw and play just like in regular kindergarten. Then they have lunch and take a nap. Babies play games in the evening and schoolchildren do their homework. Then the priest have moral discussions. After that the children watch TV, read books, have their personal time and go to bed after evening prayer.

It is important for children to live trusting in God

Children visit prayers in Svyato-Nikolskiy Church on Sundays and religious holidays and then stay for Sunday school. Orthodox education does not take place of general education. These two processes take place at one time and show great results. Children live with religion because they want to. Children learn Orthodoxy easier than adults.

Children study at general educational school and show good results. They study with pleasure and always have time to play. Different events are held regularly: children visit theatres, circus, they like to read, play table games, computer, go to fieldtrips.

They spend their summer holidays in health centers of Azov sea.

The main objective of the orphanage is establishing home environment for the children.

Prototop Dimitry Shulyak, Zaporozhye

December 12, 2006

Address: 69041, Zaporozhye,

Kremlevskaya street, 41

Telephone: +3 8 061 289-81-39

Director – Raisa Konstantinovna Lebedeva

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