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Save a child: Borishpolets Sashen’ka, 1 year 8 months – liver tumor, deafness

March 31, 2007, 0:00 7742 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Polyglot agency, Zaporozhye) www.deti.zp.ua Sashen’ka has completed his treatment and temporarily doesn't require the welfare

Sasha was born on 8th July, 2005

Diagnosis: hepatoblastoma (liver tumor); both-sided sensonebral deafness 3-4 stage, not formed speech organs

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Sickness certificate

Letter from Natalia, Sasha’s mother:

«I got acquainted with my husband Andrey when I was 17. He works at locomotive depot in the city of Melitopol. After 2 years we decided that we wanted to have children, but we couldn’t succeed in it. We turned to Zaporozhye Family and Youth Centre for help. We’ve gone through a check-up, and as it turned out, we were absolutely healthy. But I couldn’t get pregnant. We were considering adopting a child. And so, in one beautiful morning, I find out that I am pregnant. It was the happiest time in our life with my husband, as we’ve wanted a child for 8 years.

My son, Borishpolets Alexandr Andreyevich was born on 8th July, 2005, in 37 weeks, with the weight of 2500g and height of 50cm. But we didn’t have a chance to enjoy our happiness when the misfortune came. When my son was 3 months old, I noticed that he didn’t react to noise. Our district doctor immediately sent us to see audiologist for check-up in Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital. After the check-up, we were stated a diagnosis: both-sided sensonebral deafness 3-4 stage, not formed speech organs

To be sure, we decided to go to Kiev, to the Institute of Otolaryngology named after Kolomyichenko. Here we were distressed even more – they said, that only cochlear implant Nucleus 24M Esprit could help; it costs 129220 grn. ($25588), and it has to be implanted until 4. Our son was given disablement. Until we buy the implant we have to purchase hearing aids and individual inserts the price of the set – 6118 grn. Пока мы не приобретём имплантант, нам нужно купить слуховые аппараты и индивидуальные вкладыши, цена комплекта – 6118 грн. Kiev has put us in a queue under № 287 to have cochlear implantation for the expenses of the State. 15-20 of such operations are carried out a year.

We, being parents, have done our best to find this money, but the sum is just unreal. My husband earns 800 grn in depot, I am on maternity leave – 120 grn, son’s pension – 245 grn.

Despite his diseases, my son is a very energetic, kind and gentle boy. He likes playing with children and they love him. By all means, you need to devote a lot of time to Sasha. But all this is nothing in comparison with our new misfortune.

When my child was 1,5 years old, they found out he had a liver tumor. We went through check-ups for a month and the tumor turned out to be malignant. We urgently need a surgery which costs $1500 dollars USA. Even for this money, the doctor warned us that 70% is that Sasha won’t live. It was a shock for me, I thought I would die right there: “Where can I get the money?”. But we were given hope by bank “Aval”, which gave us a loan for 3 years. We will have to pay off 700 grn a month.

Thanks God, on 27th December, 2006, a surgery was carried out and our son survived. Now, we are going through chemotherapy in the oncohematology department of Zaporizhia regional children’s hospital. All our efforts and money go to hospital but it is not enough. My son fights for his life, he just needs to overcome it. He has a right to be healthy and to grow up and develop as all other children. My son is the most precious in my life. I would give my life to him, if I could do this. That’s why I ask everyone, to whom my son’s destiny is not indifferent – help us, please!

Thank you in advance!»

Natasha, cell tel. +3 8 097 77 405 41

Mother – Borishpolets Natalia Sergeevna, tel. +3 8 097 77 405 41, born on 17.02.1980

Father – Borishpolets Andrey Pavlovich, born in 1975

The Borishpolets family lives at the following address:

72304, Ukraine, Zaporozhye region., the city of Melitopol, 2а Pozharskogo st., apt. 30

Sasha goes through medical treatment in oncohematology department of Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital (70 Lenin Avenue, 5th floor) - tel. +3 8 061 222-21-50

Albert Pavlov, a volunteer from Zaporozhye is in charge of Sasha - tel. +3 8 066 5133435, detizp@mail.ru

Bank requisites for transaction of financial aid in grivnas:

Zaporizhye regional board of Privatbank

MFO: 313399

OKPO: 23788752

Transit account: 29244825546226

Purpose of Payment: adding to card №6762 4620 1310 0109 (Financial aid for son Sasha’s treatment)

Beneficiary: Borishpolets Natalia Sergeevna

Bank requisites for transaction of financial aid in dollars:

Beneficiary: Borishpolets Natalia Sergeevna

Account: 6762 4620 1395 1303

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Swift code:


swift code: CHASUS33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 0011000080

WebMoney WMZ961025609037 of the volunteer from Zaporozhye Albert Pavlov (when adding money to this account, write in the comment – aid for Sasha Borishpolets and call Sasha’s mother)

Another ways to donate money to sick children

(Attention! Only dollars can be transferred to the account in dollars! Euro, rubles and other currencies should be converted in dollars)

You can use immediate transaction PrivatMoney, Praveks bank, Aval Express, Avers (Finansy I kredit), WesternUnion and others.

When transferring money in any way, please let the volunteers, who work with Sasha or his mother know about it.

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