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Street concert in the center of Zaporozhye was the first step to Vladik's rescue

September 22, 2008, 10:00 6716 Author: Irina Gavrisheva, photographs by Tanya Romashka, translated by Ksenia Morozova www.deti.zp.ua In August, 29, the street concert took place in the centre of Zaporozhye. We tried to attract people’s attention to Vladik Tikhonov's problem: acute myelogenous leukemia. Vladik needs the bone marrow transplantation which costs about 150 thousand dollars

In August, 29, the street concert took place on the area before Zaporozhye central Trade Complex “Ukraine”. Different actors and collectives acted to attract people’s attention to the problem of eleven-year Vladik Tikhonov

Vladik’s diagnosis is acute myelogenous leukemia and he needs the bone marrow transplantation which costs about 150 thousand dollars.

About 300 leaflets with such information were distributed to people during the concert

Last two weeks turned Vladik's life, his parents lives and also ours ones. First it was news about high probability of leucosis, then diagnosis verification and the recommendation of unrelated marrow bone transplantation and at last news that transplantation must be done as soon as possible. We have only few months to gather the necessary sum of money.

Few months… It is not enough… but we have no choice. We remember Daniil Pshenichniy for whom we also had to collect money for unrelated marrow bone transplantation in Israel. In his case 2 years passed from the beginning of gathering up to the moment of transplantation! This term is huge and Vladik has no much time to wait.

So we decided to start money collecting for Vladik Tikhonov with the public action attracting people’s attention such as a street concert in the centre of the city. There were any problems with organization and coordination but at this appointed hour our presenter Andrey Loboda came to a microphone to tell people about why there were posters with Vladik’s photo on the shop-windows and why there were boxes for money on the tables.

At the beginning there were not many people in front of the Trade Centre. But then being interested with the concert people stopped near us, watched the concert, listened to what presenter told about Vladik

and donate money

Our actors were inspired with what they were doing and did their best!

Bard Jean Seleznyov

The school of Cossacks martial art

magician Maksim Meleshko

Sergey, called also "Mister X" (circus studio)

Girls from the children's theatre-studio "Pani Irina"

The group "Funking Cast"

Neither words nor photos cannot described how great it was! It should be seen

Vladik's father has came to the microphone too (Vladik’s mother is beside her son in the oncohematology department of Zaporozhye regional clinical child’s hospital).

Aleksey Tikhonov, Vladik's father

It was hard for him to ask about the help. It was double hard for him as he didn’t come to himself after being told the diagnosis and the recommended treatment. But he decided to do everything to rescue his only child!

The representatives of the local mass-media were presented at our concert. In fact one of the main aim of the action was not only to collect any sum but to draw people’s attention to Vladik's problem and to many others children of our region who have serious diseases. We hope it was possible!!! But nevertheless results of the action were pleased. It has been collected 5778 hryvnas (about 1 150 dollars). Collected sum was transferred to Vladik’s parents’ bank account.

We also want to thank all the organizers of the concert: boys and girls from the church "Light of the awakening" for the given equipment (columns, microphones, etc.), Sergey from the computer firm who printed 300 color leaflets about Vladik free of charge. We also thank our

volunteer Ksenia Morozova. We thank our photographer Tanya Romashka for beautiful photos of the action.

We thank all the participants of the concert who presented their skills and talents to attract people’s attention for sick children’s problem.

And the great thanks to all citizens who did not passed by our action, who donated 1, 2, 5 hryvnas to the boxes, who take the leaflets and prayed for Vladik. I trust that together all citizens can rescue the children!!!

money counting…

Once again I wish to thank all people due to whose efforts this action took place, due to whose diligence we could come one step nearer to rescue of this eleven-year boy. First of all we want to thank the management of the Trade Center “Ukraine”, who allowed us gratuitously to organize a concert on their area and also gave us all necessary equipment (tables, chairs, electricity connection, etc.).

Volunteers www.deti.zp.ua after the concert

Gavrisheva Irina hematologia [at] mail.ru 8 097 136 41 82

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