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Photo report: «I’d like to be a builder if I’m taught»

June 2, 2011, 20:00 3381 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Elena Guda Children of the Zaporozhye educational-rehabilitation center – boarding school #3 began to master interior repair skills.

To make cement floor base, to lay tiles and to plank surfaces with plastic – several of the children under the patronage of the “Happy Child” volunteer Michael Sadykov will soon be able to cope with all these tasks the same as experienced builders. The training program developed by the educational center “New hope” assists the trainees not only in acquiring skills necessary for each man but also helps them to find their places in the professional world afterwards.

Ekateryna Sharikova, the director of the Boarding school #3 is convinced that this project together with the project of training children in the area of computer operation is among the best ones. Children of the 9th grade who have decided to master building and construction skills come to the lessons voluntarily. The training course started in February. Each group has 3 or 4 people depending on the specifics of the training process and the room size. This number of trainees is optimal. All the required instruments and tools were purchased thanks to donations of Joel, our friend from the USA. The trainees are occupied in transforming the cellar of their school.

Each part of training starts from the theory and is followed by the practical tasks for the trainees. The first try was bracing and casting floors with cement. During their last lessons, the children were preparing the walls for tiling and learning the process. Accordance to their instructor, in spite of frequent changes in the composition of the trainees’ team, Danyil and Andrew try to attend all the lessons. They know that it is not simple to lay tiles on four walls 1.70m high! This work needs skills that can be acquired only by means of long-term practice.

The beginning builders have a lot of interesting work ahead: they are to install plastic ceiling and doors. In her turn, Ekateryna Sharikova is ready to give them new rooms requiring repairs. At this, children will be able to practice even in the installation of windows. Thus, they will not only acquire basic skills but will eventually be able to make interior repairs on the European level. So, in future they will be able to provide for their families and to adapt to the adults’ life. This means their future children will live in the families instead of boarding schools.

The training program in the area of building skills intended for children reflects the strong conviction of the fund’s staff in the fact that orphans need an ability to take care of themselves and to live in harmony with the world much more than material well-being. That is why we pay primary attention to the educational and tourist programs and adoption of orphans. To say figuratively, we are trying to teach children to fish with a fishing rod instead of giving them fish.

If you want to support the project providing necessary materials or funding them or you can teach children useful knowledge and skills, feel free to address the staff of the “Happy Child” foundation.

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