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Dmitrenko Bogdan Cerebal Palsy

April 19, 2011, 23:00 5031 Author: Grigorieva Inna, translated by volunteer Natasha www.deti.zp.ua It is very hard to be a kid and not to be able to run after a ball or crawl after a kitty. Because of the sickness Bogdan cannot walk, stand nor crawl. He so much needs some help from healthy and grown-up people.

Bogdan, birthdate 08/30/2008

Diagnosis: Cerebal Palsy, Hydrocephaly, and Partial Atrophy of Optic Nerves

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When your child is diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy, it can feel like the world has dropped out from under you. Bogdan`s mother Irina hasn't given up because she believes her first born son is a gift from God.

The child is 2.5 years old now. He is growing up in a loving environment. Despite that he cannot do all boys`favorite activites like jumping or running he can talk, knows children`s poems and games, likes listening to songs very much. Thanks to his mom he has learned all of that, she takes care of the child by giving him massages, doing physical exercises with him and reading fairy tales. But the mother`s care is not enough because the child regularly needs special medical care and massages which improve his motor skills, stimulate his mental development and make it easier for mom to take care of Bogdan.

Bogdan`s mother Irina asks for anyone who wishes to help her in giving Bogdan necessary medical treatment,due to permanently growing inflation she cannot raise the needed money on her own. Your donation can help Bogdan to get high quality special medical care.

Cell phone number of Bogdan`s mother Irina: +38 096 371 22 22

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