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Children of Zaporozhye who had survived cancer went up the mound on the Khortitsa Island and released balloons into the sky as the sign of the victory over the disease.

March 11, 2011, 21:00 5395 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Natalie Timoshova www.deti.zp.ua 8 children from Zaporozhye who had overcome cancer committed a symbolic ascent on the saint Khortitsa land on February 15, 2011, the Cancer Sick Kids’ Day.

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Today on the World Cancer Sick Kids’ Day 8 children who had overwhelmed cancer have went up the mound near the Cossacks Museum to sign the victory over the disease.

They were sincerely grateful to their doctors, parents, volunteers and donators – to everyone who made it possible.

- The goal of this action is both simple and complicated simultaneously, - the President of the Happy Child Charity Fund Albert Pavlov says. – We want to show that it is possible to overcome cancer today. It’s the signal to all people who do care. Because many donators avoid people sick with cancer as if they are incurable, but it is not true! Our ascent gives the hope to those children who have just found out their diagnosis. As you know the kids who turned to be brave to meet journalists today had overwhelmed their disease.

There are children and young people who survived severe cancer diseases (leukaemia, lymphogranulomatosis, brain tumour, kidney tumour, melanoma, and sarcoma) within the period from 2001 to 2009 among those who take part it the action today. It took them from 6 months to several years to recover. They had to go through long-lasting physical and moral suffering, to outlive their friend ward mates. But now hard times are in the past. Some of them have already left school and continue their study at High School or college, make plans for the future, and live an active life.

Sasha Miruta is 13 years old. He looks like a healthy, alert and joyful boy. Together with other kids he rapidly climbs the mound which is situated opposite the Cossacks Museum on the Khortitsa Island. He runs and laughs cheerfully, but there is his mother Svetlana Anatolyevna crying at the foot of the hill.

- I can’t believe that everything is behind, - the woman says and stops talking – as there is a lump in the throat. She makes several deep breathes, wipes her eyes and keeps on talking. – When the diagnosis was made out, the earth floated from under my feet. Even now I don’t want to pronounce it aloud and say those awful words…

There are other mothers near Svetlana Anatolyevna. Elena Popova, the mother of little Bogdan, says that doctors expected him to die within days.

- But we couldn’t stop believing and hoping. Cancer is overwhelmed as a result.

Notwithstanding some superstitions and 15 C degrees below zero, the children and their parents agreed to commit this symbolic ascent on the hill.

Some childish pranks of boys, some snowballs, and laugh – and balloons are flying away into the sky. It’s funny they have flown to the South, where it is warm.

- I hope rich people to have warm hearts for sick children, - Sasha Miruta says. – I’ve recovered, and I eagerly desire those kids whom I used to meet in dozens of hospital halls to be able to play football, to ride a bicycle and to swim in a river again. If you have such an opportunity, then help children to recover.

There are 200 children counted in the cancer record-keeping in the Zaporozhye region, and there are 35 new kids’ cancer cases being registered every year. Fortunately, a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence anymore. Due to the application of new treatment methods doctors manage to save the life of 50 to 90 percent of patients. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the regular availability of chemotherapy drugs and sustaining antibiotics, leukocyte stimulators, antifungal medicine, and donor blood. The qualification of doctors and the modern hospital equipment availability play the huge role in it.

In order to increase the number of children who will take part in the next recovered kids’ feast, the Happy Child Charity Fund calls all the people who are not indifferent to help children sick with cancer. It can be both material aid and blood donation as well. We call the deputies of all levels and other public servants to pay more attention to the development of the children’s medicine.

The Happy Child Charity Fund of the Zaporozhye Region expresses the sincere gratitude to the Khortitsa National Reserve administration for their event holding assistance.


The Happy Child Charity Fund (www.deti.zp.ua) has been providing financial aid to children sick with cancer to pay for expensive drugs, surgical treatment and screenings due to the maintenance of hundreds of donators from Ukraine and other countries within 4 years already. Besides we try to systematically help the Regional Children’s Hospital of Zaporozhye to buy modern medical equipment (5 infusion pumps each costing 2000 $, syringe pumps, heart rate monitors, computers for doctors). In 2010 those people who really care have provided sick children and orphans with more than 1,5 million hryvnas maintenance through the www.deti.zp.ua site.

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