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The greatest joy ever is to see the results of your work

January 18, 2011, 12:00 3860 Author: Elena Chuhrii, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua "Great personalities are not formed by what they hear and say, but by work and activity” ... Albert Einstein

The Educational Programme for orphans initiated by “Happy Child” Charity Foundation has been successfully functioning in Boarding School #3 and surely showing great results of the cooperation of teachers and pupils.

The pupils of the seventh to ninth grades have been involved in a computer literacy and information technology course since November and now they already know basic Internet and graphics editor skills. The pupils created their own mail boxes, signed in several social networks and even set up a group of the orphanage members, who study at their boarding school.

Besides surfing the Internet, the children have been focused on aspects of working with Windows. The kids have understood the basics of file extensions and the control panel, and even practiced installing different programs, anti-virus updates, and worked with the Team Viewer programme (remote access to PCs and servers over the Internet).

In December, Serhey Yarovoj (the computer literacy and information technology teacher) trained the children to work with a graphics editor. The pupils also learnt Photoshop primary tool menus. Additionally, they learnt how to save images in different formats. The kids had lots of fun making pictures of themselves in beautiful places and by superimposing their faces over those of celebrities. Those lessons were more kind of introductory course, since computer literacy is something comprehensive and complicated which requires a great deal of time and effort. A competition for the best photo has been announced, so all the children are keen on taking part in it. The winners of the competition will be awarded some prizes. Such a competition will undoubtedly fire these children with enthusiasm for computer education.

The younger children have also been making some steady progress. Like their older friends, they have been involved in the Educational programme for orphans. Computer training helps the little ones to learn reading, writing, arithmetic and drawing. With their teachers’ assistance, the nursery and first grade children already completed the painting programme and have started to work on putting together the slides with the images of animals, colours and objects. Olesya Belohub (the Educational program teacher) appointed Ihnatenko Anatoliy and Totcenko Danila as the most diligent and determined little pupils in the course.

The third grade pupils completed their work with “Paint” graphics editor and a didactic game called “Neznaika on the Bridge “(Neznaika is a famous Russian cartoon hero) and the spelling of Ukrainian words. Now the kids have been working with the “M. Drawing” graphics editor, where they have been making up such themes as circus, farm, space, Hollywood, ocean beaches, and picnics. The pupils were also drawing their favourite animals. Zhyzhurin Serhey was selected as the best little artist.

The fourth and fifth grade pupils have successfully progressed all the maze levels and now they have been learning math. The pupils have learnt “theory of sets”, and “Guess the excess figure”, and practiced arithmetic (four fundamental operations) through exercises such as “Little Tower”, “Pyramidion”, and “Beads”. The children also had a preliminary Geometry course, solving such geometrical conundrums as “Tangram”. Olesya Belohub thinks that the pupils are good at the assigned tasks. Since December the pupils have started their Russian lessons. The most successful fourth grade pupil is Molodjuchenko Angela and the best fifth grade one is Puzenko Ihor.

The Educational programe initiated by “Happy Child” Charity Foundation has already proved to be effective for orphans. The children get necessary computer skills which are very important for them nowadays as well as in their future. And the developing games for younger children will surely play a big role in their school studies.

You can support this Educational Programme for orphans by any possible donation which would cover the teachers’ salary expense as well as the purchase of the necessary equipment for lessons.

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