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Photoreport: Kalinovka is in the middle of the hard work.

September 30, 2010, 16:00 3204 Author: Alber Pavlov http://deti.zp.ua Yahoo. We finally collected necessary sum of money for fixing roof for the future family based orphanage. While workers repairing roof we started collecting money for new windows and doors and redecoration inside.

Workers unload wood for future roof – 21 September 2010

Yahoo. The hardest part in gone. Thanks to the donations of people from Ukraine, England and USA we managed to raise more than 13 000 dollars for completer roof rebuilding (more that 200 sq. m.).

In the middle of September construction workers with a guidance of employees of charity fund “Happy Child” and the principle of the Kalinovka orphanage dismantled the old roof and straighten the walls for future installation and started preparing for constructing new roof. .

By the way. All material from the roof are not lost or stolen as it usually happens during construction but was given to the orphanage for storage. We plane to use it in construction children’s playground in the future.

The process of buying materials and paying for work is transparent and open to everyone. In the nearest days all this information will appear on our web site and everyone will be able to double check it.

We wouldn’t like to lose our pace so we are planning right after completing roof construction start complete redecorating inside the house.

We hope that by the end of April 2011 seven orphans from Kalinovka will move to this building and will have the highest standards of living. Boys very often walk around the building watching carefully how constructing works are going and asking their teachers when they will have their home.

And meanwhile Serge, Artem, Sasha. And both Alesha live in awful conditions that remind war times rather that place that you can call home.

Charity fund “Happy Child” asking all business structures as well as individuals with the appeal to help to complete a unique project in whole Ukraine. Because before this all orphans with special needs were kept in special orphanages where they all have to share small rooms and where no one could find them. And when ordinary orphans have high opportunity to be adopted orphans with special needs have no chase at all. So after we build a house where orphans can live in small groups with comfortable surrounding that will remind about family and we not only help these 7-10 orphans but we’ll create a model of reforming the whole Ukrainian system.

To help orphans in Kalinovka is very easy. You can donate any sum of money or you can purchase necessary materials yourself

Best wishes

Albert Pavlov

+3 8 066 513 34 35


This is how the building looked before rebuilding

Workers start dismantling the roof

The roof is gone

Roof side will be straighten with concrete

Workers unload wood for future roof. All together 22 cubic meters of wood was bought for almost 4000 dollars. .

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