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Tablets for learning. Second phase

December 15, 2022, 16:25 100 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Another ten children received the keys to knowledge.

Tablets for learning. Second phase

In mid-November, we visited the Novoaleksandrovskaya community, located southeast of Zaporozhye. The front line is only 17 kilometers from here. From time to time, the sounds of our and enemy artillery remind of this. Despite the proximity to the war, children continue to live and study here.

Classes are held remotely, and each student needs a computer, tablet, or at least a smartphone. Unfortunately, many families do not have the funds for modern gadgets. Today, together with you, we presented ten families with brand new tablets with protective cases.

There are six children in one family. Every day they decide whose occupation is more important, because they share one laptop and one smartphone for everyone. There were two first-graders in another family. The guys immediately distributed the tablet and the case among themselves, and were quite pleased that not one of them was left without a gift. We are sure that at home they will find understanding and will use the device for its intended purpose and honestly.

Tablets for learning. Second phase

In general, all the children were delighted with the received keys to knowledge, and tightly pressed the bright boxes to themselves!

Thanks to a discount from the chain of stores Comfy, we spent 2 830 $ on this batch of gadgets. This is the second batch of tablets that we give to children together.

Unfortunately, hundreds of other students also need gadgets for distance learning. We receive such requests all the time. Therefore, we ask you to support this area of assistance. After all, educated children are the future of our country!

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