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Polina Belogurova

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Polina Belogurova

Polina Belogurova, Born on July 1, 2017

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia

Lives in Zaporizhzhia region, Energodar

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ВATTENTION! AS OF 30/06/2023:: Fundraising closed! The required amount has been collected. Thanks friends!

Polinka was born prematurely, weighing 1,610 kg. The birth was complicated, so the child suffered a lack of oxygen even in the womb. Subsequently, a year later, a diagnosis was made: Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. The motor development of the girl, unfortunately, does not meet the norm. Due to the fact that Polinka does not stand or walk on her own, the girl developed a rather common complication with this diagnosis - subluxations of the hip joints. Polinka works well pens, plays on the tablet and with her favorite toys, and the development of the child's intelligence is even ahead of her age!

The parents did not give up, they were constantly looking for rehabilitation specialists and funds to be able to visit them. In Bobath center Polya stood on her feet for the first time and took her first steps in a walker. After several courses of rehabilitation, the child sits more confidently, leans on his hands, stands near a support. The main efforts of specialists are currently aimed at mastering the motor skills necessary for independence in everyday life. Specialists work on movement along the support and walking with a walker. The occupational therapist works on independent dressing. Also, to prevent complications from the musculoskeletal system, special orthoses are selected for the child.

Due to hostilities, the family did not have the opportunity to leave with the child for rehabilitation, as the native town of Energodar was occupied at the beginning of the war. But when the situation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant escalated, the family managed to escape from the occupied city. Hoping for the best, the family came to Kyiv and settled near the rehabilitation center so that Polina could get the necessary classes.

Polinka's parents are asking for help paying for rehabilitation courses, which must be attended at least three times a year. The cost of one course at the Bobat center is about 1 364 $.

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