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Hundreds of families are waiting for our help

July 24, 2022, 19:25 358 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua We need funds to continue the program of financial support for victims.

Hundreds of families are waiting for our help

Melania, Varvara, Peter and their mother lived in Bakhmut. For a long time they hid from shelling in the basement. Later they were evacuated to Kovel. Here they rent housing and try to start a new life. However, it is more like survival: there are not enough clothes, food and basic household items. And there is nowhere to return - the native house is destroyed.

Hundreds of families are waiting for our help

Thanks to your donations, we have provided financial assistance to this and hundreds of other families. And thousands more families also hope for our support. Each of them has its own sad story of survival in the conditions of this senseless war.

We are no longer accepting new applications. But we should focus on those already accepted, of which there are currently about one and a half thousand. And this is an appeal only from the most vulnerable categories of families - families with many children and those with children with disabilities.

Friends, we really need your support! Help us continue to help!

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Veronika Solodovnyk
Veronika Solodovnyk

Cystic fibrosis, severe stage

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