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We need help!

April 25, 2022, 7:45 587 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Without financial support, the work of our foundation might be halted.

We need help!

“I never valued my life until I lost everything else,” Natalia wrote to us. “I had a job, a home, a family, a sweetheart. I lost all within a short period. But thanks to volunteers, my mother and I were able to get to Zaporizhzhia and take temporary shelter. My father stayed to defend Ukraine on the frontline, and my grandmother remained in our hometown Hulyaipole. Friends and acquaintances scattered throughout the country and abroad for refuge from the war. The only things connecting our family are telephone conversations, unwavering desire to return home, and pride in our town and nation.”

“We believe in our armed forces. We believe that we will return home and everything will be as before.

Everything will be Ukraine! Thank you, Happy Child Foundation, for your help! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!"

We need help!

Natalia and her mother, as well as hundreds of other families, have been supported through your donations to Happy Child.

Our foundation does not stop working for a moment. We help those who are on the edge of survival because war spares neither young nor old. We buy and distribute food, hygiene products, and baby food. We financially support large families in occupied territories. We seek humanitarian aid to send to the needy.

The number of families needing support increases every day. For several weeks, needs have far exceeded our revenues. Our funds are nearly exhausted!

Friends, we appeal to you for help! Without financial support, the foundation might have to suspend operation.

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Kira Karhiieva
Kira Karhiieva

Disorders of neurodevelopment, disorders of the autistic spectrum

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