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Cook, little pot, cook!

April 15, 2022, 10:55 536 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua We are opening a fundraising to obtain 1,120 kg of chicken to feed people in the Zaporizhzhia shelters.

Cook, little pot, cook!


How to help?

Five in the morning on February 24 - thousands of people woken up by explosions, millions uttered the word "war". Russian invaders set a foot on Ukrainian land. Since then, every day is a battle. Every Ukrainian citizen fights a personal one. Some are fighting with a weapon in hands; some are fighting with a shovel, a steering wheel, a phone, a keyboard, a stethoscope or even with a cooking pot.

Our foundation never stopped working. Our purpose is to help those who are on the verge of survival. For war spares neither young nor old.

The city of Zaporizhzhia becomes safe haven for many who escaped from the infernal Mariupol, Berdiansk, Melitopol and other towns. Every day, thousands of people are landing here. Schools, kindergartens, dormitories, public places and even a circus are used to accommodate those who flee the war.

One of such shelters, headquartered at School 65, asked us for support. Every week, 800 to 1,200 displaced persons receive assistance there. Majority are women with children, elderly. In two or three days they move further to make place for the new ones, seeking for safety and food. In Zaporizhzhya people provided with hot meals, safe place to stay, assistance. Providing them with nutritious meals becoming a challenge.

Meat is a strategic product for feeding people who have spent few weeks in cold basements, under the constant shelling, denied of access to electricity, gas, and fresh water. To ensure a complete three-course meal a day, we need about 280 kg of chicken meat per week.

Thanks to your donations, in March and early April we purchased 670 kg of chicken meat directly from the producer. Almost 34 thousand hryvnias were spent on this. The meat was handed over to the Zaporozhye perinatal center, a temporary accommodation center for refugees, as well as to the Mimmo restaurant, which feeds the defenders of our city.

Cook, little pot, cook!

Food fundraising continues. We are opening a fundraising to obtain 1,120 kg of chicken to feed people in the Zaporizhzhia shelters.

Please help to ease the burdens of war on common people. Feeding the displaced is our battle. Help to save Ukrainians who are in trouble!

On April 14, the project "Pot, cook!" Started on the dobro.ua platform. . Therefore, you can help on the website of our partners.

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