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On the needs and state of affairs in the occupied community of the Vasilievsky district of the Zaporozhye region

April 10, 2022, 22:55 787 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua In recent weeks, one of the tasks of the fund was the delivery of medicines to residents of the occupied villages.

In recent weeks, one of the tasks of the fund was the delivery of medicines to residents of the occupied villages.

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Rozdil community of Vasilyevsky district, in which is Happy Child ecovillage, was occupied in the first weeks of the war. People have experienced terrible days and nights with shells and rockets flying overhead. In the village of Lyubimovka, several houses were damaged, a shell exploded in the courtyard of a local school and knocked out windows. There is information about at least three dead residents of the community.

Many products in the villages became scarce, and prices increased by 2-3 times. It is almost impossible to pay with a card in the store. The supply of medicines and hygiene products has practically stopped. Everything that is happening can be called a humanitarian catastrophe.

Russian occupiers from time to time comb the villages, go around every house. Numerous checkpoints have been set up along the roads.

In recent weeks, we have received dozens of requests from residents of the community for the delivery of medicines and hygiene products. Almost every day, the fund's employees send parcels from Zaporozhye with volunteers to Vasilyevka, from where rural volunteers deliver everything to families. This whole process is fraught with a lot of uncertainties and difficulties - even in Zaporozhye, which is free from occupation, not all medicines are available. Parcels worth tens of thousands of hryvnias can be lost, being transferred from car to car. To get to Vasilyevka from Lyubimovka, the driver goes through a humiliating inspection procedure at the checkpoints of the occupiers, they can undress him and look for tattoos or traces of weapons.

Also, now we are collecting a huge list of medicines for a psycho-neurological boarding school with 230 wards, which is also in the occupied territory.

Fortunately, dozens of parcels have already been delivered, assistance has been transferred to the card for dozens of large families, in total more than a hundred people have already received assistance.

Employees of the Happy Child Foundation and volunteers are doing everything possible to support people in the occupied territory. And we are thinking about how to increase the scale of assistance and reach other communities. We will be happy to respond to the requests of activists from the occupied communities.

Of course, the support of donators from all over the world is very necessary for the implementation of all our plans.

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