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In the Zaporozhye region, the Russian military opened fire on a car with a family who were evacuated: an 11-year old girl was injured

March 28, 2022, 9:45 787 061.ua Today, 11-year old Milena Uralova is simply fighting for her right to life.

11-year-old Milena Uralova

In civilian life, 11-year old Milena Uralova studied in Mariupol, did gymnastics and won prizes in competitions. Today she is simply fighting for the right to life.

It is known that the tragedy itself occurred on March 16, when the girl and her family tried to leave the besieged Mariupol, where they came under fire on the way to Zaporozhye. The bullet went through the jaw and injured the root of the tongue, so now Milena speaks very quietly. The doctor believes that the girl is unlikely to be able to clearly pronounce some sounds.

The family was leaving by car along with 2 other civilians from Mariupol, but the Uralovs were only able to get to the Vasilievka area. There, the Russian military opened fire on the car without warning, so the driver was forced to stop.

"We opened the door and got out of the car with our hands up," the girl's mother said.

The invaders shouted something to them and continued to threaten them with weapons. However, when they saw the bloodied Milena, they allowed the Uralovs to take the girl to the nearest hospital.

Now Milena Uralova, together with her mother, is in a children's hospital in Zaporozhye and is on the mend. Doctors note that while the psychological well-being of the child is not very stable, she often cries, is afraid of different sounds.

Anesthesiologist Ivan Anikin notes that recently 9 wounded children have been admitted to the regional children's hospital.

“These are a variety of injuries, various injuries. These are head injuries, traumatic amputations, bullet wounds,” says the anesthesiologist.

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