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Is breathing easy?

January 26, 2022, 13:45 683 Author: Olha Vovk Your financial support will save the breath of our wards with cystic fibrosis.

Is breathing easy?

Is breathing easy?

The question is rhetorical for those who breathe freely and deeply. But there is a category of people for whom the ability to breathe is associated with many difficulties. Their lungs are attacked from birth by cystic fibrosis. A genetic disease brings a lot of troubles to the whole body, but it is the respiratory organs that get the most.

A gene breakdown leads to the fact that from the first days of life, thick mucus is produced in the patient's lungs, which dangerous, aggressive and antibiotic-resistant bacteria like so much that they create whole colonies in it. These bacterial infections are difficult to treat, even with long courses of forced antibiotic therapy, and so they often become chronic. This, in turn, leads to the gradual destruction of the lungs: bronchiectasis, atelectasis, pneumothorax, a critical decrease in lung function. It sounds scary, but in reality it is even scarier.

To prevent this, people with cystic fibrosis must constantly clear their lungs with inhalation, breathing exercises, and physical activity. Inhalation for this disease is one of the whales of daily life-long therapy that really helps you breathe. Not any inhaler can withstand 3 to 12 inhalations a day, but only powerful compressor devices designed for a similar load.

We launched the project ««Is breathing easy?» on the dobro.ua. platform. With your help, we intend to purchase 3 Pari inhalers, kits for their repair and a supply of consumables for a year. Families with children or adults with cystic fibrosis spend enormous amounts of money on daily treatment – they cannot cope on their own. Please support this project!

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