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In Zaporozhye, the foster family received their own housing

December 30, 2021, 22:01 498 Author: Zaporizhzhya City Council zp.gov.ua In the regional center, they continue to resolve the issues of providing housing for orphans, children deprived of parental care. The foster family of Irina Povalyaeva received a two-story building for a family-type orphanage.

n Zaporozhye, the foster family received their own housing

On Tuesday, December 28, in the Zaporozhye regional center for patriotic education of youth, Irina Povalyaeva was awarded a certificate for housing. The event was attended by the secretary of the Zaporozhye city council Anatoly Kurtev, the chairman of the Zaporozhye regional state administration Alexander Starukh, the deputy chairman of the Zaporozhye regional state administration Zlata Nekrasova.

- This year, 48 million hryvnia from the state budget was allocated to the Zaporozhye region in order to purchase housing for families that are family-type orphanages or close to them. First of all, I want to congratulate my mother Irina Povalyaeva, her family, as well as everyone who is involved in this good cause, - said Alexander Starukh.

A two-storey house with everything necessary for living was purchased with subventions from the state budget. For this, almost 4 million hryvnias were allocated from the treasury, and more than 995 thousand hryvnias were allocated from the city budget of Zaporozhye. The building has all the necessary furniture, as well as a sufficient area and even a greenhouse. The house has 6 rooms, which are enough to accommodate 10 children. The building also has individual heating.

- We did a great job - by combining the efforts of the regional, city and state authorities, we purchased housing for this wonderful family. There are many examples in our city when people take care of children, raise them. And we will do everything necessary for such families to feel the support of the city in their difficult business, - said Anatoly Kurtev.

Now Irina Povalyaeva is raising her own daughter and four more adopted children from a large family group. Irina is ready to take five more children into upbringing. Among them are three girls who are in the orphanage "Solnyshko", as well as two brothers. Until she was allowed to do this housing conditions. Now this family will create a family-type orphanage and will live in a large and comfortable house.

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