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New steps towards the goal

December 15, 2021, 18:21 737 Author: Natalia Moroz Fundraising is suspended! The required amount for the operation has been collected. Thank you for helping children!

Dmitry Ovcharenko


In fact, this is not even a dream, it is a goal! And for its sake, while other nine-year-old boys are chasing the ball outside the window, Dima performs the most difficult physical exercises, enduring both pain and fatigue.

In addition to constant physical work on himself, Dima also manages to "swallow" knowledge in his studies. Today he is a 5th grade student of a school with in-depth study of English, he participates in Olympiads and takes prizes. In addition, he has been studying Chinese for many years, and recently became interested in the German language.

Dmitry Ovcharenko

What Dima says about himself:

“I am interested in astronomy, chemistry and nature. However, I'm sad, because I still don't have these subjects [at school]... And I also love animals and would like to go to the zoo with my own feet. I want to live a normal life. In the meantime, I watch educational videos and read about astronomy. Recently I got carried away with a new hobby – cooking. This is from my mother, she often makes me happy with goodies!"

Dima's family has been fighting for many years. Anyone who has a special child knows that life often turns into a series of rehabilitations, by no means all of which bring any tangible results. Mom learned to carefully approach the choice of methods for restoring her son, because the child is growing, and every day he lives is worth its weight in gold.

Dmitry Ovcharenko

Recently, specialists have proposed a new rehabilitation method – surgical treatment. The essence of the operation lies in a special technique of cutting only the pathologically altered parts of the muscles of the limbs with a specially designed scalpel – without damaging the skin and healthy muscles. Elimination of muscle contractures and pain syndrome will allow to achieve a significant increase in the range of motion, contribute to the acquisition of new and improvement of existing motor skills.

In the spring of 2021, Dima underwent the first operation, which has already brought noticeable improvements. But the course of treatment with an operative method includes several stages of surgical intervention. Therefore, in the spring of 2022, the treatment must be repeated. To date, we need 15 thousand hryvnias to carry out the operation.

You can help this wonderful boy right now. A lot of or little help matters and makes what you want real. Let's support Dima together and let him take a few more steps towards his goal!

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