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Rehabilitation took place!

October 28, 2021, 17:01 698 Author: Natalia Moroz We thank everyone who supported Vladislav Logvin!

Vlad Logvin

Almost every summer Vlad conducts in Western Ukraine. His grandmother lives there, and he rests from the narrow rooms of a high-rise building. There you do not need to make an effort to go down into the yard, and then with the same effort to climb into your "birdhouse". Everything is different there - spaciousness and fresh air! And in the forest - berries and mushrooms! And also - there are no barriers to independent steps and training!

This year, the guy had a great reason to stay among the local beauties. Thanks to your support, Vladislav was able to undergo a rehabilitation course at the Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities "Galicia" in the Lviv region. Therefore, it was delayed until mid-October. And it's not in vain!

Влад Логвин

The treatment consisted of physical education, back and limb massage, reflexology. Treadmill training is very important. And for muscle relaxation - ozokerite applications. Thanks to the performed complex, Vlad's range of motion increased, muscle tone decreased, and his balance improved. I began to walk on my own with a walker longer and stand more evenly with support. Headaches bother less. At the end of the course, Vladislav received his "homework" to continue physical therapy and massage at home. And of course, repeated courses of rehabilitation are recommended, because Vladik is still half way to his dream on his own.

Friends! Thank you for having children like Vladik!

Thanks to the internet platform dobro.ua, project "Let's give Vladik the opportunity to walk. 4" for help in raising funds for the needs of children with cerebral palsy!

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