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October 13, 2021, 19:45 603 Author: Yana Lobanok At the end of October, Denis was discharged home. There he is recovering from bowel surgery and a difficult period in intensive care. The collected funds will be used to pay for examinations and the purchase of medicines.

Denis Vecherny

Got news from mom Denis, and we want to share with you. After two weeks in intensive care, Denis was transferred to the hematology department. Let's remind: the boy has lymphoblastic leukemia, and four years of chemotherapy wounded all his internal organs. At the end of September, due to an inflamed and bleeding intestine, he was admitted to intensive care.

Today, Deniska's condition is still difficult, but the crisis is over. He has already begun to eat liquid food and, relying on his mother, take the first steps around the ward. Denis is still very weak and his intestines are bothering him all the time. Last week Denis underwent a puncture. The result showed that the leukemia is still in remission. This is good news, as doctors suspected a third relapse a week ago. Now it takes time for the wounded intestines to heal.

We thank everyone who responded to the request for help Denis. Thanks to you, we bought Albumin and Olimmel-7 on time for about 14 thousand hryvnias. The rest of the funds, about 10 thousand hryvnias, will be used for further treatment of the boy. How much more will be needed in the hospital, we do not know yet. And when Denis is at home, he will need to pay for maintenance drugs and examinations for five thousand hryvnias.

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