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Now I'm like everyone else!

October 8, 2021, 19:21 310 Author: Olga Vovk Kirill Leskov has finally found a sense of security and safety! The long-awaited operation to close the skull was successful!

Kirill Leskov

Our young wrestler can now not be afraid of hugs and play safely with his friends! Yesterday, October 6, the operation to close the skull defect with a steel plate was successfully performed!

Five years ago Kiryusha suffered an ischemic stroke and craniotomy. Since then, only a thin flap of skin covered his brain on the left side. Our boyfriend grew up and developed with a sense of fear and danger from everything around. He dreamed of active games with friends on the street, of strong hugs with parents and relatives, that unfamiliar children would no longer see a strange boy in him, whisper behind his back and look after him with fear.

Kirill Leskov

Before surgery

And now, finally, his dream has come true! Today he woke up happy despite the terrible postoperative pain. The first question he said, barely waking up - “Mom, am I handsome now? ". And only his parents know why there is such a question, how much suffering was endured "before", how important it is for Kirill to be "like everyone else."

The operation itself was complicated, but the doctors were prepared to work with a difficult patient. During the operation, there was a large blood loss, a transfusion was required, and damage to two nerves was also found. The doctors tried to arrange everything as correctly as possible and covered the "treasure" with a steel plate!

Kirill Leskov

After operation

Now our hero is slowly coming to his senses and courageously endures painful dressings! Doctors warned that at first the swelling will increase and painful sensations will persist. But these are all minor hardships on the way to a secure future!

The operation became possible thanks to the help of the kindest caring people! The plate, worth almost 1370 dollars, was paid for with funds collected on our website. It is difficult to find words that would describe the whole spectrum of emotions of happiness and gratitude! Cyril, his parents never tire of thanking the wizards! Since it was not just a plate that was paid, but the possibility of a normal and safe boy's life!

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