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Timofey Lopushnyak

February 27, 2020, 19:29 654 Author: Yana Lobanok Thanks to your help, friends, we purchased one hearing aid and partially paid for the second. We are sincerely grateful for the help provided to Timosha.

Timofey Lopushnyak, born in 25.04.2018

Diagnosis: Grade IV bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.

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Thanks to your help, friends, we purchased one hearing aid and partially paid for the second. We are sincerely grateful for the help provided to Timosha.

Almost two years ago Timosha was born - a long-awaited and beloved baby for his parents. The boy was born on time and in development was no different from his peers. But by the age of four months, parents began to notice that Timosha did not respond to the sound of a rattle. Already by six months, the final diagnosis was made - “bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the IV degree”. Having taken out a loan, the parents immediately bought hearing aids.

Timosha is an amazing child! From the outside, no one will say that from birth he has not heard anything: the baby understands everything and remembers the actions from the first time. In his incomplete two years, Timosha is very independent! In the morning he wakes up the whole family, including his beloved cat Thor, pulls his mother by the hand to brush her teeth, and then to the kitchen to eat her favorite oatmeal. After developing classes, Timka brings clothes - it's time to go for a walk. There he feeds chickens and a goat and only then runs to the playground to his friends.

For more than a year, Timosha has been studying at home according to a special program - “akaet” and “indicate”, rattles and knocks with her mother every day. Once a week he travels across the city to classes with a deaf teacher. Classes are hard, but the boy is trying very hard!

A month ago, during a routine examination at the Timoshe Hearing Center, they put on other, more modern and powerful hearing aids. And - oh, miracle! The boy hears them much better! This means that the effectiveness of classes and the likelihood of learning to speak is much higher. The trouble is that the parents have not yet paid off the loan taken for the purchase of the first hearing aids, and the amount of almost 100,000 hryvnia for them is just a fantasy. But modern devices are a chance for Timosha to escape from his special world of endless silence. Give the boy this chance!

We are opening a fee for the purchase of the Xceed Play 2 BTE UP (Oticon) hearing aid per ear, worth 46 866 UAH.

March 2 at dobro.ua started How do birds sing?. Therefore, you can also help the boy on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Zaporozhye

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