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A chance for Rostislav!

May 6, 2021, 9:02 840 Author: Olga Mochernyuk An opportunity that will give Rostislav a chance for a better life.

Rostislav Chornovol

We met Rostislav in 2016, he had just graduated from high school. Now he is 23. Rostik knows what he wants from life and makes plans for a happy future! His immediate task is to undergo treatment and an important examination. After school, Rostik did not enter the university. Daily inhalations, kinesiotherapy, breathing exercises and medication take most of your life. In addition, he undergoes inpatient treatment three to four times a year, and such a regime does not fit into the educational process. Rostislav is looking for a part-time job between hospitalizations. But with the second group of disabilities and the recommendations of doctors not to overcool and not overwork, it is difficult to find a job. Before the pandemic, Rostislav gladly went fishing, was inspired by travel and cycling. The coronavirus took away what little was positive in the guy's life. In search of a way out, Rostik selected online management courses for himself. He does not want to be a burden for his family, he plans to earn money on his own for his treatment in the future.

Rostislav Chornovol

Rostislav writes: “Currently I am treating another exacerbation, which began very hard - with bleeding. My family got all the medications on their own so that I could undergo intravenous therapy for 21 days. My lungs are getting worse every year. We are trying to support them in any way in order to postpone the issue of transplantation. I dream of finding a cure cystic fibrosis. In other countries, gene correctors are already being used to stop the destruction of the lungs. The main thing is to know which gene is “broken” in my case. To do this, you need to undergo an examination in Lviv. Its cost is about 270 dollars. I also need 200 dollars for specialized vitamins and replacement of annual sets for the inhaler. For my family, this is an unaffordable amount. But this is my chance!”

Rostislav Chornovol

Rostislav's family turns to us for help to give the guy a chance for a happy future. In total, you need to collect 470 dollars.

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