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Kiril Leskov

March 28, 2012, 12:00 407 Author: Vakulinskaya Alina, translated and edited by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua The relatives of Kirill Leskov do not get tired of asking the question: "How many more trials does the young wrestler have to overcome?" Good news and victory are followed by trouble every time.

Kiril Leskov, born on 25th of August 2008

Diagnosis: multiple congenital anomalies: atresia (the absence of the anus and colon), urinary system disorder, two-sided hydronephrosis, central nervous system damage. moyamoya.

Medical certificate

Medical abstract

Consultation of a neurosurgeon


Genotype investigation results

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This is Kiril. This eight-year-old boy is a real record-breaker. His little body has undergone 19 complicated surgeries. He was born without his anus and one of his kidneys failed, so it had to be removed. Most of his health issues are not just hard to pronounce and understand but tremendously hard to deal with.


Last summer Kiril suffered an ischemic stroke. The only way to save the boy’s life at that moment was to perform skull trephination that left Kiril with a half-skull. It not only looks spooky to have only half a head it actually affects the whole body. Kiril cannot really speak, walk and control his vital functions. A big number of thorough examinations seem to reveal a rare genetic disease called Moyamoya. This condition has most likely caused the stroke because moyaya constricts certain arteries in the brain, which eventually leads to blood clots.


There is no real treatment for moyamoya available in Ukraine, so Kiril’s family went to consult Russian physicians. The picture of Kiril’s brain shows a big risk of more strokes any moment and the only chance to prevent it is a complex brain surgery as soon as possible. The surgery is scheduled for June 5th. The surgery which gives life costs 403 thousand rubles or approximately 6,700 US dollars. The family is financially exhausted. The time is running. Our hope is in all the good people who are reading this message now. Your 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 dollars can give this sweet boy life without pain and constant seizures.


The family lives in the Vilnyansk district (the Zaporizhzhia region).

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