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February 10, 2021, 19:21 749 Author: Olga Vovk deti.zp.ua The relatives of Kirill Leskov do not get tired of asking the question: "How many more trials does the young wrestler have to overcome?" Good news and victory are followed by trouble every time.

Kirill Leskov

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In the end of January Kirill and everyone around him was sincerely happy about the very good news: the MRI examination showed a positive trend! The brain was recovering well after suffering a stroke in 2016. The MRI results were immediately sent to the attending physician at the Burdenko clinic. In response, recommendations were finally received for closing the brain with a plate. The long-awaited moment has come! This means that Kirill will be able to safely move around the house and on the street, spend time playing with his peers, and cuddle with loved ones! Previously, due to fears of injuring the brain, such simple things were beyond the reach of a guy.

After negotiations with the doctor, an invoice for 368,040 rubles (137,000 hryvnias) was provided, which covers the costs of the operation, tests, medicines. Separately, it is still necessary to purchase a metal plate on order, the approximate cost of which is 12,000 hryvnia.

Unfortunately, after the good news came trouble again. Kirill became ill, his temperature rose, vomiting began, his only kidney became unbearably ill, and urine was no longer excreted from the body. The family urgently left for Kiev. Our wrestler felt very bad throughout the trip and had to take strong painkillers, which made him sick again. Mom prayed all the way for her son. Thank God they made it to the hospital!

Immediately upon arrival, Kirill was taken to the operating room. They placed a tube in his kidney to drain urine, which accumulated more than two liters during this time. Then - a second operation to install the stand.

It is still unknown when Kiryukha will be discharged from the hospital and the family will return home. But it is known for sure that they need funds to save their only son! We ask for the support of our staunch hero, who has endured so many trials in his 12 years that not every adult is able to overcome!

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