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Vika Marchenko, born in 2008 - Cranial vault bone defect

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Vika Marchenko, born in 26.04.2008

Diagnosis: Defect of the bones of the cranial vault. Condition after traumatic brain injury.

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The required amount has been collected. Thanks friends!


Six months ago, Vika, who was standing on the side of the road, was hit by a car. From the blow, the girl broke the windshield with her head and flew fifteen meters away. What happened next, Vika hardly remembers. But her mother remembered her for life.

With a fracture of the bones of the skull, arm and hip, a ruptured liver and a bruised abdomen, Vika was admitted to the intensive care unit of the children's hospital. Sixteen days in a coma. Several operations. More than a month in a cast to the waist. The worst is left behind. Ahead is a long rehabilitation. Now Vika is learning to walk again. So far on crutches, but attempts to take the first steps on their own are quite successful.

Vicki's dream is to dance. And also become a choreographer and teach others. We believe that the girl's dream will definitely come true!

During the operation, immediately after the accident, part of the girl's damaged skull was removed. Only the skin remained in this place. Now is the time to close this area with a special titanium plate. The plate is made to order, strictly according to the individual size. Its cost is 35,000 hryvnia. The girl's parents made an advance payment to start making the plate. The remaining 18,000 hryvnia must be transferred in two weeks - in early February.

The family lives in Melitopol, Zaporozhye region.

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