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Saving children's lives and helping hospitals: results of the work of the Happy Child Foundation in October-November 2020

December 4, 2020, 16:29 562 Author: Albert Pavlov www.deti.zp.ua Over the past two months, 1 million 200 thousand hryvnia have been sent to help oncohematology, TB dispensary, children with cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis and other needs.

In October and November 2020, thanks to donors, Happy Child Foundation provided assistance to sick children in the amount of about UAH 1 million 200 thousand. This is a smaller amount than in previous months, but still an invaluable contribution to the salvation of each particular sick child. We very much hope that by our joint efforts in December the volume of assistance provided will increase.

Help for seriously ill children

During October and November, our foundation helped 29 wards diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in the amount of more than 257,000 hryvnia. We bought medicines and specialized food, paid for vaccinations and research in laboratories.

Thanks to the systematic help of our donors, we managed to help five children in acute conditions. They were not previously wards of our foundation, and if it were not for the safety stock in the reserves of our program, we would not have been able to support them. The insidiousness of the diagnosis lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict when the next exacerbation will come, so that the family could collect the amount necessary for treatment. Now we have three such wards who, with exacerbations, end up in intensive care and pulmonology departments every month. On average, the cost of drugs for one such unscheduled hospitalization exceeds UAH 15,000. But, due to the pandemic, the reserves of our program have significantly decreased, they are barely enough to purchase drugs for two planned hospitalizations.

Also during this period a very significant event happened for two of our wards!

They were given two new oxygen concentrators for unlimited use. Due to significant damage to the lungs, without the apparatus, their body received less oxygen, all internal organs suffered from this. Now the guys have strength and reserves for the further struggle for life. This became possible thanks to the corporate awareness and responsibility of one excellent business company.

We continue to purchase all the necessary drugs for Violetta Yurchenko. Fortunately, the doctors managed to stabilize the baby's condition. We managed to find volunteers in Kiev, they bring drinking water to the hospital for Violetta and her mother.

Kirill Leskov went to Kiev for a control examination. For the funds raised by our foundation, an MRI of the head was carried out and a number of necessary studies. Our fighter endures unpleasant procedures. In the near future, he will need to undergo surgery. As soon as the parents have an account in their hands, we will open a collection on our website.

Help for children with disabilities (cerebral palsy and other diseases)

For two months, the rehabilitation of four children was paid for a total of about 180,000 hryvnia. The boys Nikita Burlai and Misha Samoilenko have already returned home, but the girls - Masha Zozulya and Vika Khimich will attend classes for the next two or three months.

Assistance was rendered to the TB dispensary for 77,000 hryvnias - an official car was repaired, gloves and disinfectants were purchased. Most of this amount went to the purchase of medicines, which are sorely lacking in the children's department.

Thanks to the project Medical equipment should work!, the Nanodakt device was repaired on the internet platform dobro.ua, which is used to diagnose the disease “cystic fibrosis” in the pulmonary department of the Zaporozhye Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (ZOKDB). The cost of the repair is 14,000 hryvnia. For one week of work of "Nanodact" five young patients, who have been waiting for this examination for a long time, have excluded cystic fibrosis! For babies and their parents, this terrible diagnosis will remain unknown.

The aid to the Department of Oncohematology of the ZOKDB amounted to 25,000 hryvnia. Gloves, blood transfusion systems, plasters, syringes, and the chemotherapy drug Vincristine were purchased.

Oleg Grigorov received assistance in the amount of UAH 19,000. The boy has an early relapse and is undergoing treatment in Istanbul again.

For the amount of about 45,000 hryvnia, medicines were purchased for 11 children. Several children were in intensive care, and the purchased antibiotics were probably life-saving. For other children, purchased medicines are monthly, lifelong therapy.

We paid for MRI and CT examinations for five children, three of them with cancer, in the amount of about 9,000 hryvnias.

We provide ongoing support to the intensive care unit and intensive care unit of the ZOKDB. Outlines for a ventilator and vascular catheters for three babies were purchased, for the amount of about 11,000 hryvnia.

Polina Braicare bought new special boots, which were made to order for her sick legs.

Books from students of Gymnasium № 50, stationery from benefactors from Poland and toys from a resident of Zaporozhye were taken to the children's department No. 2 of the TB dispensary and the department of oncohematology of the ZOKDB.

Help for the orphanage "Solnyshko"

Thanks to the help of the partner organization Mayas Hope from the United States, special food, medicines and hygiene products were purchased for the orphanage in the amount of about UAH 48,000.

Project "Children's Eco-Village in Ukrainka" and assistance to foster homes

We brought communications (water and electricity) to the Moomin House building, insulated the northern part of Happy House No. 4, made the first floor of Happy House No. 3 cozy and prepared it for accepting new children. Also, a serious gift was received from Lyudmila from Zaporozhye - a big table football, which can captivate both children and adults for a long time. Also, a thorough overhaul of the Renault Trafic minibus was carried out. The total cost of the project for these two months is about UAH 54,000.

In the family-type orphanage of Tamara Babenko, the wiring was replaced and material for water purification was purchased, in the amount of 7,000 hryvnia.

A joyful event for the project was the release of a plot in the program "Heads and Tails: Better at Home" with Evgeny Sinelnikov. For several days, the video has gained more than 110,000 views, and we hope that this will give a new impetus to the children's eco-village.

Creation of photo and video profiles for orphans of the Zaporozhye region

Despite the quarantine, we managed to resume the publication of photo and video profiles of Zaporozhye orphans. In November, dozens of new videos appeared and, perhaps, these are one of the most popular publications on our site. We are sure that the photo and video profiles of children will not leave anyone indifferent, and some will be encouraged to take action and make them think about adopting a child into a family.

We hope for miracles for the New Year and Christmas!

All this work and assistance was made possible thanks to hundreds of donations from kind people from all over Ukraine and other countries. We are grateful for your trust and hope that despite the pandemic in December we will help more children, save lives or improve the health of dozens of our wards. In the section for requests for assistance, we publish the most relevant requests at the moment. We are also always grateful for inappropriate donations - for the fund's programs and for the statutory goals of the fund.. This allows us to be more flexible in helping and to have a reserve fund for emergency payments. Helping with business need is just as important as processing requests, creating publications, purchasing and partnering with hospitals requires meticulous daily work.

We will be glad to your wishes and suggestions, write to us!

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