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Help the foundation help! How to turn donation dollar into ten!

Dear friends, we have a serious problem and we are asking you for help.

What happened?

The fund has a serious shortage of resources for administrative expenses: office maintenance, utility bills, salaries, taxes, travel expenses, communications, etc. There is money on the accounts of the Fund, but these are earmarked funds for the implementation of programs, and we cannot use them for organizational purposes.

Why is it important?

We do not have and did not have a "master" or "main patron of the arts." Thanks to this, we do not need to serve someone's business or political interests. The foundation has worked and works thanks to thousands of donations from a wide variety of people and organizations. As with any systemic work, the work of the Foundation also requires a certain amount of resources. And it is under threat if the Internet is turned off for non-payment, there is nothing to pay rent, and employees are suddenly forced to look for additional income in order to somehow feed their families. Among other things, the office of the foundation is also a warehouse for storing humanitarian aid, receiving parents of sick children, etc. Teamwork is impossible without an office. Reducing administrative costs to zero threatens to completely stop the work of the fund. This means stopping programs: assistance to seriously ill children, assistance to children with special needs, family placement of orphans, assistance to children's hospitals, construction of a children's village, assistance to adults and other important programs.

How to help?

If you are ready to donate some amount, even a small one, to support the work of the fund, this is great.

Better yet, if you issue regular payment, that is, monthly debiting of funds from your card or bank account. If each of those who read these lines draws up a regular payment for at least 1-5-4 dollars, this will already save the situation today and in the long term.

Therefore, if in the foreseeable future you have the opportunity to help the fund, please make a regular payment. It's fast and safe. And it can be canceled at any time. The emergence of regular donations will allow all of us to be confident that the fund will continue its work.

If you do not know how to set up a recurring payment, please contact us. We will definitely help you.

Thank you. On behalf of the parents of seriously ill children of Zaporozhye and the region, the children themselves, the doctors of the Zaporozhye children's hospitals, the children of low-income and large families, the employees of the Happy Child charity foundation, thank you.

Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine, since 2004

They need help:
Lev Ustinov
Lev Ustinov

Autistic Spectrum Syndrome

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