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"Happy Home-3" - the First House for the Children's Village

We again look forward to building a new family-style home for orphans, including children with special needs

Author: Albert Pavlov, www.deti.zp.ua
Published: 2014-04-28 12-00-00   Viewed, times: 18657

The construction of Happy House-3 within the framework of Happy Home for Orphans project was started in September 2013 in the village of Ukrainka, Mikhailovsky District, Zaporozhye Region, 17 km from Vasilyevka. The house situated in the center of Happy Child ecovillage.

This is a completely new building, built from a gas block and well insulated, with a total area of 200 sq. m on the ground floor and 120 sq. m on the second floor. On the ground floor of the building there are 5 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms, a furnace and a basement. The floor is adapted to the movement of people in wheelchairs. On the second floor - 5 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and toilet. The building is heated with a solid fuel boiler and with gas boiler. We dream to install heat pump in the future. Adjacent to the house is a plot of land 0.75 hectares, planted with young trees. The site and the building are owned by Happy Child Charitable Foundation.

Happy House-3 was opened for children in June 2016.

In September 2017, construction work was completed on the second attic floor of Happy House-3.

Happy House-3 is the heart of the Children's ecovillage. On the ground floor, there is a large hall, which is perfect for concerts, master classes, movie screenings with meaning. Also, the living room of the main house of the Children's Village is actively used during the children's camps of the "Klubok" tourist program.

Actual needs of Happy Home-3:

- Fence, landscaping, sidewalk paths;
- electric car and scooter;
- Heat pump for home heating;
- Air conditioners, computers;
- Shed for firewood and storage of equipment;
- Improvement of the area around the pool;
- Automobile trailer;
- Saplings of fruit and ornamental plants;
- Well for technical water;
- Funds for the remuneration of tutors and music teachers;
- Minibus for transportation of all families of the children's village and children in the summer camp (from 12 places);
- Funds for travel costs so that children can attend developmental clubs and sports sections.

We are always glad to welcome guests and volunteers!

How the house was built

Opening of the second floor (September 2017):

Opening the swimming pool (July 2019):

Video about the house - September 2020:

Opening the pool - 2019

Autumn 2018

Swinning in the pool - 2016

June 2020

New Year - 2018

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