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10 points to help you better understand our project.
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The largest house in the children’s ecovillage in Ukrainka is free of problems with gas cylinders, and heating is simpler.
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Believing that dreams can come true, Evelina awaits her future parents (profile no. 0058174)
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Kirill Leskov asks all wizards and saints for a chance to live at home not hospital.
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Insight into the difficult struggle of a fragile girl with an insidious disease, as well as human kindness and support.
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We continue construction of this interesting object
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In the Zaporizhzhia Regional Tuberculosis Clinic for several years there is a need for new equipment. Outdated mechanical ventilation apparatuses are still used.
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Artem will be able to live fully and engage in his favorite hobbies only after a complex surgery. Its cost exceeds the resources of the family as only mother Irina is employed.
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The disease struck suddenly, but it is within our power to help a cheerful, lovely girl.
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Mark's outpatient medical record is more like a medical guide than a chart. All efforts of the family are aimed at combating cystic fibrosis and its complications.
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At Molochansk Special Boarding School in Zaporizka oblast, achievements in sports and socialization have been preparing pupils for adulthood. Now they hope caring people will support the program.
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Every parent wants to give children more chances for development. Especially when the child is limited in its capabilities.
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Natasha Onufrievas reports on frank discussions with her daughter Alice about life with cystic fibrosis.
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The Dragun family entered united into a serious struggle for the survival of their daughter Inna in December 2018. The enemy proved to be very serious, but no one gives up without a fight.
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The reconstruction of the Zaporizhzhya TB sanatorium is nearly completed, but many urgent needs remain, mostly for modern medical equipment.
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Every trip to a medical institution for disabled people is an ordeal.
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Artem is clearly stronger than his illness! He recovered step by step. He managed to learn again how to talk, then crawl, then to walk! To hear precious – “All right!” from the doctors is very near.
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Four Happy Homes for orphans got solar water heaters thanks to awards in “We are city” 2018
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Makar is a special child having difficult destiny and severe diagnosis, profile (0156412)
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To support the breathing function, Artem needs an oxygen concentrator and an aspirator.
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To help you know us better, we share 12 interesting facts about our lives.
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On the eve of our 12th anniversary, we received the best symbolic gift any charitable organization of Ukraine can imagine.
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Sasha is a real helper, profile (0059776)
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Our foundation brings news about the needs of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Children's Hospital.
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For the pupils of boarding-school of Molochansk great plans are on 2019.
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The heroic story of Natalia Prodanova and her amazing family continues.
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How is life with cystic fibrosis (CF)? It is a struggle for every breath.
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Summer is an active time for children with cerebral palsy. It is necessary to undergo new examinations and attend rehabilitation courses before cold weather comes.
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Everybody has one chance in a million. With proper treatment, even a person with such a serious diagnosis has a chance to significantly extend her life! This is not just a request for help - it is a cry of despair!
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Ruslan - cheerful and active! Profile (0232283)
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Tanya's escape from home prison costs 4650 USD. This is the price of a new portable oxygen concentrator. Your support is truly life-saving!
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Ulyana, a tempermental girl, profile (0311643)
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Good people and good deeds, which make the lives of children with disabilities better!
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Daryana is a special child. file (0288605)
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Solar collectors for Happy Homes and swimming pool for special children at Kalynivka
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In October 2018, we want to plant hundreds of trees around our Happy Homes for orphans. Anyone may help!
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To be home with Mum and Dad is possible! It’s up to us to help Yegor!
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Dimochka left this world ...
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8 orphans including with disabilities will receive loving parents and a beautiful home, but we need help with this project
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Anya, open and cheerful baby. File (0324414).
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Fundraising is closed! Friends, wizards, helpers immense gratitude to you! With your help, another miracle is committed! The amount required for TCM collected.
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Vlad is confident that the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia will wait for him because he wants to learn to walk on his own. He dreams of playing soccer with kids his age, running on the grass, and traveling, rather than sitting at home.
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Fundraising is closed! From the foster family, Masha and her sister moved to the family that adopted them. Parents are determined: to examine and treat the baby will be abroad on their own.
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7 volunteers from Great Britain visited all the Happy Homes and contributed to the further development of the project.
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Fundraising is closed due to the death of the guy. Daniel's body could not stand the heavy treatment and complications. We offer our condolences to relatives and friends.
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"Pursue the dream despite difficulties and obstacles" - motto of our small fighter!
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Fundraising is closed! We have good news! We raise funds for the operation closed! Mama Anastasia, together with her team, made incredible efforts and everything worked out!
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Parents have found Alexander
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Sasha and Liosha - 06.02.2018

Let's create decent living conditions for the children from Kalinovka together.
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An inspiring life story of a former pupil of the psycho-neurological boarding school: reflections, personal experience and conclusions.
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All parents are real fighters. And our children with infantile cerebral paralysis are real heroes. Because their childhood is injections, hospitals, stretches, exercises through the pain. It is obligatory to do exercises. It is not possible to be without
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Recently, everything was fine, Lesha finally got to his home for the first time. Mom and Dad did their best to protect him, but the trouble has come again without warning.
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$350 is needed to buy winter tires for the car for 14 orphans
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We made short video about the life in the 2 "Happy homes" for disabled orphans in Kalinovka village. Now they are not orphanage, they are foster families.
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Continuous rehabilitation courses cut into the family budget, but kids with such serious illnesses cannot survive without rehabilitation.
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It would seem that all the worst is over, but .. Kolya Bozborodin is not allowed to leave hospitals and examinations. Our fighter needs support again.
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A few words about how wisely to congratulate children with the heightened need for love and attention
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Our son, with the help of past rehabilitation, began to sleep at night and understand his parents. Now is the best time for new rehabilitation courses.
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Here are very talented and talkative children who are taken on the task of raising by adoptive parents from orphanage.
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Friendship and loyalty are around the clock and time-tested notions, and as time shows, we are always welcome here.
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A few years ago there was a local clinic in Lyubymivka village, Mykhailivskyi district, where the house is. In spring 2016, the construction of the 5th house started on its place. The main goal is to give orphans, including disabled, the family.
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We wish to arrange a shade structure and a ret area nearby the Happy Home 2
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Musical Nastenka! Questionnaire number 0289689.
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Sasha and Mishenka was adopted!
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Dima was adopted!
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Vitalik was adopted!
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Amazing brothers Maxim ¹ 0240503 and Kolenka ¹ 0296822
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Fundraising is closed! We are sincerely grateful to our assistants! Thanks to you, the required amount is collected on time!
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New loving parents took Yulia into the family
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Yegor’s parents are sincerely thanking all the guarding angels who help to save the life of their little son.
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Kind ist erwachsen geworden
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Egorka still needs our help
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The price of each breath is too expensive. Tanya from despair makes a choice in the direction of economy.
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The elder brother Cyril is eager to share about the events happening in their life.
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The courage and resilience are not of child`s nature, because of the disease that has raised him this way.
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I am grateful to You All! Thank you for giving her the Chance to survive, endure and win the fight for the Life!
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On Children’s Day, we signed a project agreement “Legal support of deprived children in Zaporizhzhia region” with the US Embassy in Ukraine
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To delay the treatment of our fighter was dangerous, the child went abroad for the treatment without having collected the necessary amount for it.
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Without the necessary medicines, my condition will only deteriorate, and I dread to wait for the next worsening, because antibiotics that I can buy will not help me anymore.
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A sporting family. Nastia ¹0296675, Kolia ¹0296677 and Vika ¹0296679.
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At the final stage we need help with furniture, cooking staff, cutlery and dishes, computer and TV-set, bed linen
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Little Liza`s treatment takes monthly about 200 USD
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Fundraising is closed! The transplantation has been successfully completed. We are sincerely grateful to the numerous assistant wizards! Thanks to your kind hearts - Yasik got his chance at salvation.
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With the support of the Consulate, the renovation of the second floor in the "Happy Home-3" is about tobe completed.
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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Vanya’s Struggle - 29.05.2017

We are starting collections for the ongoing and future rehabilitation (second round of rehabilitation is planned for July 30, 2017)
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Dasha is 18 years old now
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Good news! - 25.05.2017

Aniutka Diatlova`s mother shares good news with us.
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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Olga knows all about the day-to-day taking medicines schedule and vital inhalations, she abides and keeps doing. She has additional pills arranged in sets for morning, afternoon, evening (in case if it gets worse)
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Now the State completely ceased to care and help me as if in a single day I disappeared, me, my illness and my problems. I am over 18, I am with cystic fibrosis, and I exist!
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The approximate amount of 3 820 USD is needed for examination. Your dollar can save the life of a child.
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«Take care of your family and yourself! Thank you very much for your supporting me at a time when I needed it so much!»
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For April we need 770 USD and we will not be able to collect them alone ...
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New treatment options is so close
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Mattresses, pillows, blankets and bed linen are needed for 10 more orphans to obtain a family
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Fighting this disease requires lots of money, which I don’t have. I really want to help my son, but cannot!
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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Fun adventures of the Club in Kharkiv
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In order Vanya to hear, is necessary Cochlear implantation. The cost of procedure is 29 700 USD
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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In January, the Happy Child Fund signed an agreement in Kyiv with the Embassy of Japan to Ukraine and was selected as the best project at the NATO Charity Bazaar
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In order to finish construction, in 2017 we need 750 USD to pay for completing outside works
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Misha suffers from cystic fibrosis. Misha needs a portable nebulizer to be able to breath. This boy lives in so-called war torn grey zone. Misha believes you can help him to survive
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Danil - Full of Sunshine! About number 0220192
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Report of the work of fund for the period 2016
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Mother Anya shares news about her son Bratushkin Misha
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“Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth. Margarita received her place to stand, she hold on for a travel
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The Magic Trunk - 24.01.2017

The Magic Trunk is a clothes and toys exchange program which has been functioning for 5 years. Kind people bring clothes and toys to our office which we redistribute to those in need. Thank you to everyone who is not indifferent to the suffering of others
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Fundraising is closed due to death! Catherine finished her earthly journey. The Kingdom of Heaven, patience and perseverance to her loved ones.
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Fundraising is closed! Chemotherapy is successfully completed. At the moment, the family does not need funds.
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“In our hometown we can’t get anywhere. When the drivers of the buses see us, they just don’t make a stop. We can wait for 1 or even 2 hours…”
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Thank you for sharing all my happiness’s and disappointments
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New Year’s holiday and presents bind up our children, how can they don’t get better. Positive emotions actively help to a fight against a disease.
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The most wonderful of news.
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The news about little Nastya Zhigiliy, and her fight against disease
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"Happy Child" hired two caregivers, who will provide better living conditions and development for these children
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For such small children its extremely important to live with feelings of safety, care and just to have normal home conditions as any other child deserves
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St. Nicholas Day was special for our orphans, wards of Chernihiv orphanage in the village of Kalinovka
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Fundraising is closed due to the death of the child! We offer sincere condolences to relatives
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The under-construction house for orphans in Lyubymivka gets heating. We really need your help to continue with the works inside the house.
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As soon as forty thousand dollars are raised Maxim Gladkov is going to undergo surgery. Your donation can certainly give this little fellow a chance for a new and healthy life!
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We appeal for support everybody who is able to help this family with money to buy and install 2 radiators and 2 windows. They need 380 USD for living without fear in a warm house this winter.
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The brothers have found loving and caring parents!
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New loving parents took Dima into the family
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New loving parents took Anna into the family
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Dear friends, our charity foundation is facing serious financial problems, so we really need your help!
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Lisa is 18 years old now
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Hooray! Evgeny and Alexei has taken into custody
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Stanislav is 18 years old now
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Karina, has found a loving family
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Our little princess endures two-thirds less pain now that she has an insulin pump! But the disease still prevents the family from relaxing!
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New loving parents took Vladislav into the family
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Fundraising is closed! We express our sincere thanks to all our helpers, especially Yuri and Marina for a significant contribution to the further treatment Bears. Now he will be able to receive the necessary treatment in Ge
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Ilya and Nina - happiness in the house for the parents! Profile: Ilya ¹0056453, Nina number 0056455
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Give the gift of love and compassion to the five Kravets daughters and their mother. They have fallen on hard times and their home has been flooded by groundwater.
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Sergey is 18 years old now
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The adventure and tourism project, “Yarn,” is pleased to tell you all about their summer.
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Yay – we are so happy that our boy is well! Our eyes are crying tears of joy!
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This summer was both boring and “happy” at the same time. We were unable to go on vacation because every two weeks Timofei was in the hospital and then I was hospitalized.
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Fyodor – a little boy that needs the love and care only a mom and dad can give! File number 0286780.
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Misha’s mom sent us a letter full of love and warmth.
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Arthur needs 460 USD for his rehabilitation in September.
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The main goal of this day is to spread the word and teach people about cystic fibrosis. On this day we want people to learn how we can improve the lives of those afflicted with the disease.
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Fundraising is suspended! Thanks to our dear mates, the required amount collected for the immediate treatment
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Elvira was adopted!
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Anyutka not only scared her parents, but also the doctors treating her. With grief and fear she underwent a round of antibiotics.
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The Filatov Clinic has given us a bill for consultations and care will cost 1 256,23 USD.
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We held a flash mob in support of children with cystic fibrosis (CF) – Inhale-Exhale-Inhale. We do not realize we have CF until we get sick and start having a painful cough.
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Vladislav is a redhead miracle! File number #0155850
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To save the life of Vicki we need to collect $680
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Kirill is 18 years old now
Views: 2297

Fundraising is closed due to the death of the child. Unfortunately, the struggle for Maxim's life is over ... The boy died in the hospital.
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Our baby is growing and developing actively, possessed all the new skills. At Anya formed his matchless and individual character and outlook.
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New loving parents took Kirill, Mihail and Denis into the family
Views: 2383

Vlad is one of the most challenged of all my wards. He is only six years old, but during that time he has repeatedly been on the verge of life and death.
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Pure singing soul that dreams to become a builder. File number #9962091.
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Fundraising is closed! Sergei underwent planned treatment and is now at home. By the end of the year is scheduled CT alone. Thank you all for your help!
Views: 2332

Arthur is 18 years old now
Views: 1820

Fundraising is closed! With the help of caring people from Kiev Vlad operated. The child does not need help.
Views: 2051

A relapse is unavoidable, he must have a bone marrow transplant. The cost of this surgery is very expensive - $75,000.
Views: 986

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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Fundraising is closed! Many thanks to the distinguished contributors for helping to Victoria. Her condition was stabilized, family tries to cope with the costs yourself.
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He is becoming healthier every day as the leukemia is now in remission. He needs to continue with these treatments to make sure the leukemia is defeated and there is no relapse.
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Little Paul needs $665 to attend the “Innova” rehabilitation center in October
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My life is such that I have to be dependent on drugs, doctors and others.
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New loving parents took David into the family
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At the moment the family needs to collect EUR 46 980, it’s the amount necessary for 90 days medical treatment in a university in Germany
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Vladislav is 18 years old now
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Fundraising is closed! Grateful kind and sympathetic people, with your help, the necessary amount collected!
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A lively boy with a taste for curiosity – file # 0212158.
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Fundraising is closed! At the moment, the family cope on their own, thank you all for the help.
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Anastasia is 18 years old now
Views: 4445

Makarchik Volobuyev has spent his second birthday in the children’s oncology hospital.
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The reward for their commitment and endurance was the beauty and unforgettable memories!
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Fundraising is closed! Many thanks to all our helpers and wizards! The operation of the double transplant paid for our state! In the near future Pauline flies to India. The collected funds will be spent on the needs associa
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Fundraising is closed! For the first time, the treatment of the collected funds is enough for now.
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Fundraising is closed! Kid continues treatment at the hospital is that everything you need is there.
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Denver Broiler, a programmer from Pennsylvania, led the expedition.
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In this article you will find answers to the following questions and topics: What is cystic fibrosis (“CF”)? How do you live with CF? Chemotherapy and CF. Treating CF. All the literature and resources presented on this page are in PDF format and are here
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Happiness is one of the most effective treatments out there…. we are searching for laughter therapy.
Views: 921

Galya – a child with a sincere and charming smile, file #9961959.
Views: 4758

Another children’s home has been opened in the Zaporozhe region.
Views: 1167

Victor was adopted!
Views: 1981

According to preliminary estimates, the family needs 2 400 USD
Views: 932

Mom, dad and two wonderful sons – they would be the happiest family if only the boys were healthy. The two brothers have the same form of cystic fibrosis
Views: 4900

We are looking for a set of parent-caretakers to live at Happy Home in the village of Kalinovka, Chernigov region, Zaporozhe oblast.
Views: 887

A memorial bench has been placed in “Oak Groves” in honor of the famous Ukrainian volunteer, Irina Gavrisheva, who was born and raised in Zaporozhe. This is what Irina asked for in her last letter.
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Fundraising is closed! Sincere thanks to our helpers! Fundraising suspended. Thanks to your help, we have Temko reserve funds for the immediate treatment
Views: 2791

Nastia needs our financial support!
Views: 673

Fundraising is closed! In the absence of information about the child
Views: 3215

Kidney transplantation is necessary as soon as possible. The kid can join the line for donor organ only if 100% payment amounting to USD 60000 is effected
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Nastenka is a bright ray of sunshine, who rushes to live, to love, to create! From the first days of her life the baby girl was diagnosed with a dreadful disease of cystic fibrosis. Like for many others, it divided the lives of her parents into Before and
Views: 5072

Now the family of Kolya Bayborodin can look forward to his treatment trip without fear.
Views: 864

A little prince with the appearance of a king, file number #0279975.
Views: 2290

Your help has saved one more life!
Views: 1404

A talented dancer and musician, file number #0272925.
Views: 1767

Our Dima really believes in God that he his serious illness will be healed, but unfortunately this is not possible…
Views: 994

Fundraising is closed! Denis went on December 5th checkup in Germany. We expect news from the parents for the resumption request. Many thanks to all caring people who help your child
Views: 2639

Fundraising is closed! Together, we were able to raise funds for the treatment of Cyril. Man was sent home after a couple of months of follow-up examination. Cyril joined the Faculty of Law! Keeping him cams and wish only t
Views: 2660

“You are my air.” “Without you I cannot breathe!” “I cannot imagine life without you.” “We are now inseparable.” – these are not simply words, but phrases that describe the lives of people with cystic fibrosis.
Views: 1635

Vlad is in need of urgent help! The child is in a serious condition after his operation.
Views: 857

“I wish for my son to live longer, reach his potential and be happy!”
Views: 5843

I have already told you this, but our children with cystic fibrosis are talented and gifted.
Views: 815

Director of Zaporozhye Charity foundation "Happy Child" Albert Pavlov is one of those people whose life story inspires people and make them do good things.
Views: 744

Dennis is struggling with all his strength to fight his disease, but the disease is winning. The doctors have scheduled a very difficult operation.
Views: 668

Dima still needs your support
Views: 971

Despite the inclement weather, we had a very successful charity bike ride!
Views: 790

Arthur urgently needs to procure medications and go through rehabilitation
Views: 1036

And new needs – how to live without them?
Views: 810

On March, 25 – 27th 2016 «Klubok» touristic club had a three-day trip in Zaporizhya region
Views: 1332

Best in Ukraine!
Views: 919

The bad news is that Kirill’s brother is also ill with mucoviscidosis.
Views: 1001

Vladik has a plan to follow and proceed, but the main thing is missing – money… $2223 is necessary
Views: 795

Every day, our Tanya harder to win in the disease life. But our girl does not even think to retreat and give up.
Views: 939

Fundraising is closed! Thanks to the many donations we have been able to purchase vital medicines for Thai. Thank you all for the help
Views: 2255

320 children who participate in the Klubok tourist club and their parents attended the Kobzov Circus on 17 March 2016
Views: 1462

Friends, we have a chance to help another ten young citizens of Ukraine, give them a home and a family. Let everyone will open your heart and help collect USD 800 for realization of the main dreams of kids warm and cozy, and most importantly - your home!
Views: 1201

These days our boys feel poorly and doing worse than before.
Views: 1122

Breathe freely - 17.03.2016

Cystic fibrosis ... What are these terrible words? What is this disease? What do we know about this? Through knowledge comes understanding, and kindness…
Views: 990

"Sorry to bother you, but I need your moral support!
Views: 6378

A few days ago 30 pupils and 10 adults from the tourist club "Tangle" returned from an exciting journey to the charming and magical Carpathian City of Lviv. Radionova Oksana shared impressions about the trip.
Views: 1378

Help Received and Help Needed
Views: 1061

Fundraising is closed! For a few months, Violetta provided with the necessary medicine , thanks to you , our dear contributors.
Views: 2436

Klubok children's travel club has opened its 2016 season.
Views: 1294

Fundraising is closed! Nastya continues treatment in OKHMATDET. The collected funds so far is enough. Thank you very much to all indifferent
Views: 3082

There will be another family - type orphanage in the Zaporozhye region for orphans with special needs
Views: 1495

Fundraising is closed! At the moment, the family cope alone
Views: 2349

Our little angel is getting prepared for school and finishing operations. We need your support!
Views: 710

The last resuscitation showed that Pelagia Nesterenko is a very patient and clever girl. She doesn’t have temper tantrums or fits when the doctor asks her to do something.
Views: 668

The Voice of Charity diploma and the memorable sign were given to Ira’s father, Aleksandr Gavrishev at the International Conference of the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum held in Kyiv
Views: 923

The surgery was a success. After three days in intensive care, Aleksandr was transferred to the Vertebrology Department
Views: 935

Dasha has already completed 9 chemo rounds. Ahead there are at least three more rounds, follow-up examinations and the long-awaited surgery. Your support gives the girl hope to win this battle and live a long life!
Views: 1022

Fundraising is closed! We express our gratitude to all the sympathetic and kind people, for helping the kid. The collected funds are sufficient for the final two chemotherapy blocks. We expect good news from the doctors.
Views: 1439

The season of hiking trips and tent camps for Zaporozhye children will last from March to October 2016. With your support, our Klubok tourist club will be able to turn those plans into a reality!
Views: 1434

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
Views: 5420

Fundraising is closed! The examination revealed that Denis, because the operation is strictly forbidden to carry out their health status. The guy is now at home on the restoration.
Views: 1654

The highlights of the winter were our sponsors from far away visiting the place and three children being adopted by American parents
Views: 2246

Fundraising is closed! Danilka all treatment will pay the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The collected funds will be used for the treatment of other sick children
Views: 2572

Together we are strong and we cope well with doing wonders, extending time for joyful and fulfilling life!
Views: 1088

For the rehabilitation of the Pasha family, 3 000 USD is needed. Without us they can not cope
Views: 3153

Big kids are still “kids” at heart and are also in need of a mother and father.
Views: 855

The online store “My Light” was able to fulfill our request for a donation of light fixtures and lamps.
Views: 949

This little guy is ready to go to the “INNOVO” rehabilitation center in Lviv. The cost of treatment is 20,200 UAH
Views: 669

Thank you to “UFO Ukraine” for the three space heaters provided to orphans in the city of Kalinova and children with disabilities in Kirovski.
Views: 1039

Fundraising is closed! In July this year, Nazar, along with her mother sent to Germany. German Fund has agreed to help the boy to undergo treatment.
Views: 2835

This is the second joint project of our foundation and the Japanese side will help to modernize the hospital in Zaporozhye region
Views: 491

Without an operation – Olya will not survive. We need to collect money for her treatment as soon as possible.
Views: 1466

His next checkup in a Swiss clinic will be on 24 March 2016.
Views: 1148

Notwithstanding the earlier joy of victory against the cancer, Dasha enters the new battle for her life. The disease relapse caught the girl and now after the exhausting operation she stands before the 12 cycles of chemotherapy which she lacks money for.
Views: 1072

Fundraising is closed! Hooray! Thanks to your kind assistance Daria has successfully completed her treatment! We honestly hope that Daria will enjoy a long and healthy life!
Views: 2348

Brother and sister are looking for a family. Profile #0059853 and #0059851
Views: 3499

In summer 2016 we are planning to organize a week-long vacation at sea for 100 orphans and children from low-income families with many children.
Views: 1564

This boy needs love and care. Profile # 0059548
Views: 2498

Fortunately the kid found a loving family!
Views: 2219

A farewell letter from Iryna Gavrysheva – a volunteer of the Happy Child charity foundation
Views: 859

Two brothers, twice as much happiness twice as much worries for one frail woman. Alyona asks for help for her children.
Views: 8670

Every month Nikita Logvinenko spends USD 50 on medication. And he also needs a job to make a living...
Views: 722

A girl from the Kirovo orphanage needs your help
Views: 1205

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
Views: 4783

Representatives of Zaporozhye and American charities have spoken about the life of disabled orphans in Ukraine and abroad
Views: 3162

One can talk or write about the little Pelasha only with a smile on one’s face. She is constantly moving, jumping and smiling around!
Views: 5160

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
Views: 5753

Lisa has been to Germany once again. New affected areas have not appeared which is great
Views: 1056

For the chemotherapy passing Kolya Baiborodin needs expensive medicines. We need to gather 1600 US dollars before 14.12.15
Views: 1182

Andrey is 18 years old now
Views: 3576

Our Victoria Stadnik again needs your help.
Views: 923

Our daughter still needs all your help and support. Many thanks to all people who are attracted to our dear child!
Views: 1300

The balance for Aleksey’s treatment on the accounts of our foundation is 840 US dollars, but it is not enough. The family needs about 6,000 US dollars more
Views: 1412

To open Happy Home-3 for orphans on the eve of the New Year 2016, we really need your help in procuring furniture, lighting, dishware and other household supplies.
Views: 1053

"My dream is to create a family and to have children! And my biggest dream is for a cure to be finally developed for my disease, so that nobody else would ever have to know what cystic fibrosis is like!"
Views: 1643

Ukrainian Women's Association in Australia has raised the money for sick children of the Happy Child charity foundation!
Views: 962

“I was left alone to cope with my trouble, though I really need help and support. I pray for kind people to help me as I just can’t survive alone”
Views: 5693

"Our life is divided into two periods of time: when we are at home and when we are in hospital. We have to stay at hospital for a month and then, having received some medical treatment, go home for another 3 months"
Views: 6517

The family is still very much in need of your help such as food and clothing.
Views: 1437

To continue our activities in the coming year, the Happy Child Foundation needs your help!
Views: 728

Children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis are often much more ambitious than their healthy peers. These brave kids cherish every single day and every breath they take
Views: 1328

She still has 9 weeks until the end of her treatment. One course of treatment costs about 25,000 UAH for the Kruzhiliny family. This is a colossal sum of money for them.
Views: 708

If you would like to help organize small “miracles” for these special people – please donate a few dollars to HelpUs”
Views: 1686

Andrey was adopted!
Views: 2183

The fund-raising campaign is closed We ask everyone for help in gifting this beautiful girl a happy childhood free of pain
Views: 2131

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, 11 young pupils of The Zaporozhye School of Arts ¹3, Hortitsky district, gave a wonderful concert for pupils of The Kalinovki & Orlovsky Neuropsychiatric Boarding Schools.
Views: 1356

Nikita is getting better, but still needs a lot of help
Views: 1331

Stepan is an active little guy. Profile# 0245152
Views: 3844

Kirill was adopted!
Views: 2308

A little girl with eyes full of hope. Profile# 0262647
Views: 3146

Help Mikhail build the future he dreams of and deserves
Views: 6337

Please help buying seedlings for the children's village Happy Child
Views: 1767

Fundraising is closed! Sincere thanks to all our assistants. Grigory's family moved permanently to another country.
Views: 4310

The fund-raising campaign is closed The amount needed for the treatment of collected Nastya. Parents are helped through social networks and other sources to collect all the money. We wish Nastyusha luck and a speedy recove
Views: 2011

The children have found loving parents
Views: 3299

A mature little girl. Profile# 0171422
Views: 5941

Please, join and help us to equip the “Happy Home” for foster families!
Views: 1131

The clinic in Spain gave a positive diagnosis. Sant Joan de Deu is ready to examine and treat Miroslava. The only problem that worries his parents is the cost of treatment – 57,000 Euros is needed!
Views: 1369

Dr. Pritchard has suggested a program of cooperation and sharing of experiences with “Happy Child” in the creation of family-style homes
Views: 1087

We need to raise $500 for purchasing and installation 10 doors in Hapy Home-3. This will allow 10 Ukrainian orphans to have home already this Autumn.
Views: 1537

The Lucky Ticket - 22.09.2015

My sunny model Miroslava is now an American
Views: 1845

Kalinovka's residents' camping trip and the adoption of Margarita from the Kirovo Group Home have been the major events of this August
Views: 2817

My boy is not worse than any other, healthy child, but due to the circumstances he needs more care and attention and also a lot more drugs without which he will not be able to survive
Views: 7057

Vlad Logvin is confident that the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia will wait for him because he wants to learn to walk on his own. He dreams of playing soccer with kids his age, running on the grass, and traveling, rather than sitting at h
Views: 4973

Fundraising is closed! For us and Olechka great news: The Ministry of Health will pay for the treatment of Olga in Italy. She is receiving treatment and is waiting to return home. We wish her a speedy recovery!
Views: 3099

Our Dasha is a special child. Firstly, because she is very talented, and secondly because she lives with cystic fibrosis. For our young talent to live, she needs to take a handful of expensive pills every day.
Views: 6604

This is Princess Margarita’s story…
Views: 1489

Margarita, a very special girl from a special orphanage, now lives in America
Views: 1731

In July 2015, our family moved from Zaporozhye to the country and organized a family-type children's home with 10 children. In this article, we will share our first impressions of our rural life.
Views: 1623

Going to the pond and a trip to Vasilevka became major events of the past month
Views: 2052

Your financial support can help us complete the construction works this fall and give ten orphans a happy home
Views: 1089

Dima is 18 years old now
Views: 3545

The world by touch... Profile# 0251663
Views: 3778

This story is about orphans from Kalinovka paying a visit to the zoo and the castle in Vasilyevka
Views: 2062

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
Views: 6976

Sasha is 18 years old now
Views: 2798

On 23 July 2015, my dearest Viktoria became an angel. I wish her rest in peace and I wish her family to be strong
Views: 1708

Fourteen inner doors are to be installed in the Happy Home-3 for orphans; besides, money is needed to pay for the facade and interior works
Views: 1052

Training for medical staff and self-made playground were the highlights of June
Views: 2264

The fund-raising campaign is closed Diana’s surgery has been cancelled as her physicians have decided to try some more medicine. Let’s hope the girl will get better soon!
Views: 1075

Hikes to the Carpatian mountains and camping in tents are waiting for little Ukrainian orphans this summer. Your donations can make this wonderful vacation a reality!
Views: 2380

For the Happy Home-3 to welcome orphans as soon as possible, we need your support to procure interior doors, furniture, household and electronic appliances, lighting equipment
Views: 1158

Victor is 18 years old now
Views: 2053

Lev reached the age of majority
Views: 1665

Georgiy was adopted!
Views: 2194

Demyan is 18 years old now
Views: 2138

Serhey is 18 years old now
Views: 2183

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gift on the eve of my birthday!
Views: 1143

As a result of purulent meningitis a lover of singing and dancing can no longer hear the music. Help Snezhana buy a hearing aid and return her happy childhood!
Views: 3420

The brightest events in May included the training organized for staff members of two orphanages and the trip of the residents of the third orphanage to a zoo
Views: 2108

Unfortunately, this baby has passed away...
Views: 2357

A boy with thoughtful eyes and beautiful smile. Profile #0249701
Views: 3179

Step by Step - 29.05.2015

On May 15-17 the second training on working with complex behavior of children and adults with special needs was held on the basis of the Kirovo orphanage
Views: 1374

Little Nikita is scheduled for another surgery on June, 8th which requires 25,000 US dollars. We are asking everyone to support this family!
Views: 1086

In April the Kalinovka residents attended a concert in Zaporozhzhye, opened the hiking season and started making soap
Views: 1746

This brave girl is taking her second round of high-dosed chemotherapy with two more ahead. Maria is taking bone marrow transplant in August. There is a very little time to raise the money!
Views: 1060

In 2.5 months the Belarus Oncology Center should receive a pre-payment of USD 100,000 for bone marrow transplantation for Maria Sklyar. The family needs our support like never before
Views: 983

This program is based on real stories of the children. All the events are real and taken from the lives of the children we support. In the future we will publish the official recommended program on our website, to be implemented by the government official
Views: 1758

Sonia is a warm-hearted and energetic girl. Profile#0055226
Views: 3788

A workshop on soap-making for tutors and a trip to Zaporozhzhye arranged for the people under care of Kalinovka orphanage are the main events of the past month
Views: 1754

Fundraising is closed! Our Stasik is now being treated in Russia, and it is supported by local funds
Views: 3181

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Olga has managed to raise the money for her surgery! Thanks to everyone for all your grear support!
Views: 1864

Internal works are going on in the third home constructed by the Foundation. For the children to move into this home in summer, we really need the support of volunteers and your donations to cover the cost of works!
Views: 1287

On 10 March, little and adult residents of Kalinovka made another visit to Zaporozhzhye
Views: 1428

There is an urgent and longstanding need in a van for the orphanage with special needs people to transport its residents, and we really hope for your help, friends!
Views: 3715

Danil and his mother traveled a long way, overcoming all the challenges together. Danil dreams to come back home with his main victory – victory of life over death!
Views: 2138

In the recent two months, we carried on providing financial support to orphanages and made the first step to creating family-type orphanages based on our Happy Homes
Views: 1857

Andrey and Vladimir is 18 years old now
Views: 2470

Fundraising is closed! Parents are yet to cope on their own. Like any new need - we 'll talk about it.
Views: 2707

Beautiful and creative leisure-time which took place last Sunday...
Views: 1121

Boiler, plumbing, tile, insulation etc. were purchased for the future “Happy Home” in the Children’s village last February. We still need your volunteer and financial support to open a group home for orphans with disabilities this year!
Views: 1236

On 26 February representatives of Christian churches and the Happy Child went to Avdeyevka and the nearby villages. There are still families with children living in the town which under constant shelling, with no water, electricity but with permanent fear
Views: 1292

This organization was founded on January 15, 2001. In 2008, the members of the organization joined the National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine
Views: 1315

The fund-raising campaign is closed. The details are in the article. For the time being there is somewhat less than one such unit is available. The amount in dispute is 31,000 USD
Views: 1116

This request is especially important considering the front-line position of our oblast
Views: 1237

Fundraising is closed! Listed funds Katyusha will suffice for several trips. About all the news we will inform you. Thank you near, dear donors.
Views: 2810

A huge thanks to everyone who is supporting little Anna! Your financial support is still very vital!
Views: 1061

The Happy Child together with “Tema” youth center visit villages and cities of the Donetsk region to bring some humanitarian aid to families with children, the elderly and people with disabilities. You’re welcome to join us!
Views: 3748

The fund-raising campaign is closed Currently Andrew is located in Truskavets in rehab. Thanks to the donors of the Russian baby with her mother carried out their plans. Once the family arrives, we learn about the news and
Views: 2692

The "Happy Child" Charitable Fund and NGO "Public Control in Chernigovskiy District" under the "Ukraine Unitary" project arranged on January 23, 2015 a tour to the city of Zaporozhzhye for sixteen children from low-income and large families
Views: 1190

The fund-raising campaign is closed Thanks to you, our valued donors, the amount required for ordering hardware, for Sasha, collected! Thank you very much for your kindness and support and confidence
Views: 2569

If we raise EUR 15,500, we will help Liza to promptly start her treatment in Germany
Views: 1030

Natasha was slowly coming back to her life after a long and exhausting battle against cancer. Now, two years later, the girl is facing a relapse…
Views: 887

The long-awaited gifts made happy children from large and needy families, displaced children from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, disabled orphans from the Chernigov orphanage
Views: 1060

On December 6, 2014, tourist project "Klubok in Sneakers" together with industrial complex "Zaporozhstal" held the first children and youth festival "Klubok in Sneakers"
Views: 719

My little daughter has been “drowning” day after day for the last five years. Six-year-old Margarita needs “Pulmozyme” medication to breathe
Views: 2842

It was so long ago - a two-year old white-haired and white-skinned little boy, sitting on his mother's lap in the hospital courtyard. "He needs a bone marrow transplant, that's 65 thousand dollars"...
Views: 1381

Arina Lukashova passed away on January 2. We were fighting hard, Arina was fighting hard, but the latest reoccurrence of her disease appeared to be stronger
Views: 1199

On December 9th -10th, 2014, the "Helpus" organized an experimental trip to Kiev for 20 adults of the Kirovo nursing home of Zaporozhye region. Using pension savings, such trips can be arranged for patients of any nursing homes
Views: 839

“What shall I do to become a magician for my own son?”- asks Danil’s mother
Views: 1129

Alexander was adopted!
Views: 1288

Lyana is a brilliant young knitter. Profile# 0196652
Views: 2728

Katya is an open-minded, lively and active girl you feel easy to be with. Profile# 0060894
Views: 3930

December will be best remembered for presents to everybody and for the sale of handicraft articles made in Kalinovka
Views: 2741

Hurrah! On New Year's Eve, we received a grant for the sum of 400,000 UAH from the Ginger Fund. Construction of the first house in the children's village continues at a growing rate! Join now!
Views: 1243

We wish peace and love to you and your families, and sincerely thank you for your open hearts and trust to our charity foundation!
Views: 1785

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the Kuzmin family! The family currently (January 2015) receives some state help and their child is also provided with insulin by the state programme
Views: 1526

Please, pray for Kristina! According to preliminary calculations, the amount necessary for the operation ranges between 900 and 1,200 US dollars
Views: 954

On December 16, the Happy Child Foundation and Hope and Home for Children Held a Charitable Business Lunch
Views: 1519

Attending a beauty contest and purchasing medical equipment as well as handicrafts items were the main events of November
Views: 2017

Close your eyes for a minute... Close your mouth and nose with your hands, hold your breath, like you are playing that childhood game of “whoever holds his breath the longest”
Views: 2530

This is a letter from our cystic fibrosis patient Arina and her mom Elena
Views: 1105

On December 14th Egor Organischuk is leaving for his scheduled surgery at the Burdenko Institute
Views: 1161

The reconstruction of a new accommodation of the hematology department is almost completed. The Children’s hospital needs your financial support in purchasing bathroom faucets and sinks!
Views: 1488

Fundraising is closed! We managed to collect 900 USD. of 5700 USD. The missing amount on the operation, intensive care and rehabilitation period promised to pay Rusfond. I sincerely thank everyone for their support!
Views: 4688

On November 21st-22nd the Klubok touristic project arranged for twenty two children a fascinating trip to the capital city of Ukraine
Views: 2026

Viktor is a sunshine kid. Profile # 0055228
Views: 3627

Another large family received a computer from caring people
Views: 1346

Sergey is very sociable and never plays alone. Profile #0061017
Views: 3578

Fundraising closed in connection with the death of a child Yegor left this world on the night of 26 to 27 of October. He fought with all his strength in his recovery and he believed everything including. But the Lord God ha
Views: 3931

This smiling little kid happily sent us kisses trying to attract our attention in every possible way. Profile # 0253597
Views: 3740

USD 45,000 are still to be raised. For us, it is a huge amount and we will just not be able to cope on our own
Views: 2026

We are grateful to everyone who is supporting displaced families from Lugansk and Donetsk. The families still need your help with food, washing agents, medicine, clothes and shoes
Views: 1164

We really need your financial support in equipping the shower cabin of “Rekhovof” camp in Zaporizhzhia for displaced persons fleeing the danger and destruction of the war in Luhansk and Donetsk!
Views: 1033

A striking illustration of how adoption can really change a child’s life within a year!
Views: 4311

On October 23rd-27th children together with Klubok touristic club travelled to Odessa for the first time
Views: 2125

Meeting on palliative care, session of the community council in Kalinovka and training for staff from three orphanages – those were the main events of October
Views: 2312

This boy’s name means “happy” in Greek. Profile# 0156412
Views: 4047

Katya's successful treatment depends on your support!
Views: 2457

The letter from Kristina Voytovich
Views: 1257

Thanks to your financial support the construction of a new group home for orphans with disabilities is successfully going forward. Everyone is welcome to make a small contribution in our Happy Home project!
Views: 1180

And ignorance is a common reason for problems in working with “special” people. Here is something about a workshop we held for staff from three of our regional orphanages.
Views: 3011

Medical equipment procured for orphanages, costs to employ additional staff covered as well as petrol for the healthcare-related needs and a visit to the circus
Views: 2615

Children's hospitals received an order from their superiors to come up with a plan to provide a backup heating during the winter period in case there are any irregularities in gas supply and implement this plan
Views: 1489

Matvey is a calm and kind boy. He enjoys doing what his educator asks him to and is truly happy when he does something right. Profile # 0168987
Views: 3307

With your help our house with no windows and no doors turned into a cozy home for 10 children with special needs
Views: 1520

Oksana is 18 years old now
Views: 3413

This little dreamy girl turns to all adults for some gentle touch, which she may one day enjoy from her loving parents. Profile# 0058941
Views: 3631

Eugeniy is 18 years old now
Views: 2654

Kolya plays with toys and especially likes rattles. He is a peaceful wee soul. Profile # 0060824
Views: 2830

New loving parents took Zhenya into the family
Views: 2693

Elena is 18 years old now
Views: 3320

Vladislav is in a new loving family.
Views: 3817

New loving parents took Maria into the family
Views: 2835

Last month two more children from Kalinovka were adopted by families from the USA. The main event of the month for us as well as for many of those under our care was the visit of two volunteers from New Zealand
Views: 2968

Keshia’s story about visiting special needs orphans in Zaporozhzhye region
Views: 4484

You can help orphans travel to the Carpathian Mountains by making your donation!
Views: 1747

On August 30rd, 2014, together with the church volunteers, we visited Slavyansk and handed over humanitarian aid to the out-migrants with children and to the Slavyansk Psychoneurological Group Home
Views: 1701

We really need your support to manage the salary of a weekend educator for the grown up orphans in the Kalinovka orphanage. We greatly appreciate your cooperation!
Views: 1669

Arthur and Olga Haytyan have six little children. This family had to flee from their own home in order to survive. In Zaporozhzhye they found a haven in the church and in the hospital. They do need help!
Views: 1513

In June nineteen bed-ridden children from Kalinovka moved to the Kirovo orphanage. These helpless orphans still need your support!
Views: 3189

Vova is 18 years old now
Views: 2876

My impressions about out-migrants’ camp in Velikiy Lug, Zaporizhzhia
Views: 2493

Ceiling panels have been recently installed in the house. In future, up to 10 orphans, including children with special needs, will be able to find their family here
Views: 1309

Fundraising is closed! The kid is being treated. As soon as there is a need of our help parents turn.
Views: 4516

On August 28-29th the Happy Child charity foundation is going to Slovyansk and its districts to support families with children and the elderly people. You are welcome to join our charity campaign with your food and financial donations!
Views: 1310

We bought special nutrition for the orphanage in Velikiy Lug and finally found a physician for the orphanage in Kalinovka!
Views: 1864

For her 20th birthday, Larisa from Kalinovka dreamt about a portable speaker and a family. What were you dreaming about when you were twenty?
Views: 1889

Against All Odds - 13.08.2014

In spring 2013 Ukrainian physicians declared a Ukrainian orphan to be incurable. However it soon was proven to be wrong. The boy survived. Against all odds
Views: 2466

Victoriya is 18 years old now
Views: 3063

Last July four grownup dwellers of the Kalinovka orphanage went to a Christian summer camp. Many thanks!
Views: 2459

Above the Sky - 12.08.2014

How an ordinary care-taker from the orphanage in Kalinovka came to be in wonderful England for a week
Views: 1372

Anastasia is 18 years old now
Views: 2685

The fund-raising campaign is closed Andryusha a rare diagnosis - a primary immunodeficiency, chronic granulomatous disease. But you can save yourself Andryusha parents are fantastically done a lot for this.
Views: 2998

Alexey is 18 years old now
Views: 3214

The amount of appeals for help from displaced people with children from eastern Ukraine to the "Happy Child" Foundation is increasing. Everyone of you can help purchase medicines, diapers and other essential things
Views: 2032

Svyatoslav is 18 years old now
Views: 4370

Khristina's dream came true - she now has a loving family!
Views: 1855

Ivan is 18 years old now
Views: 3078

Kirill likes to play with the mirror and tries very hard to see his reflection in it. Profile # 0058657
Views: 3699

Captain - 15.07.2014

The story of how dreams come true... About a former orphan Oleg from the village of Kalinovka who recently found a loving family
Views: 1566

Dima Lyaut urgently needs your financial support in buying three bottles of Irinotecan medicine at the cost 160 US dollars each! It’s life-threatening to stop his current chemotherapy. Your help can really save Dima’s life!
Views: 1321

We’d like to express our gratitude to each and everyone who in June provided special children and adults with pecuniary gifts and good mood, which is priceless. We do appreciate it!
Views: 2120

Three children have been adopted and the girls have finally moved into their new home - these are our May's successes in Kalinovka
Views: 2400

A true story of a former charity foundation employee who six years ago became a real mother for a number of special kids in the Kalinovka orphanage
Views: 1839

Little Danil finished his lifepath on Febuary 8th, 2015. This brave boy was the sun of the department of oncology. May Danil rest in peace!
Views: 3652

On Tuesday, June 3rd, the formal opening of the second "Happy Home" in Kalinovka took place
Views: 2389

Our trip to the Carpathians started on May 9. Twenty nine travelers had a chance to go up to the Zvenivsky range, Rosohatska meadow and enjoy the wonderful views
Views: 1963

Trips to the Carpathians; tent camps on Khortitsa Island, on the Arabat spit and in the “children’s village” await Zaporozhzhye children this summer. With your assistance, our “Klubok” tour will be able to realize these dreams
Views: 1822

If one is in the hospital, getting treatment, the scheduled celebrations don't get canceled! Especially if the patients are children, and the calendar shows the date of June 1st!
Views: 1687

On 26th May eleven children of Zaporozhzhye orphanage went for a bike ride along the routes of a magnificent Khortitsa Island
Views: 8438

Due to the lack of children's hospice unit the seriously ill children from the "Solnyshko" orphanage are transferred to children's homes where financing per child is half as much and qualified medical staff is not available
Views: 2790

Just before May 9th female residents of psychoneurological institutions from Zaporozhzhye region visited the Island of Khortitsa
Views: 2274

Inna Grishko has been fighting for her life since the age of four. The only chance to save Inna’s life is to undergo surgery in Moscow. Inna’s mother urgently needs your support to raise 8,308 US dollars by June 16th!
Views: 2399

Fundraising is closed! Thanks indifferent to the donor, the family was able to pay the entire bill for the current stage of treatment. After examination in the end of June, the new treatment protocol to be appointed.
Views: 5599

Visiting exotic animal’s exhibition, Khortitsa Island and then having fun at the circus brightened up the children’s daily routine last April
Views: 2114

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Valeriya and her mom have gone to Israel to consult physicians there. We will keep you up-to-date!
Views: 2587

We are tiling the walls of the future Happy Home-3 which will open its doors to a foster family of children with special needs. We really need your financial support to complete the roof and interior works!
Views: 1500

This is a story about Seryozha who was dreaming about a loving family for sixteen years and whose dream finally came true!
Views: 1339

Fundraising closed in connection with the death of a child July 1, 2015 relatives and friends said goodbye to Inna forever. Light clouds, and the kingdom of heaven. Patience and effort family ...
Views: 16155

We again look forward to building a new family-style home for orphans, including children with special needs
Views: 14361

Margarita is a little princess who has to fight day by day... Profile# 0055617
Views: 3579

A Tourist Club for Children, Klubok, has been working in Zaporozhzhye under the aegis of the Happy Child Charitable Foundation for several years already. On April 10, the founders of the Club, Anton Bondarenko and Albert Pavlov, met with mass media
Views: 2338

Adoption of Sergey who has dreamt about a family of his own for almost 17 years and our regular staff training were the key events which took place in Kalinovka last month
Views: 1959

Alyosha who was adopted from Kalinovka by an American family in 2012 is now enjoying his life to the fullest with his new artificial legs – he plays hockey and swims!
Views: 4332

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you, our kind donors, Michail will undergo his surgery in a Moscow clinic soon
Views: 1577

Twenty-two almost courageous children from a small village of Prishib made a trip to Sevastopol
Views: 2072

The latest tragic events and current stressful situation in Ukraine have significantly decreased the number of Ukrainian donors. Your kind international support for Ukrainian children is truly vital today!
Views: 1412

The second "Happy Home" is going to be opened in April thanks to your support!
Views: 1968

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Dima is currently at home. The next tomography will show further actions
Views: 2189

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Mark is successfully continuing his treatment thanks to your support!
Views: 2832

We have a vital list of medications for children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Unfortunately, we cannot purchase all these important medicines and equipment in Ukraine, so we need to ask our donors abroad to support our project!
Views: 2758

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Yesterday Bogdan with his mom went for treatment to Italy. The money was collected thanks to you and many other foundations
Views: 2185

Last month we completed the construction works to build the second Happy Home. Thank you for your help!
Views: 2268

Views: 3487

Mom of Aaron Keyan is again asking us for help in raising funds for another important and necessary trip in March. Help this child to see the world the way we see it!
Views: 1427

In November 2013 three more children from Kalinovka found their families
Views: 3108

This little guy is ready to go to the “INNOVO” rehabilitation center in Lviv. The cost of treatment is 20,200 UAH
Views: 3479

Dmitry is 18 years old now
Views: 3578

On January 23rd as a part of a motivational “I want to be…” project fifteen orphans of the Matveevka orphanage had “Alex” TV Channel Tour
Views: 2348

"Why was I born to stay in the hospital?"
Views: 9257

We’ve all have been fighting for Kristina’s life for several years now. It is thanks only to all of you and God that Kristina is still alive. Her treatment will approximately cost 11,000 US dollars!
Views: 2190

In September 20th, 2013 was founded the «Orekhov territorial center”. On 25th of December thirteen children for the first time celebrated Christmas holidays there
Views: 1572

The beginning of 2014 is supposed to become the time of work completion in the second “Happy Home”. We still really need your support and assistance!
Views: 2495

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your donations, we could finance Diana’s trip to Saint Petersburg and her checkup there
Views: 3706

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Egor now has a titanic construction inserted into his cervical spine. The next surgery is planned in a year. We will keep you up-to-date
Views: 2525

This family needs a bigger car which can accommodate all the family members. Their current car VAZ-2106 is too small for seven people, and it is impossible to put a child safety seat there
Views: 2336

Help us, please with the house reconstruction of the adoptive family Tkachenko and then a few more orphans from the orphanage will be able to live in a cozy home, where there is love, care and warmth
Views: 2332

The “Happy Child” has launched a new fund-raising campaign to purchase a minibus which will give little orphans, children with special needs and adult dwellers from psychoneurological institutions in the Zaporizhzhia region freedom to travel more!
Views: 2517

All the kids in orphanages want parents. Julia shocked me. She does not know what is it - a "family", "mother", "father"... Unfortunately, many children lack family experience, and Julia doesn’t even understand the meaning of these words. Profile #0058430
Views: 4690

Thanks to the Happy Child volunteers, Oleg enjoyed the most wonderful birthday ever – the boy together with his friends travelled to the Crimea in January
Views: 2859

Ruslan is 18 years old now
Views: 3744

Egor is 18 years old now
Views: 6026

The fund-raising campaign is closed. We'll keep you up-to-date about Valeria's treatment progress!
Views: 6943

Alyona needs to get a PET scan in the near future. Her family has been saving money on everything they can, to pay for the trip. But they still won't be able to get enough money and they need our help!
Views: 1737

Dima is still fighting with cancer. The next step is an MIBG scan which should take place in Moscow. The family urgently needs to raise 830 US dollars by January 30th!!
Views: 1607

Our monthly expenses are growing, but we very much hope that with your support we will win and little Arthur Kerimov will be able to walk and will learn to speak. Let’s help the boy overcome his convulsions for good!
Views: 2076

Victor came of age
Views: 3515

Tatyana is 18 years old now
Views: 5889

89 minutes is a lot. But please find this time to watch the video. Orphanage systems in Russia and Ukraine are almost identical. This video will help you learn more about the lives of orphans and understand how institutions change those children
Views: 2975

Pre-Christmas fuss – Christmas trees, holiday parties, presents, and guests – surely, could not leave Kalinovka aside
Views: 2273

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Little Bogdan has a very busy treatment schedule. As soon as the boy with his mom come back from the rehabilitation course, we will publish some news!
Views: 2580

Michail is 18 years old now
Views: 3956

All employees and volunteers of the Happy Child charity foundation want to thank you for your great support!
Views: 2753

I already have an entire collection of bags and totes of this kind at home. They flow to Moscow from all over Russia. And there, someone known as "a dependable person" takes them and brings them to us. Brings them to us across the miles and country border
Views: 2156

The only way for Katya Radeva to defeat an insidious disease is to continue expensive treatment abroad. Parents are not able to pay the bill on their own. Let us help Katya to win!
Views: 2029

New Equipment and New Opportunities for Zaporozhzhye Regional Children’s Hospital
Views: 2144

From the moment of her birth Julia can’t see the world around her. Soon she will turn 18, but there are not many options in life for a blind girl living in an orphanage. Only the kindness of people around her may do miracles and change the girl’s destiny
Views: 4305

Katya has finished her life journey on March 30th 2015. There are no more pains, tears and sufferings…
Views: 4937

The children had a boat ride, visited the Swallow's Nest, the Foros church, climbed the Kastropol yaila (plateau)
Views: 4141

Three kids have been adopted, the works on the front of the second Happy Home have been completed and we have visited a theater. Thus, November could be called one of the most successful months of this year for our foundation in Kalinovka
Views: 2157

Fundraising is suspended! Due to the lack of relevant information and news about the baby.
Views: 3939

Vladislav likes laughing and knocking on anything he can find. Now he has to knock his future mother’s heart. Profile # 0060575
Views: 3624

Children from the village "Prishib" of the Zaporozhzhye region visited the Museum of History of Zaporozhzhye Cossacks and the historic-cultural compound "Zaporozhzhye Sech"
Views: 2452

"Prav.Da" is trying to examine how it is possible to finance an orphanage with no children for 17 years and why regional authorities spend millions of our hryvnias for repairs of establishments which they later will close
Views: 1810

Last Saturday twenty children and grownups with learning disabilities from the Kalinovka Orphanage went to the theater. Here are my impressions and thoughts about the day out with “different” people…
Views: 2880

The Breath of Life - 28.11.2013

Repair of the ventilator and procurement of the new monitors for the intensive care unit for newborns of the Regional Children’s Hospital
Views: 1806

Girls from the Vesyolovskiy psychoneurological nursing home visited the Children's railroad and a landscaped park on the Embankment
Views: 2463

The visit of real angels, training of the Child’s Home staff, planting apple trees and the non-stop reconstruction of the future Happy Home-2 for little orphans with special needs are the highlights of October
Views: 2552

In October 2013, we finally started the construction of the first family-type home in the children’s village. We have already raised money to build the foundation and the walls, but to continue the works we need your help very much!
Views: 2772

From 11th to 14th of October, the children from the Donetsk Group Home #1 and children from large and low-income families of Zaporozhye visited Sevastopol, Foros, and Yalta
Views: 3625

«My mommy» is everything Igor is able to say – the small boy with the eyes of an old man. Profile # 0061240
Views: 6119

The construction works on the second family-type “Happy Home” in Kalinovka have been actively proceeding and we look forward to opening the doors of a new sweet home for little orphans later this year!
Views: 1701

Oksana and her children are desperately in need of funds for the restoration of their house after a fire. Without suitable housing, Oksana will not be able to give orphans warmth of a family home! Let's help fulfill her dearest dream of a warm house
Views: 1568

“Kangaroo” program is created for children with special needs aged 0-6 and their families. The children have a possibility to visit the Center same as a kindergarten, meaning they can stay there in day care without their parents
Views: 1479

Ermak is 18 years old now
Views: 6478

Valentina is 18 years old now
Views: 3494

This young sportsman is bravely fighting cancer and urgently needs your prayers and financial support! There is still a long and winding road to his recovery full of chemotherapy treatments and rehabilitation courses
Views: 2409

The new device for the Cardiology Department of the Fifth Children’s Hospital has already saved a life
Views: 4912

The trip to Kiev has taken place. We gave our hearts to each orphan, both literally and figuratively
Views: 2728

Danil has a family now!
Views: 1976

This two-year old boy still needs your support very much. The only way to conquer Arthur’s seizures is with expensive medications. Let’s combine our efforts to show Arthur that he is not alone!
Views: 1596

Last month little and big orphans from Kalinovka enjoyed a day-trip to the seaside town of Berdyansk and had lots of fun at the musical workshop held by volunteers from Zaporizhzhia
Views: 2704

New loving parents took Varvara into the family
Views: 4640

Olga is a little princess with big brown eyes, a bright personality and a quick temper which you will definitely notice as soon as you meet this girl. Profile #0092574
Views: 4373

Alexander is 18 years old now
Views: 5118

The Mediapassport - a social project aimed at the family placement of orphans, was presented in the "Vesti - Inform" press center in Zaporozhzhye, September 24th. Start of the project is coincided with Day of Adoption
Views: 2073

Maxim has his loving parents now!
Views: 2136

Andrey has his loving parents now. He was adopted together with Maxim and Oleg by an American family
Views: 2264

The eternal truth is – every child needs loving and caring parents. Please help this foster family enlarge their house so they can welcome more orphans into their home!
Views: 1891

Natasha has been recently adopted by an American family!
Views: 2638

Sergey is 18 years old now
Views: 4601

Perhaps, in order to realize this objective we keep coming to visit and support the children and adults in Kalinovka
Views: 3211

The children who missed "The day of knowledge" danced and sang together with the volunteers
Views: 1756

It takes a special person to hear and see emptiness. Vlada is this unique child…Profile # 0147721
Views: 5947

Victoriya is 18 years old now
Views: 4189

On August 1-9, 2013 a group of thirty children from large and foster families of the Zaporozhye region made a fascinating trip to the Carpathians with climbing the highest peaks of Ukraine - Hoverla and Petros
Views: 2675

Roofing works in Kalinovka have been completed, the construction is in progress, and this year we plan to open our second Happy Home
Views: 1929

Two-year-old Arthur can't sit or walk yet. Every day he suffers from constant epileptic seizures. There is hope but no money. Please help us raise funds for the next course of treatment in October!
Views: 9736

New loving parents took Ekaterina into the family
Views: 3552

Roofing of the second Happy Home was completed in August; in addition Kalinovka was visited by 19 volunteers from three different countries: France, the USA and the UK
Views: 2144

It's been one year - 04.09.2013

It's been one year! One year ago today we met a little boy who is missing most of all four limbs. Today we celebrate a year with him!
Views: 2057

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thank you so much for your kind financial support! After the chemotherapy course Anna will have to undergo surgery in Kyiv. Thanks to you her parents have enough money to do that!
Views: 2443

New loving parents took Vera into the family
Views: 3394

Construction activities on the second Happy Home are in progress; the third bead weaving group was opened
Views: 2154

Oleg is 18 years old now
Views: 3949

Today Vladimir has left his orphanage. He and his new mom had to overcome a lot to become a family. We are happy for Vladimir and his new life!
Views: 4410

Victor has a very sincere smile: it is hard to make him angry or put him out of temper. Profile No. 0055256
Views: 4080

A 15-year-old girl jumped out of the window of the Volnyansk Orphanage. Now the teenager is in the hospital with multiple fractures. She claims being bullied by the teachers and other orphanage residents forced her to take this action
Views: 4028

On June 14-17, 2013 the graduates of the Zaporozhye center-boarding school had an exciting time hiking in the Crimea
Views: 4948

The First Step - 22.07.2013

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We are starting to build the first home ever for children with special needs in our children’s eco village. Let’s make this step together!
Views: 1636

The works on the nets in Kalinovka have been completed, and last Friday the roofing of the second “Happy Home” was started
Views: 3794

Sergey is 18 years old now
Views: 3604

From June 14-18 this summer, I accompanied 20 orphaned teens aged 13 to 17 from Zaporozhye, Ukraine on the trip of a lifetime
Views: 2688

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Now Nika is waiting for a donor kidney. Thanks a lot for your help!
Views: 8952

I am writing this article for those who once having had desire and opportunities to help others disinterestedly, typed "charity" or "volunteering" in the search box
Views: 1787

In June Kalinovka children were entertained by the music college students and volunteers from the USA
Views: 3043

“A family that wants a child and a child that needs a family could come together” – that’s the motto for an American family, who adopted two kids from Ethiopia
Views: 3230

This family still needs our help to purchase the drugs. It's been a huge journey already, a lot of effort was invested in fighting off the disease but the battle for Vladislav's life must go on!
Views: 2232

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Many thanks for your amazing support! Maria’s surgery has now been postponed until July 17th due to fever. We look forward to hearing some good news from little Maria!
Views: 2134

Straight from the operation room Dima Lyaut was taken to the intensive care unit due to an allergic reaction to some antibiotics. We hope for your kind support in raising 188 US dollars for Dima’s coming CAT scan
Views: 1650

New loving parents took Oleg into the family
Views: 3643

At the age of 29 all your plans and hopes are crushed by this terrible disease and health problems of your child. Please help Oksana to undergo the full course of treatment and return to normal life!
Views: 1529

Dmitriy is 18 years old now
Views: 3205

The fund-raising campaign is closed. We'll keep you up-to-date about Daria's treatment progress!
Views: 3826

A few days ago, we visited one of the orphanages in our area. And I want to share with you some of my impressions. Purposely I do not call a specific place: each orphanage has its own skeleton in their closet, but there is something common about them all
Views: 1678

There are only two days left before June 17th and Kiril’s parents cannot raise 625 US dollars for his surgery. Help this sweet little fellow, please! He won’t make it alone
Views: 2134

Making bead works and going to the pond are the main activities of the Kalinovka children in May
Views: 3684

Pupils from the Zaporozhye orphanage for boys with disabilities for the first time visited the Central Park of Culture and Leisure Dubovaya Roschsha ("Oak Grove")
Views: 2437

This young model is waiting for her hour of triumph. Profile # 0059192
Views: 5061

Your kindly donated 24 US dollars can present an orphan an unforgettable walking tour around the Crimea!
Views: 2178

Sergey finally has his loving family now! He'll live in the USA!
Views: 5695

Many of us were keeping our fingers crossed for Alyona Volosevich. At first, we actively collected donations for her treatment, and after she left for St. Petersburg, we were eagerly waiting to hear her news
Views: 2924

If we had to answer the question “What is the Khortitsa Treasure Quest Game?” with one word, that word would be an ADVENTURE. For adventure is the thing which both children and adults often lack in their lives
Views: 2457

Life in Our Hands - 05.06.2013

Kristina Voitovich URGENTLY needs to buy expensive Vifend antibiotics and take a treatment course that will cost 6,255 US dollars! Kristina’s life is in our hands
Views: 1795

On April 29, 2013, a concert by the residents of psychoneurologic group homes "Pure of Heart" took place in Zaporozhye
Views: 2299

Yulia is 18 years old now
Views: 4080

Daniel to preserve an artificial leg needed German, costs 45,900 euros shocking ...
Views: 8200

On April 24, 2013 NDay concert took place in Mikhailovka. It was organised by Tema Club and the “Happy Child” charity foundation
Views: 2252

On June 7th Mark is to start his next chemotherapy that requires approximately 250 US dollars. His single mother can’t cope with it alone with her monthly income of 187 US dollars. Help Mark, please!
Views: 1828

Music does not interest little Svetlana, all her days resemble each other. She seems to be constantly occupied with the question what is about her body that prevents her from having a loving mom and dad. Profile # 0061711
Views: 6331

In April we had a Cleaning Day in Kalinovka and reconstruction of the second Happy Home was continued – the pavement and the steps are ready now
Views: 1771

Unfortunately, Maria’s battle for life is over…The girl died at the hospital. Many thanks to everyone who supported Maria!
Views: 5836

The information proposed below will help you understand how adoption in Ukraine is processed, which children are eligible for adoption, and where to start
Views: 1453

Karina is both easy and difficult to write about. She doesn’t meet typical expectations of prospective parents, and that is probably the reason she was placed into a state institution. She needs parental care just as any other child. Profile # 0059514
Views: 5516

On Saturday, April 27, a cleaning day was held in Kalinovka as part of a near-established routine of landscaping of the orphanage grounds
Views: 3458

Logan's birthday was Tuesday. He said repeated "Happy Helicopter Day - Di (give) me boat"
Views: 1614

Vladimir has his parents now!
Views: 3191

It is well known that in the process of preparing and legalization of documents for a child’s guardianship, the child is initially chosen by the parents-to be; but it happens otherwise, too...
Views: 2413

Please help collect the funds required to purchase a piece of equipment that will enable early diagnostics of the cardiovascular system abnormalities in children. May the children’s’ hearts beat for longer! Total cost of the equipment is 3,920 US dollars
Views: 1943

Artem was adopted!
Views: 5533

The Vertegel Family helps children from orphanages learn family warmth by hosting them every weekend. The only sad moment is the couple does not have enough funds to provide children with good food
Views: 2467

The fund-raising campaign is closed Vladislav has completed his ATGAM treatment course. He needs to take another expensive Akvarale medicine. We’ll restart the fund-raising campaign as soon as we have some more news
Views: 4465

Climbing trees is one of Eugeniy’s favourite hobbies; another thing he loves is smiling at everyone whom he thinks he can trust. Profile #0057298
Views: 2643

A family of five children, one of whom has beaten leukaemia, is thankful for everyone’s support but they still need help
Views: 2712

Vladislav is 18 years old now
Views: 4655

Sixteen children from Melitopol orphanage, Zaporozhye Children’s Home and a large family arrived to Crimea in the morning of March 23rd
Views: 2279

Taxation of donations and fraud made bankers and philanthropists launch the "Bank of Good Deeds" project
Views: 1778

Vladislav is 18 years old now
Views: 3790

An orphanage has had plastic windows fitted and has been partially refurbished. No one knows what to do with these buildings now. Do you have any ideas?
Views: 3658

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your kind and prompt support Karina currently has enough money to continue her treatment! Thank you very much!
Views: 2545

Highlight of the month was a visit by two policemen from England who kindly supported our second adaptation group project. They also spent two days entertaining the children as well as teaching them English!
Views: 3017

or, about how real help leads to real results
Views: 2333

Aleksey is 18 years old now
Views: 3826

On the 2nd of February ten children from Gulyaipole orphanage and ten children from Zaporizhzia boarding school # 3 went to Kiev. It was the first long-distance trip for all these children
Views: 2759

The Intensive Care Unit of the Zaporozhye Regional Clinic for Children urgently needs components for an artificial lung ventilation apparatus and sensors for oxygen saturation monitors
Views: 1669

Trip to Bukovel - 25.03.2013

From 16th to 22nd of February 11 children from foster, large and rural families of the Zaporozhye region visited Bukovel ski resort
Views: 2313

This winter Alexander caught chickenpox. This resulted in a drastic loss of vision. He urgently needs an examination in a Russian clinic. Let's do our best to help Alexander recover from this ordeal!
Views: 1744

Thanks to your help, a new electrocardiograph has been purchased for Zaporizhzhye City Hospital # 5
Views: 2350

Kristina has no money to pay for a blood test or even food. She has to choose whether to eat or to get the test done. Support her, please!
Views: 2639

“Klubok” tourist club is organizing a camping trip to Crimea for children from orphanages and large families. We appeal to you: please support this undertaking, because for many of them it is the first trip in their lives so far
Views: 2649

A year has passed already for Kiril as he bravely fights for his life. However, he still has a long journey ahead before achieving a full recovery. This means more treatment courses and four stages of chemotherapy
Views: 2677

Children suffering with cystic fibrosis urgently need medical devices and special nutrition!
Views: 1970

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Artem’s surgery was cancelled and substituted by Botox shots which will helpfully help the boy to walk independently soon!
Views: 2564

Vitalik is now on his way home with his new foster parents. He as well as his new family are all sure that the boy won't come back to the orphanage anymore!
Views: 1797

Alyona must find an outstanding amount of money as soon as possible and there's just one week to go. Please support this family! Anyona's life depends on us!
Views: 2827

During February 2013 construction works on the second Happy Home have been renewed. In the meantime bead craft is getting more popular: one more group of children have become involved in making beautiful bead decorations
Views: 2684

Unfortuntely, Oleg couldn't win leukemia. He passed away...
Views: 3110

So the hope in children’s eyes can change to a grateful glow of gratitude and so we can also reach a larger number in need, we are seeking help in purchasing a digital (semi-professional) camera
Views: 2323

After a two-month break, the construction works in Kalinovka are back on track to complete the Happy Home-2
Views: 2163

This child has been adopted by a loving family from the USA. He’s soon leaving for home, following the thread which brought him his real family
Views: 2321

Eight children from large families spent a day off together with us in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Such trips can work real miracles: they show the value of friendship and reveal the best character traits
Views: 2218

Ruslan passed away October 17th due to his bowel obstruction
Views: 3672

The Happy Child Foundation needs help in purchasing two more oxygen concentrators for children with CF. The total amount to be raised is UAH 27,360 (approximately 3,352 US dollars).
Views: 2516

Maxim was adopted!
Views: 3903

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your kind support and treatment in Germany little Andrey is getting better!
Views: 2543

In January volunteers from Zaporizhzhia and Energodar lightened up the life of little orphans in Kalinovka with such presents as beads, fruit, and toys, as well as warm attention and unforgettable communication
Views: 3197

Oksana Ananyeva needs to buy an antiviral drug “Pegasys" as soon as possible. Her little son Yaroslav also needs treatment. Please, support this family and help save lives and health of the mother and her son!
Views: 1965

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine wants to save money and purchase an ineffective and insecure medicine for people diagnosed with cystic fibrosis…
Views: 1908

A while ago we came across a document issued by the Health Ministry of Ukraine that contains a list of medical conditions which make children available for international adoption
Views: 2235

Matvey is with his new loving family in the USA now
Views: 2718

Little Katya needs urgent help again! The doctors gave the girl three weeks to recover from an apoplectic stroke. And her mother’s task for the given period is not an easy one: she has to find money for Katya’s further treatment
Views: 2117

We want to express our sincere gratitude to the United Nations Women’s Guild of Vienna for their generous grant that has enabled us to purchase ten pulse oximeters for the local children’s hospitals in the Zaporizhzhia region
Views: 2600

Thanks to our kind donors, some Ukrainian children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis now have finger pulse oximeters and medicine! We still need your support from abroad with purchasing some necessary medications and equipment!
Views: 2367

The latest brain scan has shown that Alyona’s tumour is back… She can feel it by headaches and seizures…The girl urgently needs 4,608 for life-saving surgery!
Views: 10608

On Saturday boys from the Children’s home had very special guests – three trained cats named Basel, Max, and Loretta. What was the other surprise waiting for the children on that cold winter day?
Views: 2519

Tania is still living in the orphanage. She needs heart surgery. Fortunately, the necessary amount of money to pay for surgery has already been collected. She needs a mom and a dad very much!
Views: 3281

One more time the Governor voiced his support of the existing orphan care system and lack of trust to foster and adoptive parents. So will we keep on wasting millions to support children’s homes rather than develop family types of foster care?
Views: 1489

Oleg fancies cars more than anything else in the world – he gets wildly excited whenever he sees a car in real life or in a film. Profile# 0055217
Views: 4355

Dear Friends! We still need your financial support for maintaining educator staff salaries in Chernigov Child’s Home
Views: 3386

Eugeniy’s kidney transplantation surgery is scheduled for February. The money is over. The boy’s grandmother, ready to do anything to save her grandson, donates her kidney. Our dear donors, please help raise 4,900 US dollars for the surgery!
Views: 3082

December in Kalinovka was a month of non-stop present-giving, visits and achievements
Views: 2894

Iryna’s next eye surgery is scheduled for January 30th. We really hope for your kind support in raising 620 US dollars!
Views: 2812

When I met Lena in person, I had already formed an unfavourable opinion of her: it was only recently that I managed to find her eldest daughter a foster family
Views: 1325

Nikolai is with his new loving family in the USA now
Views: 2586

On October 20th guys from a rock band NDay and a youth club “Tema” came to the Molochansk orphanage sharing their music and their wish to do good with its pupils
Views: 2020

One year ago on December 1st in the village of Kalinovka (Zaporozhye Region) the first family-type home in the region was opened for nine special-needs orphaned children. Now the construction of another “Happy Home” for seven more kids has begun
Views: 2945

The construction works in Kalinovka are in progress, and very soon we will start assembling the roof. We would like to say thank you to all those who are helping us!
Views: 2279

Two funny friends brought many children bright emotions and good humor. Joyful emotions and fond memories will always remain in memory of children
Views: 2381

Kalinovka is a significant part of my life, but because it's a complicated and confusing place it can be difficult to share this part of my life with others
Views: 3758

I was, and continue to be, amazed at the wonderful experiences I have in Zaporozhye visiting the orphans. If a fellow American were to ask me if they should go, I would say, definitely yes!
Views: 2174

Oleg has his loving parents now. He was adopted together with Andrey and Maxim by an American family
Views: 3033

November was really eventful: along with the construction works on the Happy Home-2 Child’s Home welcomed a lot of guests – doctors, students and visitors from abroad
Views: 2888

The Centre was created by the parents who united under the "Disabled Children: Right for Life" charity organization
Views: 2956

Maxim has his loving parents now. He was adopted together with Andrey and Oleg by an American family
Views: 2655

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Anna currently does not need your support
Views: 3644

Ivan is 18 years old now
Views: 4717

Fundraising closed Cristina has successfully completed the expensive treatment in Kiev and is now home to recover.
Views: 7931

Even if you live in the USA or Germany you still can support Ukrainian children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis by purchasing necessary devices, special nutrition, and vitamins for them!
Views: 9145

Help reasonably - 19.11.2012

Charity is now in vogue. Magnificent and demonstrative actions have become usual. It is hard to imagine that someone is engaged in philanthropy unselfishly or even can turn it into their main occupation. But there are such people in Zaporozhye
Views: 1617

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Iryna’s eye surgery in May went successfully. Now she can see the light…but that’s it for now. There’s a purchase of crystalline lens in August. Thanks a lot for your support!
Views: 6082

The last four days of October a group of children from the Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions spent on the beautiful Crimean Peninsula
Views: 2591

The reconstruction of the “Happy Home-2” has finally started!
Views: 3871

The Center works with children who are not accepted by any state-funded facility. Its mission is to create a world where special children can find happiness
Views: 2120

The «Happy Child" foundation is actively working on creating the first children's eco-village in the Zaporizhzhia region, which will provide families for up to 30 orphaned children
Views: 2488

In October we managed to arrange a meeting of vitally important specialists – student therapists and doctors from Tokmak, so they could regularly examine children and grownups in the orphanage
Views: 2770

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to our regular donor who kindly donated 4,625 US dollars little Bogdan can finally afford checkup in a German clinic! Thank you very much for your support!
Views: 2053

Now, for at least 2 months our young friends Lilya Golopyataya, Arina Lukashova, Victoria Butenko, Olga Horlikova and Margarita Shkurenkova will be provided with necessary medications
Views: 2016

35 children from the 'Orientir' scientific-rehabilitation boarding center took part in the excursion drive by limousines to the Children's Railway
Views: 3207

The fight for life of these cute brothers Maxim and Denis is still going on. The family really needs our prayers!
Views: 1991

This hospital provides medical help to the children of the Gulyaypole district
Views: 2807

The choice of a contractor for the reconstruction of the Happy Home-2 and the power audit are the main achievements of the period under review
Views: 3763

This is an interview with a businessman and a good friend of the Happy Child charity foundation Leonid Lobanok
Views: 1908

Warm weather is over, and it is time for children and camp instructors to sum up their impressions of the tent camp they visited in summer
Views: 3084

"If a person cannot be cured, it does not mean they cannot be helped” – this was a motto of a recent meeting in Kiev on development of the palliative care in Ukraine
Views: 1408

Alexander is 18 years old now
Views: 4504

We’re delighted to share our happy news with you – one more child, our unique little Alyosha from the Child’s Home in Kalinovka has been finally adopted
Views: 5846

Nine instructors from Chernigov Child’s Home in the village of Kalinovka visited a rehabilitation center "Prometei" in Zaporozhye and attended a training session on professional burnout
Views: 2427

Since Ekaterina’s blood pressure dropped suddenly, she was taken to the intensive care unit yesterday. Unfortunately Ekaterina passed away last night. Let’s keep her family in our prayers!
Views: 8310

A family with five childen inherited a part-ruined house. It's got no heating and the window frames are falling off... But still it is a house of their own and they will never have to rent again! Let's help them insulate the house!
Views: 2158

In July the Center got a license of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to provide training services for the specialty “Cattle Production”, and thus became the first non-governmental vocational school in Ukraine
Views: 2130

VCRH is helping children from Vasilyevka District
Views: 9974

Volunteers from Great Britain have spent more than a week with kids at Kalinovka boarding school
Views: 3280

Sixteen girls from the Kirovo Orphanage for girls with special needs enjoyed a lively trip by river bus around the legendary Khortitsa Island
Views: 3360

Holidays bring not only fun but…health too. It is proved that positive emotions and laughter helps sick children recover faster
Views: 2037

The cliche “mentally retarded” needlessly condemns many good children to a life-long isolated existence. Many of these children would love to communicate
Views: 3456

Little Margarita needs approximately 970 US dollars a month to keep on breathing. Let’s help this sweet little lady to celebrate many more birthdays ahead!
Views: 7891

Igor is in a new loving family.
Views: 5749

KCRH treats children from the Kuibyshev region
Views: 11777

We need help to keep the project of psychological support to sick children running!
Views: 1820

Arthur has finally found his loving parents. He lives abroad now
Views: 1717

“Chuck Norris didn’t step on Hoverla. It was Hoverla to lay down under Chuck Norris”
Views: 2776

Nina is 18 years old now
Views: 5721

At the end of August our good friends and regular donors helped three girls with severe diseases
Views: 2913

Kiril’s lymphoma treatment has been currently stopped due to some neurologic problems. The only possible solution to this tough situation is dolphin therapy which is very costly. Kiril’s parents look forward to your kind support!
Views: 1988

Karina is 18 years old now
Views: 4544

What is the nature of the question to help “all” or “not all”?
Views: 1286

The school specializes in teaching orphans the ins and outs of their chosen profession in conjunction with social adaptation (social and personal skills) based on Christian values
Views: 2038

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your kind donations Nikita is going to a health resort!
Views: 5891

Last year with your valuable support we managed to help tens of orphans and sick children for a sum about 3 million 185 thousand hryvnas and to continue implementation of important projects
Views: 4592

Views: 4512

Little angel Yevheniya passed away...
Views: 5602

An orphan girl was expelled from the boarding school when found pregnant. Now she is homeless
Views: 2642

For over a century the Chernigovka hospital has been caring for the well-being of its patients
Views: 5064

This time 29 children, aged 7 – 17 from the city and region came to Zaporizhzhia, then to the village of Ukrainka. They lived in camp accompanied by 6 guides
Views: 3059

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Elena currently does not need your help. Thank you very much!
Views: 3843

Nastya Shevchenko Has Hit a Wall
Views: 2767

TDCH provides medical assistance to children from Tokmaksky, Chernigovsky, and Mykhailovsky districts
Views: 6019

Tanya is a shy and tender girl. It is hard to say what is special about her, but when you think about her, you just can’t keep from smiling. Profile # 0057659
Views: 3927

Give Kids a Chance - 02.08.2012

“Happy Home” for kids with special needs has been working in Kalinovka for two years. Now the volunteers of “Happy Child” would like to build another “Happy Home”. The renovation project has been approved and the construction begins in August
Views: 7791

A vital apparatus at the 5th Children’s Hospital was in an urgent need of repair. A company has fixed it on credit. But debts must be paid…
Views: 1951

Igor Komanov and Denis Makiev are still in Italy taking therapy after their bone marrow transplants. These families really need your support!
Views: 2316

The ART-LIM Company, providing executive-class cars for rent in Zaporizhzhia, together with the Happy Child Foundation, made a present for children: an unforgettable tour in four luxurious and comfortable limos
Views: 2533

Eugeniy has enough money for his surgery. Thank you very much!
Views: 2406

Here is the interview with Evgeniy Ryaboy – the person, who provides psychological help to the children of our Hematology unit
Views: 1685

One month ago BBC 4 (UK) released a stunning documentary by Kate Blewitt, “Ukraine’s Forgotten Children.” The film offers the most complete and accurate picture so far of the warehouse system for disabled children and adults
Views: 4104

Kiril got bedsores and got extremely skinny. He has no real strength but there is still hope left. Let’s make this miracle together and help Kiril overcome his illness! The treatment currently requires $ 500
Views: 2691

The fund-raising campaign is closed. The child has received the financial support
Views: 4174

One more story about the challenges of family child care in Ukraine
Views: 1999

Anna has her loving family now!
Views: 3120

Why the fund raises money to buy hospital equipment? This is the obligation of the government to provide it!
Views: 2133

Doctors working at this ICU each perform two duties. One duty is that of attending physicians to children who need intensive care. In addition, these doctors are the anesthesiologists during surgeries
Views: 4251

Margarita is still in and out of the hospital because of her condition, but she fights to live… even though the doctors dismissed her as a “disaster”
Views: 3392

Seven of them have to share the same little room in Zaporozhzhye slums. Natalya Tryapitsyna, the mother of six, had to be given a separate flat by the local authorities years ago
Views: 2621

Wonderful summer days of June 12 and 13 fifteen kids from Molochansk boarding school spent on the legendary Island of Khortitsa
Views: 3318

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thank you for helping little Olga raise the whole sum!
Views: 2857

This family needs our support. Together we can save the boys!
Views: 1835

In honor of the International Children’s Day the volunteers of the “Klubok” club organized fun pastime for 18 children from Zaporozhye Educational and Rehabilitation Centre-Internat. The event took place on the Khortitsa Island, Zaporozhye
Views: 3653

Anastasiya has her loving family now!
Views: 3590

A unique institution for unique children — it's possible!
Views: 2167

This harrowing film about the plight of Ukraine's 'social orphans' is almost unbearable
Views: 2776

Arina’s heart stopped on January 2nd…We will always remember you, girl!
Views: 4668

At the end of May seventeen children with three mothers from three foster families of Zaporozhye region went on a hiking trip to Western Crimea
Views: 2392

Victor is 18 years old now
Views: 4566

The Happy Child Foundation has turned five! Thank you to everybody who has been with us for all these years! And thank you to those who are joining us now!
Views: 2779

Lyudmila is 18 years old now
Views: 9007

Pupils of the Matveevka orphanage met with the medical workers of the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital on May 29
Views: 4075

Haematology Unit of the Regional Clinical Hospital is in urgent need of an exhaust fume hood for handling toxic chemicals
Views: 2153

The building plan of the “Happy Home-2” in Kalinovka is almost completed. We again need your kind support to make this fairy tale dream of little orphans come true!
Views: 2103

At the end of March fifteen orphans from an orphanage in a town of Molochansk set off on a hike to ancient Crimean towns, Eski-Kermen and Mangup
Views: 3036

A volunteer weekend, which has been long ago promised, was finally held on Saturday, May 5 in the orphanage located in the village of Kalinovka, even despite the hot weather and rather late time for planting
Views: 5206

Mariya is 18 years old now
Views: 5509

During the spring holidays children from foster and multi-children families of Elizavetovka, Primorskyi district, visited Zaporozhye in order to diversify nonschool time with bright emotions and unforgettable impressions
Views: 2717

Seven little orphans from Kalinovka visited “Neon” Zoo club and travelled to the Berdyansk estuary. These children gave us again a valuable life lesson of how one can cherish each moment of their life!
Views: 3903

This sunny boy has found his loving family in the USA!
Views: 2880

Little Natasha is finally at home!
Views: 4297

Students of Maiboroda College of Music staged a play about a symphony orchestra for the children. The future graduates have prepared an exciting performance wrapped in music
Views: 2649

Dmitry already celebrated New Year with his new family! This is the greatest present for us!
Views: 2397

With the onset of heat the Tryapitsin’s dormitory turned into a stinking mobile gas chamber - something must be done and urgently
Views: 2345

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to our kind-hearted donors and volunteers from the medical university Mark could successfully complete his chemotherapy. Thanks a lot!
Views: 4506

This time “I Want to Be…” Project offered students of the boarding school #7 to visit the Editorial House of Subbota Plus newspaper during their spring vacations
Views: 3127

After her great fight for life Vladislava passed away September 3rd
Views: 4751

Little Mark has his family now!
Views: 2123

To diversify students' spring holidays the administration of the “Katran” ice rink together with the “Happy Child”, invited students of Matveevka Orphanage, as well as foster children and large families to spend an unforgettable time
Views: 2725

The ReporterUA has interviewed supporters and opponents of foreign adoption in Ukraine. They all told us why Americans adopt Ukrainian children with Down Syndrome and use them as fashion accessories at the parties of foreign adoptive parents
Views: 5305

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your great support we have raised enough money for Kiril’s further treatment!
Views: 7270

Little orphans from the Kalinovka Orphanage went on a trip to Berdyansk! Within one day the children visited two museums, enjoyed a stroll around the sea beach and had a lot of positive emotions!
Views: 6207

Since the end of 2011 this building has been Alix's home, a 'Happy Home', the vision of 'The Happy Child Foundation' and this is where I got to spend some time with him
Views: 4873

Andrey and Natasha are asking you to keep their little sons in your prayers. The family has already remained in Italy for two long years. They really need your support now!
Views: 2379

Kalinovka orphanage — an oasis in the Eastern countryside; home to severely handicapped orphans. We were delighted to see the little angels, but I wish you could’ve seen their faces when they saw us! It was as if they saw an ice cream truck
Views: 3874

Nine boys with special needs have already been living in their new “Happy Home” in Kalinovka village. Let’s try our best to create one more Happy Home for seven more orphans!
Views: 7658

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Since the family does not send us any donation updates, and thus, breaks our rules, we currently have to close the raising campaign
Views: 4187

Ten children from large and foster families of the Zaporozhye region together with the ten students of Donetsk Orphanage No.1 got acquainted with the places of interest in Sevastopol, Foros, Baydarskaya Valley, and Chernorechensky Canyon
Views: 3159

As a part of “I want to be…” project Chef Michael Pokrikyan and a representative of the “Happy Child” Charity Fund visited children of Matveevka Orphanage
Views: 4135

I adore Tania, I was so happy to meet her. The picture below was in my bag, I had prayed over it wanting to find her so badly
Views: 2681

Bobby's institution, orphanage 50 on Reece's Rainbow... it's remote, the sort of remote that you can't get your head around until you visit!
Views: 3242

On Saturday, March 17 at the Sport Palace “Youth” Zoya Saganenko, a participant of the fourth season of a popular TV show “Everybody Dances!”, met with the students from Matveevka orphanage and boarding school #7
Views: 4326

Isus (Jesus) is 18 years old now
Views: 5223

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you and the Ukrainian Charitable Exchange we have managed to collect the necessary sum of money for a couple of months for Oksana’s treatment! Thanks a lot!
Views: 6065

“Klubok” Club keeps up doing a cool “ I Want to be…” project. Our paths crossed with the “Kievstar” company. This time the stars were children from the boarding school # 3
Views: 2796

The life-saving brain surgery is scheduled for June 5th. It costs 6,700 US dollars. We really need your help in raising this sum of money as soon as possible!
Views: 8360

Alexander is 18 years old now
Views: 4766

25 children from Matveevka Orphanage visited Zaporozhye Firefighting Station #8 on February 29, 2012
Views: 3338

Thanks to the efforts of the doctors and mother the health condition of little Natasha Kosheva became stable
Views: 2328

Little kids are usually happy about a new toy. Seriously ill children live in a different reality though. Little Arsen Shutt is extremely happy to receive a port-catheter as a present!
Views: 8013

Our sunny angel, Dima Lyaut flew away from us...This brave boy passed away...
Views: 6033

I received a very tough task – to explore some pressing problems and urgent needs of Ukrainian young people with various types of disabilities. So, here is the result of my monitoring
Views: 5534

Within “I Want to Be. ..” project – is an unusual occupation of a professional sportsman. A “workshop” for the pupils of the fourth municipal and Molochansk boarding schools took place at the Palace of sports ZAS, which was held by the basketball-players
Views: 3104

When I was speaking with Andrey Aleksandrovich, I understood that resuscitators are interesting people of great depths... And that they sometimes do miracles!
Views: 3139

On February 8th Zaporozhye hosted a round-table meeting for charities. On the agenda – “wise philanthropy”
Views: 2476

Eugene has his own loving family now abroad!
Views: 3754

Fundraising is closed! The necessary amount for the rehabilitation of Maksimka is collected.
Views: 3101

British volunteers are going to make a documentary about the orphans of the Kalinovka Orphanage and show it on the world-famous BBC channel
Views: 2738

The friend of our Foundation, a professional traveler Sergey Gordiyenko met children from Kharkov-based Lestvitsa School within the framework of our "I Want to Be…” Project
Views: 2472

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you Yaroslav is continuing his treatment!
Views: 2459

For the first time in history of Kalinovka Orphanage for severely disabled children one of its little orphans was finally adopted!
Views: 8613

We found the parents for this cute girl without even seeing them. We were informed about the tight situation of little Diana and let our colleagues know this. Now Diana lives with her new parents
Views: 1854

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you, our dear donors, the vital sum of money was collected!
Views: 2984

Julia Kovdrya’s family and all the members of the “Happy Child” foundation are deeply grateful to everyone who supported this young girl! Many thanks to everyone who gave Julia a chance to LIVE!
Views: 2236

Nine children with special needs have spent the first month in their recently opened “Happy Home” in the village of Kalinovka
Views: 3708

Irina is 18 years old now
Views: 4135

Our Foundation proceeds with its motivational “I Want to Be…” Project. This time the participants of the project were students of 9-11 grades of Zaporozhye orphanage No. 4. They had a chance to visit the printing shop of Keramist Publishing House
Views: 2521

This wonderful girl would like to tell you about her dreams, but she cannot yet. Everything is caused by a disease that does not allow either to hear this world, nor to express one’s emotions fully.
Views: 4569

Project initiator is looking for partners to finish reconstruction
Views: 2679

Today there are 248 children in the educational and rehabilitation centre, 72 of them are deaf and others have gastrointestinal tract diseases
Views: 7485

Sergey is 18 years old now
Views: 5719

Thanks to "Happy Child" the children from large and low-income families of the Zaporozhye and Berdyansk districts gained unforgettable impressions. On the New Year’s Eve, children went to the excursion to the city of Dnepropetrovsk
Views: 3345

Zhenya has been recently adopted. Now he lives in the USA! We wish this lovely boy all the best!
Views: 4716

One can choose what they do: whether to boast of his happiness and welfare, or to share it with other people and to be a little bit happier, to make the world a little bit better
Views: 5276

Pupils of the boarding school # 9 have some learning difficulties, but they are still able to enjoy their lives...
Views: 5331

It was very hard, almost impossible to take a picture of Vadim as he was so interested in our camera and how it works. Profile #005721
Views: 7194

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you, our dear donors, the hearing aid is already purchased!
Views: 2516

The department specializes in treatment of children under 3 years old with complications of "colds", bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.
Views: 4180

Egor is a funny and clever boy, dreaming of a modern youth’s toy – a mobile phone. But he needs love and care of parents more than a mobile phone. Profile # 0061294
Views: 3008

I remember, in the senior classes I looked forward to and was afraid of leaving school: “What’s next? What, if I don’t enter the University?”. And how do the graduates of boarding schools feel?
Views: 3443

There are boys aged 11 to 15 years studying at this school. They have been convicted for various crimes. Most of them are from dysfunctional families
Views: 4998

Within the framework of the project "I want to be ..." November 29 the pupils of Zaporozhye boarding school # 3 meet Vladimir Nikolaevich Kirichenko - the teacher of the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Scripochka
Views: 3211

The fund-raising campaign is closed Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped little Natasha!
Views: 3156

About 70 children from Zaporizhzhya and the Zaporizhzhyan region spend their holidays and recover during the year in the mental health facility
Views: 4979

They cannot help being two brothers, nor being older. They still need affection and love. Profile numbers: Igor - #0056262, Andrey - #0056260, Vladimir - #0056261
Views: 4097

Now the girl can run around with her brothers without risking her health
Views: 3471

There are 205 children aged from 7 to 18 at the boarding school # 2
Views: 4316

Single mother raising her six children in a dilapidated hostel
Views: 2477

Special venous catheters can make the treatment of children with cancer easier. Help us to provide the children with port-catheters!
Views: 7110

Valentina has left the orphanage and now studies at the lycee
Views: 3115

The fund-raising campaign is closed Thanks to our kind donors Oleg and his sister Dasha have got enough money for medical examinations and treatment!
Views: 2276

Non-governmental organizations can influence the forming and implementation of business corporate social (public) responsibility programmes actively. The participants of the Second Regional Forum were trying to find the efficient ways of such influence
Views: 2217

Darina is currently not available for adoption
Views: 2689

On the way from fabulous Bukovel to native land Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks ran by the narrow streets of the ancient city of Lviv
Views: 4154

Common people often respond to charity pleas. But they don’t know where their donated money really goes
Views: 2230

Pavel passed away in August 2012. He really fought for his life. Thank you for your support!
Views: 3660

Knowing in your heart that you want to help people is a wonderful feeling. However, all of us would like to see the results of our help and feel that our efforts made a difference
Views: 2262

Children from Molochansk specialized orphanage school got to thumb through the pages of Zaporozhye history
Views: 2746

Kiryusha is expected on December 16 at the Kiev Cardiology Center for heart surgery
Views: 5198

The money for purchasing a vitally important cardioverter-defribillator for Julia has finally been raised thanks to you, our dear donors!
Views: 2700

Help us to help! - 06.01.2012

We want to help children very much. But we are not able to do it sufficiently enough without your support
Views: 2616

In November, 2011 the pupils of three boarding schools and children from large families visited the Museum of Local Lore and St. Petersburg Wax Museum
Views: 4016

Actually there are so many pitfalls in such a simple act as charity… And such a big wisdom is needed from all the members of this process to make charity a real boon!
Views: 2072

While taking her chemotherapy course and awaiting a bone marrow transplant, Darina is learning to bake pizza!
Views: 2053

Our project of a mobile game room needs Your financial support
Views: 5336

The fund-raising campaign is closed Anastasia has finally undergone her surgery successfully! She currently doesn't need your financial support! Thank you very much!
Views: 4246

Iryna has risen a sum of money enough for medical examination at one of the specialized Russian orthopedic clinics (but not enough for Israel). We will surely inform you about results. Thanks to all who donated to Iryna!
Views: 14465

Just a story - 21.12.2011

Sergey is my nodding acquaintance, as they say. But even a brief conversation with him is enough to understand that he somehow differs from various acquaintances and friends of mine
Views: 2312

Several photographs from the Zaporozhye little Cossacks’ trip to Bukovel
Views: 3658

Thanks to our many successful projects, you are familiar with our charitable organization. But you probably do not know about our present dilemma: cramped, poorly configured office space!
Views: 1819

Thanks to you Dasha can have her life-saving surgery! The important amount is collected! We will keep you up-to-date with the latest news!
Views: 3076

Thank you very much for your help! The required sum of 709 US dollars was donated by Pavel, our constant assistant. Vlada together with her father is going for examination to Saint Petersburg
Views: 5584

Today, 1 December 2011, in the village of Kalinovka (Zaporozhye Region) the first family-type home in the region was opened for nine special-needs children
Views: 9526

On November 24 children from orphanage school No. 4 visited one of the world leading enterprises producing, maintaining, testing, and operating aircraft engines
Views: 3663

"A melancholy time! So charming to the eye! Your beauty in its parting pleases me - I love the lavish withering of nature, The gold and scarlet raiment of the woods"
Views: 3689

Television Broadcasting Company “Zaporozhye” discloses the secret of TV producing for the senior pupils of the orphanage #7
Views: 3115

In November, 2011 more than 80 foster- children and children from needy and large families had a wonderful time skating on “Katran” Ice Arena
Views: 4770

Kostiya is 18 years old now
Views: 4624

November 14th – A full conference hall of young dreamers got together to meet the famous traveler at the Regional Youth Center. Some curious children and their inventive questions made even the guest, Sergey Gordiyenko, applaud
Views: 3222

I’m always puzzled by the fact that orphans first try to attract attention by all means, but when they achieve their purpose, they have no idea what to do with this attention. Profile # 0059016
Views: 3799

Fifteen children from the Zaporozhye boarding school #3 went on an excursion to learn more about TV professions in the scope of the project “I want to be...”
Views: 3193

Julia Kovdrya will celebrate her 25th birthday on the 29th of December. On her birthday, let us eliminate the constant fear that her life could end at any moment…
Views: 2430

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Alexander currently does not need your financial support. We'll keep you up-to-date!
Views: 6719

I’d like to tell you about my first working day at “The Happy Child” Foundation. That day I happened to visit the worst place I had ever seen in my life
Views: 9130

Last Saturday Zaporozhye children visited the «Katran » skating rink
Views: 2931

Children from Zaporizhzhya say thank you to people who helped them in 2011. This video is devoted to Thanksgiving Day
Views: 2481

Vitya is lucky: he lives in the boarding-school, where there are uncommonly many men-teachers – almost a half. He’s got “the father”. And Vitya tries his best to please him. Profile # 0061380
Views: 2991

Serhey is 18 years old now
Views: 4323

Children from large families of Zaporozhye during exciting excursions that were organized for them by employees of the Museum of Local History and the Museum of Wax
Views: 4721

Heart Drama - 23.11.2011

Zaporozhye Department of Cardiac Surgery is “stalling” due to lack of equipment and drugs
Views: 3386

Thanks to all of you, our kind donors, Denis has a chance to hear! The hearing aid is already purchased!
Views: 3754

The educational institution is more than forty years old. Nowadays there are brought up 81 children and 21 of them are orphans
Views: 4378

One more child has left the orphanage and is getting used to a family life. Serhey has also left his motherland but his new family is much more important to him. We’re happy for Serhey!
Views: 3146

A short commentary about a person with a caring heart
Views: 2035

Children from large families and families with low income of Elizavetovka village visit Zaporozhye in order to “add some color” to their autumn school vacations and to take part in an interesting excursion
Views: 3329

From 23rd to 26th of October eleven students of the Molochansk orphanage school and 3 children from large families stayed in one of the most picturesque places in the Crimea – Baydarska Valley
Views: 3993

On the 22nd of October, 2011, twenty children from Zaporozhye orphanage for boys visited the Puppet Theatre. Many smiles and a good mood were the results of a great day!
Views: 2944

On October 9th students from Zaporozhye educational rehabilitation boarding school conquered the cliffs on Khortytsia. Courage and agility were kids’ unfailing friends
Views: 3260

Students of the Zaporozhye orphanage for boys went on a tour of their hometown. Many kids saw cultural attractions Zaporozhye has to offer for the first time!
Views: 3213

Thanks to our kind donors the sum of 106,000 euros is collected!
Views: 5934

The Orekhov Regional Asylum needs urgent modernization of its heating system. Otherwise the children will face the frosts with no warm radiators
Views: 3161

This institution can shelter up to 50 children with hard fate aged from 3 to 18 at the same time
Views: 5583

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thank you very much for help! The essential sum of money is collected!
Views: 7980

Finally Eva finished her treatment. We’re grateful to you for your support!
Views: 2093

Masha is 18 years old now
Views: 6602

Ukrainian teens Anatoliy and Ivan spent the summer in the Lake Norman area. Now, a Huntersville family wants to make them permanent
Views: 2568

Doctors surgically removed Daniella’s eye and replaced it with an artificial one. She is feeling well. The fund-raising campaign is currently closed. We’re grateful to everyone who helped Daniella!
Views: 3399

130 children of ages ranging from 5 to 19 years live in this institution – from the Tokmak, Chernigiv, Primorsk and Orekhov districts. All the children are from problematic families. 20 of them are orphans
Views: 4035

Anastasiya is 18 years old now
Views: 7386

123 children with chronic bronchitis and asthmas are both learning and undergoing treatment in the institution. 20 of them are orphans
Views: 3846

Maxim is 18 years old now
Views: 5116

“New Hope” center helps children who don’t have any parental support not to get lost on this road
Views: 2739

Searching for new impressions, children from the large families became the viewers of breathtaking parallel racing competitions, organized by the sports and technical complex «Auto Adrenalin»
Views: 3036

“The Happy Child” Foundation continues its “I Want to Be” Project. Students get acquainted with the procedure of customs control and have a chance to feel themselves real pilots
Views: 4802

Vova passed away in the middle of December. Let his soul rest in peace...
Views: 5001

The International Charity Foundation is going to cover the expenses for Darina’s bone marrow surgery in Italy! Thanks to warm-hearted donors a vitally important sum of money is raised!
Views: 2866

Visiting museums, taekwondo and rock climbing workshops, orienteering practice, as well as communication at the fire attracted the children from Liubomovka and Zaporozhye large families to spend their weekend on the legendary Khortitsa Island
Views: 3572

Some pictures from our first day on Hoverla Mountain
Views: 2655

The pupils of the Volnyansk boarding school and the children from Bekarievo and Volnyansk large families will remember these bright and colourful summer days for a long time
Views: 4313

This is a real phenomenon: when I meet children in orphanages I used to meet before, they never recognize me. But Anya did
Views: 2073

16 children from Zaporozhye and the region, among whom were kids from orphanages, conquer the highest peak of Ukraine – Hoverla (2061 m) and stage a theatrical performance in the spirit of Zapozizhzhya Cossacks
Views: 3258

Workers have completed practically all of the exterior work on the home for nine disabled children at Kalinovka
Views: 2497

August 3, 2011 «The Happy Child» Charity Fund organized the visiting of three boarding schools in the Zaporozhe region for children with special needs. Maya was deeply impressed by the things she saw
Views: 2160

We travelled through several villages in the Zaporizhia region to clear up this issue
Views: 4091

There is almost no time left for Darina’s bone marrow transplant surgery in Italy! The only roadblock for this life saving surgery is 11, 000 euros! Let’s give this lovely girl a chance for tomorrow!
Views: 2031

Anya was adopted!
Views: 3296

We named our fund «The Happy Child» because we want all children to be happy! But sometimes you want to take a break and ask yourself: What makes a child happy?
Views: 2577

On 25 August 2011 children from The Zaporozhye orphanage spent a warm summer day on the banks of a legendary island
Views: 3982

Morning show on a local TV channel TV-5, meeting American foundation representatives and visiting three orphanages of the Zaporozhye region — through the eyes of our volunteer
Views: 2394

The Happy Child” Charity Foundation holds a press conference devoted to an exciting and interesting project “Children From Zaporizha Climb Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine”
Views: 6493

Young Cossacks from Zaporizhzhya recently climbed Mt. Hoverla to read a letter from a boy from the Kalinovka internat for severely disabled children
Views: 5328

These five years were special for me. I have no regrets about joining “The Children of Zaporizhia” team and spending five unforgettable and wonderful years there!
Views: 1782

Fascinating excursions are going on! On August 11th the pupils of Kirovo Orphanage visited the Historic and Cultural Zaporizhian Sich centre and the Zaporizhian Cossack Museum where fascinating excursions were held for them
Views: 4528

On August 9th boys from an orphan asylum went on an excursion to the Zaporozhye Cossacs History Museum and to the cultural complex “Zaporozhye Sech”
Views: 3731

Ivan is 18 years old now
Views: 5473

Veronika is 18 years old now
Views: 6434

Vlad has a family now
Views: 2393

Yana finished her school and now studies in college
Views: 3357

The most important is not to lose hope that your child can improve his health as well as develop his skills
Views: 2061

27 children from large, low-income, single-parent and rural families from the Zaporozhye region entered the camp called Adventurers' (a la Mayne Ried) on July 22 2011
Views: 4555

Nikolay is 18 years old now
Views: 5024

Summer time is the sworn enemy of volunteers and charity foundations (as well as sick children who need help). Usually charitable contributions dramatically decrease during this period of time
Views: 1958

Starting from July the 8th through July the 12th, 2011, around 30 children from large and low-income families from Kupriyanovka village council spent several unforgettable, warm and beautiful days participating in a mobile tent camp
Views: 4446

17 children from large and foster families went hiking to the Western Crimea from 29 June to 2 July 2011
Views: 4261

Helping the needy is a really complicated endeavor which requires both great human and financial resources. It is extremely difficult to execute effectively strictly on a volunteer basis
Views: 2201

In this article we’re sharing with you our own points of view about two types of holiday for children
Views: 2330

Thanks to many kind donors a sum of 20, 000 euros was raised! Darina is going to have bone marrow transplant surgery in Italy!. Darina's mother is very grateful to you!
Views: 4760

From the 3rd till the 9th of July the picturesque place of Velyly Lug welcomed in the summer camp 27 children and young people with special needs
Views: 2897

A team of Zaporozhye volunteers is treating the little patients with the help of laughter
Views: 4563

Ultra-accurate sensor was bought for ultrasound device in the eye department of children's hospital. Without this device professional diagnostic of serious eye diseases could not be provided.
Views: 9246

“We hope that our compatriots will not leave us alone with our problems in a foreign country”, - wrote the Makievy Family in their letter to our volunteer. We also hope that you will not leave this family all alone, will you?
Views: 2707

Sophia is still continuing her treatment in the Scientific-Practical Center for Children’s Oncology and Hematology in Minsk (Belarus). The treatment debt of the family is already more than 5, 000 US dollars
Views: 3048

On the 9th of June, 2009 the center of the Orihiv region held a charity concert “With hope in our hearts!” to support the cause of little Daniella Rudenko’s treatment (retinoblastoma, retinal cancer in her right eye)
Views: 2896

Nine boys with special needs will be able to ring in the New Year in a comfortable new home!
Views: 3875

The building located at 8 Central Boulevard Street in Zaporizhia welcomes you with cartoon heroes
Views: 2889

In Zaporozhye Oblast, charity fund "Happy Child" is taking the initiative to develop a small village community of foster families where children and parents will live in harmony with nature
Views: 18738

The largest wealth transfer in history has more affluent families placing a greater emphasis on teaching their heirs about philanthropy
Views: 2311

The last course of treatment – a bone marrow transplantation – was successful; analyses became better; at present Christina is not running a fever and right now she and her mother are coming back home to Melitopol by train
Views: 3792

Ruslan has successfully undergone his surgery! We're grateful the "Make a present of Life" Russian charity fund and all the kind donors!
Views: 6247

On Saturday, there was a meeting of children who completed their treatment courses for oncological diseases more than three years ago, and I want to share with you the joy I feel after this meeting
Views: 1789

Without a Family - 29.06.2011

Parents in Zaporizhia leave their children in orphanages
Views: 4250

Our cooking boilers have worked for a very long time but finally two out of the three boilers have broken beyond repair
Views: 2324

Katya Petrova's mother has to solve a complicated problem once again. In just three months she has to manage raising 14, 920 hryvnyas (1, 863 US dollars) to buy some vital medications for her daughter
Views: 1939

Surgery almost without blood, sutures and long rehabilitation periods can become a reality for children in Zaporizhia
Views: 2579

The school is situated in the grounds of the picturesque, 19th century landmark, Popov’s Castle
Views: 4640

Anatoly has now his loving family!
Views: 2851

Max can’t really imagine what his family was like - or even why a child needs a family. He just knows he wants to be a part of a family. His profile number is 0060656
Views: 4462

Elena was adopted
Views: 2409

Roman and Natalia were adopted. Let's hope they will stay with their new family forever!
Views: 2552

“The Happy Child Charity Foundation” held a charity auction on the theme: “We all come from The Land of Childhood”. This auction raised almost 8, 000 hryvnyas (998 US dollars) towards the summer camp project for children from villages.
Views: 2837

At the end of March 2011 the children had a wonderful opportunity to visit The History Museum, Shevchenko Park, the Zoo as well as enjoy amusement rides and learn a lot of new things about the neighboring megapolis.
Views: 3945

Sasha was adopted
Views: 2515

Children of the Zaporozhye educational-rehabilitation center – boarding school #3 began to master interior repair skills.
Views: 2709

Julia is 18 years old now
Views: 4786

Even May`s rains could not prevent the children from having a good time with nature and each other.
Views: 3229

Zhenya is 18 years old now
Views: 5375

In March 2011 forty children from orphanages, foster and large families of the Zaporizhia region spent five unforgettable days at the Bukovel ski resort, including some sightseeing of Lviv.
Views: 3554

All on Safari! - 27.05.2011

On 28 April 2011 nine special-needs children from the orphanage (internat) at Kalinovka visited the Berdiansk zoo and viewed the Sea of Azov.
Views: 4278

People start to slow down their pace when they pass by the building on Khakaskaya Street 7 in the Osipenkovskiy neighbourhood of Zaporizhia. This beautiful front garden turned wooden town takes everyone’s breath away.
Views: 2146

The mobile playroom for the orphans, created with the help of the fund «Happy child» friends, today stays in the Center of Education and Rehabilitation of Zaporizhia – in the orphanage ¹3.
Views: 3622

Christ is Risen! We invite you to take a look at the photo album of our children’s handicrafts at their work therapy which are carried out by Gorelova Tamara Alexandrovna.
Views: 2178

Thanks to your donations Artyom is completing his treatment and currently doesn't need our financial support
Views: 2688

Fundraising is closed! Once we get the news from her parents and learn the course of treatment of the child - the information will be updated.
Views: 5137

70% children examined were diagnosed with platypodia, and 80% - with habit scoliosis. Physicians advised the orphanage staff to purchase some training equipment. But the orphanage administration cannot afford it.
Views: 5349

The Zaporozhye City Children's General Hospital # 5 is one of the largest in the Zaporozhye Region. It provides qualified services to children from the whole region.
Views: 13527

Unfortunately, Kristina could not overcome leukemia. She passed away...
Views: 6340

Within the bounds of the project "I Want to be" pupils of the 9th and 10th grades went on a field trip to the AutoZaz plant to watch cars being assembled
Views: 4067

This Journey started hard, we very often got disapointed in "Charity". Sometimes we found that it was very embaressing to ask for help.
Views: 3265

There are currently 57 patients who have been diagnosed with Mucoviscidosis, a little-known condition, registered in a dispensary of the Regional Children’s Hospital.
Views: 3864

On the 15-18th of March, 2011 twenty children from Volnynsk Orphanage and Third Orphanage were on the Southern Coast of Crimea, they climbed Demergi Mountain and Ayu-Dag Mountain, also visited The Glade of Fairy Tales in Yalta.
Views: 5794

Alex has had cancer surgery to remove his left shoulder blade in Kiev. Now he is scheduled to have 6-7 chemotherapy sessions which he will have done in Zaporozhye.The boy and his family will need your help on this long road to his recovery.
Views: 2501

Thanks for collaboration with American charitable organization Eleanore’s Kids now we have an opportunity to receive donations with credit or debit cart or with PayPal system from all over the world.
Views: 1840

We invite everyone to enjoy our new web page and pictures from our photo gallery of happy children.We hope these positive pictures brighten your mood and inspire you to do great things!
Views: 17469

It is very hard to be a kid and not to be able to run after a ball or crawl after a kitty. Because of the sickness Bogdan cannot walk, stand nor crawl. He so much needs some help from healthy and grown-up people.
Views: 3983

Lesha has told to me what likes to look on a TV set. There is only one TV in the hall, but there are many spectators. What do you usually look on a TV set? It doesn’t matter. These words have made a painful impression. ¹ 0060381.
Views: 2549

Although Zhenia is only four years old, he already knows what it means to fight for life. The boy needs your financial support to make his liver transplant possible. Borshosh Evheniy was born on the 27th of November 2006.
Views: 2860

Such complicated surgeries are not performed in Ukraine. Preliminary estimates place the cost of travel to Russia, surgery and follow-up treatments at approximately 104, 000 UAH (13, 000 USD).
Views: 2588

Our latest news is not bad! It depends on your support! We need to collect 20, 000 dollars as soon as possible!
Views: 2757

Ivan finished school
Views: 2357

Victoria has moved with her new parents to Italy! Let's wish her all the best!
Views: 2427

Treatment of the youngest patient in the oncohematology department appeared to be very complicated: there were doubts in the diagnosis and in addition hepatitis B was detected.
Views: 4422

Thanks to your help, Sophiyka Geyko is continuing her treatment! Let’s hope that quite soon she will be able to smile as before! The family still needs your help to complete the basic treatment course!
Views: 2107

Last week oncohematology department had a good time seeing off winter and welcoming spring. Pancake week came to the children-patients of the department with a puppet show, games, riddles and round dances
Views: 3606

Bright prospects of a young family with two kids were broken with a terrible diagnosis of their older son: "leukemia". Nobody can be ever prepared to this, so now they really need our help!
Views: 5477

Do not be afraid, these kids are not dying. It is just that the family-type children’s home of Liudmila Zakharchenko from Dnepropetrovsk is able to accommodate two more orphans, but it requires some additional construction in her house to be done. So why
Views: 2256

Little Danijil passed away October 8th 2012...
Views: 4659

When we talk about life of a child, any methods are good.
Views: 3382

The author of this article Alexander Khvostenko is an orphanage graduate, a foster-father honoured with “Conscientious Parenthood”. Although this article was written in 2009, it is still relevant today.
Views: 5795

The family currently does not need your support
Views: 3641

Alina has told us that the American family with whom she stayed with her sister during the holidays had specially prepared for the visit of the Ukrainian children: they had found a recipe of borsch somewhere, then made it and treated the girls.
Views: 1844

In the internat (orphanage) for disabled children at Kalinovka nine boys share a dream: to live in a cozy home with a warm family atmosphere. Each of us can become a magician and help them realize this dream.
Views: 6372

15 February 2011 – International Childhood Cancer Day. Our Charity Foundation decided to raise awareness of cancer by launching a special auction
Views: 5269

Andrej’s family is appealing to all of you to help their son to conquer leukemia! The family needs 1, 500 hryvnyas (188 $) to cover the check-up expenses as well as to buy a personal tonometer.
Views: 2229

Denis is 18 years old now.
Views: 4087

8 children from Zaporozhye who had overcome cancer committed a symbolic ascent on the saint Khortitsa land on February 15, 2011, the Cancer Sick Kids’ Day.
Views: 4368

Today, on St. Valentine’s Day we’re asking you for your support, our dear readers. Our friend Valentin who lives in Zaporizhia needs 4, 000 hryvnyas (503 $) to buy some necessary medicine for his current chemotherapy!
Views: 6662

The newborns staying in the Intensive Care Unit of the Zaporizhia Children’s Hospital #5 received an unusual New Year’s present. Our regular donor presented the little patients an important device –a phototherapy lamp for the treatment of jaundice.
Views: 3158

Grandma Galya and grandpa Dima have recently received custody of three orphans. On weekends the couple also hosts 3-4 children from the orphanage.
Views: 2686

Temporarily Katia's Yaroslav does not need our help. Thanks to all who helped the boy!
Views: 3871

Together we discussed directions in our work having the highest priorities and distributed the responsibilities among ourselves.
Views: 2223

At present Masha doesn't need your help. Many thanks to everyone who supported this girl!
Views: 3088

Due to one of our contributors the fund was able to provide sufficient support to several boarding schools in the region.
Views: 4313

We really hope that through our efforts to inform the public, as well as coordinate other charitable foundations and doctors, we will be able to meet at least some of needs of various hospital departments and solve the problems of little patients.
Views: 4132

The Berdyansk Municipal Hospital has been providing medicoprophylactic help as well as medical services to Berdyansk residents for sixty years already. The patients of the hospital are women and children under 18 years old.
Views: 5188

Good Deeds - 21.02.2011

The cardiology department of the Zaporizhia Children’s Regional Hospital has finally got its first cardiomonitor.
Views: 3656

Very important components for respiratory systems have been purchased for Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital intensive care, for a total sum of 6 397 UAH due to the donations made by the OTP Bank employees and clients.
Views: 4844

Sophia needs our help very much
Views: 1874

The hospital has been providing help to Melitopol children for more than 50 years.
Views: 6968

Katya’s dream differs from usual dreams of children of the same age. The girl hopes that one day a suitable donor’s kidney will be found for her and it will match her
Views: 4826

"Art is the expression of the deepest thoughts in the simplest way"
Views: 4451

I believe and want - 31.01.2011

I believe and I Want to help, and if I Want, it means that I Can!
Views: 2599

Burn Unit of Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic is the only specialized unit in the region the doctors of which provide qualified aid to adults and children with various body burns
Views: 4334

All the children mentioned in this article have been undergoing courses of treatment for a long time. Their families have completely run out of money. Their only hope is God’s help and your big hearts.
Views: 3320

Views: 52636

Special children - 18.01.2011

They are children with special needs. And they need special help. These children are from the youth department
Views: 3179

"Great personalities are not formed by what they hear and say, but by work and activity” ... Albert Einstein
Views: 3448

How long would you be able to lie in bed without sleep neither moving nor talking? An hour? Two hours? A day? What if to imagine you would have to spend your entire life in such position? Without help she will spend all her life this way.
Views: 2291

The grandmother of Sophiyka Geyko is writing to you again:
Views: 3777

Dasha currently doesn't need your financial support
Views: 4169

This short movie was made by Belgium volunteers in Zaporozhye orphanage for boys. Without words you can feel all worries of “special children”
Views: 17489

You’ve got mail! - 06.01.2011

Everything will certainly be all right!
Views: 3070

On Monday, December 27th, Kalinovka orphans, the orphanage personnel and children from nearby villages were welcoming guests from Zaporozhye.
Views: 3788

We feel deeply responsible for those we have supported for so long! Without us, they would simply have no one to help them in times of trouble. Make a little New Year’s present for these lovely little boys!
Views: 1973

Prompt Action! - 06.01.2011

We’re heartily grateful to all the donors who sympathized with the pain of others and in a lightning speed managed to donate 29, 700 hryvnyas (3, 710 $) for the purchase of a new cardio monitor device for the regional children’s cardiological department!
Views: 3031

At the round table - 06.01.2011

The wish to help has united us once again.
Views: 2975

Sophia finished school
Views: 2375

The sisters made a very tough decision to separate. The younger Lilia became a member of an American family. Lesia decided to finish her school and start her new grown-up life in Ukraine
Views: 3026

Nikita is 18 years old now
Views: 8451

Vjacheslav was adopted
Views: 3249

Inna finished school
Views: 3077

Being raised at their homes helps children develop a sense of security in life, though this is not always evident for officials
Views: 2947

Alya is 18 years old now
Views: 6776

By the year 2015, Ukraine will be a country without orphans, according to the vision of a newly established alliance known as Ukraine Without Orphans
Views: 2199

Alexander has recently moved into the Family-type Children’s Home
Views: 2384

Vladislav refused from being adopted
Views: 3246

Aleksey now has mom, dad, and many sisters and brothers
Views: 1772

We are grateful to everybody who has already made the feasible contribution to the little house reconstruction in Kalinovka. For continuation of internal works your support is still highly appreciated!
Views: 3257

Alexandr finished school
Views: 3102

Sergey was adopted!
Views: 2492

Sophia Geyko celebrated her 3rd Birthday on the 26th of November in the hospital in Belorussia. The best gift she got was an opportunity to continue a treatment
Views: 2572

Child from Ukraine with Down Syndrome was adopted by Greer family. Here is the article about it
Views: 2780

In Medical Center of Hadassah, Israel, on November 24, 2010 Sonya died
Views: 2212

Lydia finally has her family!
Views: 3595

Two good news - 30.11.2010

The treatments of Pashnev Andrej and Ivanchenko Kolya are continuing thanks to our great donor – Ihor
Views: 2123

Sometimes we say it healthy to children to have porridge in the morning. For some children in Kalinovka orphanage it’s the only way to survive
Views: 3654

Wings - 26.11.2010

This article is a call for help from the little dwellers of the Kalinovka Orphanage. “The Soul Confession” of the angels who don’t have wings
Views: 3429

The pupils of the Melitopol Boarding School (orphanage) and foster children have recently held the last walking tour of the season this year
Views: 3719

Not every adult can boast of visiting Lviv let alone children who are deprived of parents’ love and care. Can an orphan child afford such a journey to Lviv?
Views: 4712

About the problems of children with special needs, which they face in orphanages
Views: 3994

Max has run out of fuel at the halfway point of his treatment. So, we must hold out a helping hand to this lovely child!
Views: 2360

For a long time our foundation could do without office car but recently we understood that it’s affect our productivity greatly.
Views: 4127

Nikolay is now able to take his treatment! Thanks for your great support!
Views: 4459

Philip has a loving family!
Views: 4010

It's necessary just be unindifferent - and your best personal characteristic will make working many mechanisms in the world!
Views: 2362

The Children from the Children's House in Gulyaipole discovered Crimea for their self in September 2010. It was the first trip for 18 children of them
Views: 3940

On 29th July 2010 Vinca Petersen set off with Zena Merton (film maker) and Simon Dyer on a trip to a remote part of Eastern Ukraine that would change all their lives, and hopefully the lives of many others
Views: 6705

Little Vova is a member of his new loving family in the USA now. His disabilities didn't stop his parents and what else does this sweet boy need?
Views: 3377

In this material were shown a governor of Zaporozhue region, employees of charity fund “Happy Child”, orphanage for children with special needs in Kalinovka, orphanage “Sun” and other institutions.
Views: 6357

Recently 3 companies made a great contribution to the foundation “Happy Child”. For detail read this.
Views: 2255

From the 3rd to the 10th of August 2010 the Moscow “Detskij dom” (“Children’s home”) Foundation together with the Zaporizhian “Happy Child” Foundation held a cooperative walking tour to visit many sights in Crimea
Views: 5716

A 30-year-old citizen of Zaporizhia sets out on a bicycle trip across the whole of Ukraine to break his own record – and to save a child’s life!
Views: 4597

Arsen’s life depends on regular infusions of the deficient clotting factor. At the moment the boy need not urgent help.
Views: 2985

Anya left her orphanage
Views: 3355

Kristina is 18 years old now
Views: 5555

Thanks to God and your kindness Sophia has completed her main treatment and currently doesn't need your financial support!
Views: 3185

Vova Romanenko is no longer with us
Views: 4691

Thank you for help to Ilona! Now the family does not need the financial support.
Views: 5835

A story about an American guy who helped the kids from Gulyaypole orphanage to make a wonderful trip to the Zaporizhian Sich
Views: 4756

This monitor is able to save the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of children
Views: 5181

We visited Kalinovka orphanage one more time, here is the news
Views: 3163

Charity fund Happy Child now have own group on Facebook. Stay connected with us
Views: 2049

Tania finished school
Views: 2557

260 children are raised in the boarding school. Fortunately, many of them completely get rid of the speech defects by the end of education.
Views: 4732

Many thanks to the Christian center and everybody who made donations for creation of this wonderful camp
Views: 3361

The boarding school staff administers professional care for 240 children. However to implement some projects the boarding school needs the support of contributors
Views: 6693

There are 57 children with deep intellectual backwardness in children's branch, the majority of them have parents, but they are compelled to spend all their time in the invalids house
Views: 11276

The fund-raising campaign for the re-roofing of the Kalinovka family-style orphanage for disabled kids has already succeeded in collecting $ 8860. But there are still an additional $ 1900 needed to complete the reconstruction before winter sets in
Views: 3076

The founders of Kitezh, an experimental orphan community, hope that their village can be a model of reform for Russia’s decrepit child welfare system
Views: 2677

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Little Sophia currently does not your help. She has completed her treatment. Thank you very much for your kind support!
Views: 7174

Now we'll be waiting she'll start walking
Views: 3155

Money is raised for Andrusha's surgery
Views: 2531

Svetlana is now in Moscow and urgently needs our support for her treatment to be continued.
Views: 1842

From the windows of the old tiny house seven members of the foster family can see their big and wonderful house in front
Views: 2898

The boy finished school
Views: 3042

Treatment is not over but we managed to raise enough money for medicine and food for small Ira
Views: 2205

Now the boy's life is not in danger - he recovers! Thank you all for support!
Views: 3696

At the moment Vlad does not need our help. Thank you for support!
Views: 3062

Thanks to kind people who donated 9,000 hryvnyas and 20,000 Russian roubles Ksjusha can finally have her surgery and massage courses!
Views: 3811

At the time Katia's family does not need our help, they manage to buy the medicines with their own money. Thanks to all who helped Katia!
Views: 9043

On the 18th of July in the Israeli clinic our lovely Dashenka Evdokimova passed away
Views: 2319

Unforgettable camping trip in the Crimea for children from Melitopol boarding school
Views: 4506

Andrej has already undergone his surgery and has a good chance to walk one day!
Views: 2761

The basic course of treatment is completed! We thank all the people who supported the girl!
Views: 5964

This boy is respected by adults and children. You will see this right away, as soon as you spend a little time with him. Profile # 0058337
Views: 2738

Just a need of $ 1519 prevents Svetlana from having her first medical checkup and meeting with the doctors of the clinics
Views: 2182

Sofia has passed a course of the rehabilitation treatment in a specialized clinic.
Views: 4801

During the last year you and we were able to help to dozens of orphans and ill children to the sum of nearly $ 164600, and also to implement several important projects
Views: 8720

Sometimes it does not occur to us, healthy people who can be engaged in all kinds of activities that simple walk on the street may become a huge event in life for people with restrict possibilities
Views: 1945

The child has found a family
Views: 2192

Family-style home for orphaned children with severe disabilities will be the first not only in Zaporizhzhya area, but in all of Ukraine. Everybody can help make this unique project a reality
Views: 5359

Alexandra finished school
Views: 5789

God's blessing and protection, and the road, the backpacks, 12 fidgets, lizards, carrots, condensed milk, the rain, friendship, support and much more ...
Views: 3979

Sasha Novak needs your help
Views: 2506

The girl needs bone-marrow transplantation. Time is running out for her. She needs your support.
Views: 2201

Alexsander has recently moved to the family type orphanage
Views: 2502

Foster-children from boarding-school #4 spent a wonderful day at Sevastopol city
Views: 3419

Due to the donations of not indifferent people our fund managed to pay for compressor ALV apparatus repair for the children hospital ¹ 5
Views: 2299

Due to benefactor’s support trackball for ultrasound investigation apparatus will be installed in the 5th children's hospital in the nearest time
Views: 3402

The friendly family consisting of mother and six children wants to adopt two more orphans. It is necessary to enlarge accommodation for this purpose. Unfortunately, the mother doesn’t have any money
Views: 5319

Sergey is 18 years old now
Views: 3526

Vitalic has a foster family
Views: 2751

Vika finished school
Views: 1629

Costs for Dasha’s bone-marrow transplantation are being fundraising, but time is limited and the sum is far from enough
Views: 5203

Katya is no more available for adoption
Views: 5419

Sasha is no more available for adoption
Views: 7090

Zhenya was adopted!
Views: 6616

Two of the hospital departments will be able to "breathe freely". In other departments of the hospital the heat will continue to disturb the doctors and the young patients
Views: 5790

For several years the family is wandering on rent apartments and six children do not go to kindergarten and school. Volunteers’ help could improve the situation
Views: 2397

Artyomka - 26.04.2010

A smile of Artyomka is really childish and effulgent
Views: 6107

With your help several the most promising boys from Kalinovka boarding school for disabled children could live in the home-type house
Views: 8181

Larisa is no more available for adoption
Views: 4187

The girl is eighteen years old this year
Views: 2889

Thanks to your donations the module of the valves for the gas analyzer was purchased for the 5th children's hospital
Views: 3854

You helped them - 12.04.2010

This page is about our common efforts in the children's benefit
Views: 8476

On the 18th of July in the Israeli clinic passed away our lovely Dashenka Evdokimova
Views: 5353

The guidance of the orphanage reported that he will live the orphan homes of family type
Views: 2810

12 orphans (from the orphanage «Nadezhda» and foster families) have made a one-week trip to Lvov and the Carpathians (Bukovel)
Views: 4927

The child has found a family
Views: 2991

The child has found a family
Views: 4046

Roma has been adopted! Hurray! From now on not only Roma’s teachers but his loving parents will develop his talents
Views: 3540

The child has found a family
Views: 3150

Tapped Out.... - 19.03.2010

The charity fund “Happy Child” is behind the eight-ball. They have run out of the funds for the payment of emergency needs for seriously ill children. The lack of cash resources for the vital medication can have grave consequences.
Views: 3522

The child has found a family
Views: 2693

Oleg finished school
Views: 2748

Lyudochka adopted a family from Italy
Views: 3163

Vania has parents now!
Views: 2827

Pasha lives in a family!
Views: 3053

Thank all sponsors. With your help we've gathered the necessary sum for surgery. Wish Julia luck
Views: 2283

The key aim of Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center activity is to fulfill the action plan in terms of social, pedagogical, psychological and rehabilitation, occupational guidance and medical care of children with special needs.
Views: 11614

There are 240 children in Melitopol comprehensive boarding school (orphanage). 80 of them are orphans and children who have emancipated parents. Other foster children are from needy and single-parent families.
Views: 10603

Our site was underwent the strong DDOS attack again. As a result dozens of children could not receive the necessary help during several days. We do everything possible to restore the work of the site.
Views: 2072

On Thursday Katya will have another surgery on metastasis removal from interpleural space. We need money for the operation and medicines. The total sum to be collected is about $ 2000.
Views: 1559

Janà had graduated from school, soon she will move into the dormitory of the college where she will study as the cook
Views: 4578

Gena could not have his surgery in 2010. He will hopefully undergo surgery in 2011!
Views: 3509

16 kids from Zaporozhye have found their families and parents from the beginning of 2010.
Views: 2578

Albert Pavlov, coordinator of www.deti.zp.ua and director of the Happy Child Foundation answered questions of journalists and readers
Views: 2308

This establishment was founded for permanent residence of the boys with the abnormality of mental development aged from 4 to 18
Views: 12160

Due to its new status, the boarding school now accepts orphans and children from low-income families.
Views: 7466

At present 250 children (from 4 years old to 18 years old) are brought up at Berdyansk boarding school
Views: 10192

Please, help Vanechka to overcome his illness completely! His parents and a new friend need him!
Views: 2256

Thanks donators help all money for Alyona was gathered. Fund raising is closed. Thanks all not indifferent people!
Views: 2833

Thanks to the efficiency of donors Sonya had already begun the treatment in the hospital in Minsk. But after a full examination it was revealed that the child needed the unrelated bone marrow transplantation. Sonia needs our help again!
Views: 2640

We ask everyone who has sympathy to help: Please help Svetlana to continue the treatment!
Views: 2595

In Medical Center of Hadassah, Israel, on November 24, 2010 Sonya died
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Another miracle has happened! The transplantation for Svetlana was paid from the state budget. Many thanks to all!
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Angela has loving parents now!
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In embrace of loving Mom and Dad quiet boy from the boarding school, Vitalik, could become a bright little fellow like his favorite cartoon hero Nutcracker
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Kolya is 18 years old now
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Alyosha is no more available for adoption
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The fund-raising campaign is closed. Igor currently does not need your financial support but he really needs your prayers!
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Little Alyosha has now his loving family. We were looking forward to it so much! We wish Alyosha all the best!
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Andryusha K., has a family now
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Anton is 18 years old now
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Sasha finished school and studies at the lycee
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