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Living with SMA yet happy!

To support the breathing function, Artem needs an oxygen concentrator and an aspirator.

Author: Yana Lobanok, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2019-05-23 17-40-00 Viewed, times: 1117
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Since early March, our small hero Artem has a new neighbor in his bedroom - a non-invasive ventilatory support device (NIVS). Thanks to you, our dear supporters, we were able to complete acquisition and pay a specialist to configure it. Now, the boy sleeps at night guarded not only by his mother, who changes his body position several times, but also his new friend helping him to breathe.

Maybe life with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is unusual, but there is still room for a lot of joy and happiness. Besides breathing exercises, physical training, massage, and swimming, there are some more pleasant things in ArtemТs routine: walking outside, watching favorite cartoons, playing table games, and drawing. He recently attended a great circus performance!

Sadly, the disease is progressing. Lacking abdominal and dorsal muscles, his backbone and chest are deforming which depresses respiration. A pulse oximeter, aspirator, expectorator, devices to support respiratory function, and a special diet supplemented with amino acids and vitamins top the list of the things that children with SMA need. Without the special equipment, Artem cannot live!

To allow a comfortable life at home rather than hospitalized, Artem needs an oxygen concentrator and (because he cannot cough) an aspirator to remove mucus from his respiratory passages.

Despite the prognosis and thanks to the care and devotion of his parents, Artem lives! LetТs help this wonderful boy to live as long as he can living at home!

On June 5, a project started on the Ukrainian Charity Exchange Curative oxygen for Artem Therefore, you can help the boy and the site our partners.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
14.11.2019Andrew V.Ukraine20.4 US dollars
27.10.2019Yana L.Ukraine18.97 US dollars
19.08.2019Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine3127.38 US dollars
12.08.2019Svetlana ¬.Ukraine7.97 US dollars
14.07.2019Svetlana ¬.Ukraine11.63 US dollars
17.06.2019LISTIKUkraine4.05 US dollars
13.06.2019AnonymousUkraine0.94 US dollars
09.06.2019Tat'yana L.Ukraine7.46 US dollars
01.06.2019Andrej T.Ukraine28.95 US dollars
23.05.2019Tat'yana L.Ukraine7.6 US dollars
23.05.2019Irina G.Ukraine7.39 US dollars
06.03.2019Vladimir Sh.Ukraine11.21 US dollars
05.03.2019Andrej T.Ukraine29 US dollars
28.02.2019Igor' V.Ukraine11.11 US dollars
22.02.2019Scherbina L.Ukraine7.41 US dollars
21.02.2019AnonymousUkraine3.59 US dollars
21.02.2019Tat'yana L.Ukraine7.75 US dollars
20.02.2019Ivan O.Ukraine7.16 US dollars
19.02.2019Daria G.Italy220.7 US dollars
17.02.2019Irina B.Ukraine18.23 US dollars
16.02.2019Natal'ya K.Ukraine11.05 US dollars
15.02.2019Ruslana D.Ukraine18.4 US dollars
15.02.2019ANONUkraine0.15 US dollars
13.02.2019Natal'ya K.Ukraine7.43 US dollars
12.02.2019Yuliya D.Ukraine3.7 US dollars
12.02.2019AnonymousUkraine1.81 US dollars
12.02.2019ANONUkraine0.26 US dollars
11.02.2019AnonymousUkraine1.09 US dollars
11.02.2019AnonymousUkraine7.28 US dollars
02.02.2019Unknown donorUkraine10.81 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 3620.89 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
07.05.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.84.61 US dollars
03.04.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs;82.58 US dollars
25.03.2020Respirator with exhalation valve Micron FFP2 White 4 pcs.13.67 US dollars
06.03.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs;87.73 US dollars
17.02.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.88.78 US dollars
16.01.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs;90.5 US dollars
09.12.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs;91.48 US dollars
11.11.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs;88.58 US dollars
08.10.2019Food Pediashur Youngster nat. 200 ml. - 30 pcs;69.34 US dollars
25.09.2019Oxygen concentrator for long-term oxygen therapy Mark5; Medical aspirator OB2012FA fully equipped3218.28 US dollars
25.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.06 US dollars
12.09.2019Nutrition Pediashur Tiny - 15 pcs25.86 US dollars
08.08.2019Nutrition Nestle Resource junior 400 gr -3 pcs; Pediashur in assortment 30 pcs.90.51 US dollars
03.07.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.86.22 US dollars
03.06.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.84.05 US dollars
08.04.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.84.33 US dollars
06.03.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.79.57 US dollars
27.02.2019Payment of departure of the specialist in setup of the therapeutic device WM 29930-2111 Pgisma 3OST Bilevel ST1037.71 US dollars
13.02.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 2 pcs.26.39 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 5430 US dollars

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