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Save a child: Belka Denis, 5 years old - accute limphoblastic leucaemia

Thank God, Denis has ended the basic, heaviest stage of treatment. Now the supporting therapy remains.

Author: Irina Gavrisheva, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Poliglot-ZP), www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2007-01-11 Viewed, times: 6353
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Only two months ago Deniska was a normal child - he was running, jumping and making his parents happy. But in early October the temperature of his body raised and he had got dental abscess. The bad tooth extracted, but the temperature wouldn't fall. Blood analysis and... as a bolt from the blue diagnosis - severe leucosis.

From the middle of October they began the treatment. Deniska's parents were in shock, to realize that their cheerful, lively baby is so severely ill that there couldn't be worse. Deniska's father has insulin-dependent diabetes, and when he found out about his child's disease, there was an abrupt deterioration, the doctors only just saved him from diabetic coma. But the first shock was over and now all the family's forces are directed to Denis's rescue. There's only one person working in the family - Larisa (Denis's mother), his father receives disablement relief. Denis has an elder brother (13 years old). When this misfortune happened, the factory, where Larisa works promised to help. 3 000 grivnas were transferred to the family's account, but all this money was spent on asparagines and attendant medicines.

With God's mercy, according to the analysis Denis began to come into remission... But there's a lingering treatment to consolidate the effect (by now Deniska has just went through the half of the first charge sheet). Just 3 weeks ago Larisa refused help, saying that the help of the factory would be enough for the treatment.

- I couldn't even imagine that 3 thousand would be spent in a month, - says Larisa - I thought it would be enough at least for the first charge sheet. And there was also hope that the factory would continue to help. That's why I thought, let the people rather help other kids, who needed that more... And now I realize we can't cope on our own...

Denis is a charming, smiling kid. It's hard fro him to understand why they make him endless injections, why make him take some medicines which make him sick and he can hardly walk... But he bears everything in order to return back home as soon as possible, where everyone loves and waits for him so much. Larisa sighs and says "No matter how it turns out with Deniska, but I will never leave this department, I will do everything to help these kids". Denis will overcome the disease and together with his mother will help his "brothers by birth"!

Those who are willing to help this family can contact Larisa Belka by phone +3 8 066 882 99 09

With Gavryushenko family keep in touch volunteers from the city of Zaporozhye Gavrisheva Irina +3 8 097 1364182 and Gavrisheva Nataliya Anatoliyevna +3 8 098 9334052, hematologia@mail.ru, Albert Pavlov +3 8 066 513 34 35, detizp@mail.ru

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