Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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About employees and volunteers of "Happy Child" foundation

We are the group of people who help orphans, children with special needs and children with serious illnesses

The family of Andrey and Marina Belokonniye from Donetsk were the first people who began to work with orphans from the orphanage 3. They took orphans to their family on week-end, holidays and vocations. Due to the acquaintance with them most of us knew about orphan’s problem. In august, 2005, they went back to Donetsk but we still keep in touch with them.

Employees and volunteers during fundraising action in 2008
My personal web page containing my views about life, the history of the founding and development of the Happy Child Charitable Fund, its website, and plans for the future
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Employment with a charity was appealing to me as here you have a chance to help others not only by word, but also by deed
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Irina Gavrisheva. Journalist, former patient of children’s hematology ward. Irina writes and publish on the website appeals and articles about help to sick children of Zaporozhye, makes various important job in the Happy Child fund. Good in English.
Contacts: + 3 8 0612 35 82 39, +3 8 097 136 41 82, e-mail: hematologia[at]mail.ru

Natalia Gavrisheva, mother of Irina Gavrisheva. Natalia looks for potential sponsors, communicates with different enterprises, organizes various actions and measures.
Contacts: + 3 8 0612 35 82 39, +3 8 098 933 40 52, e-mail: hematologia[at]mail.ru

Vladimir Kiyanenko, an engineer, web-programmer, Zaporozhye. Vladimir provides our site with technical support. He also takes part in fund projects, communicates with orphans. Good in English.
Contacts: hawk423[at]gmail.com

Inna Grigorjeva, a teacher of English, Zaporozhye. Inna coordinates some Fund’s projects. She writes materials for site and translates them into English, communicates with orphans.
Contacts: +3 8 093 93 39 788, innagri[at]gmail.com

Patrick Anderson, the military service officer, USA. Patrick makes constant donations to Ukrainian orphans, his help gives us possibility to organize interesting entertainments and also to maintain our educational projects for orphans.
Contacts: e-mail: pjanderson66[at]yahoo.com

We believe that new people will join to our group.

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Children of Zaporozhye

We invite you to join this group to know all latest news about helping children of Zaporozhye and planning future activity